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    Mother of 2 sons (18 and 16) and 2 daughters (13 and 11). In our 13th year of homeschooling.
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    Reading, gardening, 4-H, crocheting, sewing, volunteer work.
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  1. Licking the cupcake batter bowl right now...mmm.

    1. GailV


      What time did you want us over to eat the cupcakes?

    2. Sparkle


      Sadly, these cupcakes are for my church festival, which is why I have to satisfy myself with licking the bowl :)

  2. Can I just get a caffeine IV drip? Not sure how else I'm going to make it through today.

    1. swimmermom3


      IV drip? That's kind of slow some days. Mainline perhaps?

  3. I won't shop at Safeway because I hate stores that basically force you to use their shopper's card. My shopping basically is between Winco (not my most favorite store but definitely the cheapest prices), Trader Joe's and Target. Winco for when I want to do a big shopping trip; Target for cleaning supplies, cat food, odds and ends, ran out of something and need a replacement trips, Trader Joe's for meat, seafood, yogurt, snack items and other things I can't find elsewhere.
  4. Waiting...waiting...oh, duh, my coffee pot isn't plugged in.

  5. DD gets her braces off in 5 weeks! Yippee! I think I'm more excited than she is.

    1. nmoira


      DD is getting hers in about 4 weeks, and I'm dreading it more than she is. :D

  6. There's a "Hugh Sale" going on across the street. Who is poor Hugh and why are they selling him?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. trulycrabby


      Ha ha quark, you beat me to it!

    3. quark


      I'm not sharing! :D

    4. Word Nerd

      Word Nerd

      Will they have a chester drawers for sell?

  7. Thank goodness, the lice scare turned out to be a false alarm.

  8. Not the first thing you want to hear in the morning from your child: "I think I accidentally hit 'purchase'".

  9. 102 degrees today. You know it's hot out when the cat wants to stay inside for once.

    1. GailV


      Last year we couldn't get our cat to come IN when it got that hot -- he seemed to prefer it.

    2. Plum


      Same here.

  10. Nothing like a missing $115 library book to inspire me to clean my bedroom.

  11. My fortune from my fortune cookie reads: Prepare yourself for a change of events in your personal life. Um, thanks but no thanks?

  12. Ow...I just got stung by a bee...ow, ow, ow!

  13. Well, it's official. My oldest ds has graduated. One down, three to go.

    1. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      Congratulations! May there be much good ahead!!

    2. Sparkle


      Thank you! His future is looking good right now :)

  14. My son has a date for Senior Ball :)

    1. freeindeed


      :) I hope he has a great time.

    2. Sparkle


      Thanks! He did.

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