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  1. I am job hunting after being in the same place for 7+ years and have an interview this week with a company that looks to have smilar simalr benefits to where I am now. (All that to say it's been a while since I have had to think about any of this) My current employer does a straight 5% match for 401k retirement, the place I am interviewing with has this wording"With company contribution matching at 15% of a Team Member’s contribution up to a maximum of 15% of a Team Member’s income" Does that mean they will match up to 15% or that they will match 15% of my 15% ?
  2. Maybe these will help? I used the second link to verify that the KN95 masks that my employer provided were approved so that I could purchase some for my parents. I selected "Personal Protective Equipment and Related Medical Devices" in the blue area near the top of the page and then searched for the manufacturer that was listed on the mask package and on Amazon. HTH😊 FAQs on the EUAs for Non-NIOSH Approved Respirators During the COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Use Authorization
  3. Mostly I lurk and read the boards daily as my homeschooling days are over and I have a career in the library world but I value the varying opinions and information I can always find here. I am doing course work for a class I am taking on Supervision and Management. If you are/were a Supervisor or Manager would you mind answering a couple of quick questions? You can PM the answers if you like. Brief answers are fine. TIA 😊 1. What are 3 things you enjoy best about your position as a Supervisor/Manager? 2. What are 3 things you enjoy least about your position as a Supervisor/Manager?
  4. I believe they are just an annual, so if you cut them off/mow/ weed whack they should die when it gets cold. They do have a very long tap root so they are very hard to pull up if the ground is not soft.
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Ifactory-SomeByMi-Aha-Bha-Pha-Exfoliation-Brightening/dp/B07BYJF7L7/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1WPW968JXMD88&keywords=some+by+mi&qid=1563488503&s=gateway&sprefix=some+%2Caps%2C198&sr=8-2 This has helped my teen's acne. It works fairly fast for him.(sometimes overnight) Now, he doesn't always use it consistently...... My skin doesn't like it. I'm very sensitive to salicylic acid. It dries my skin up too much.
  6. I'm looking for recommendations for a Region 2 or Multi Region DVD player with HDMI or USB connections to TV that I can purchase in the US. Plug is not so critical as I can just use an adapter. TIA
  7. I'm trying decide what to do. Today I got a summons in the mail for jury duty, for U.S. District Court. It's not in the same town where I live. It's sixtyish miles away. They want me to be available for the entire month of December. I would have to drive over the mountains and it looks like we might actually be getting snow this winter. There are several fatalities every winter on this route. I'm a single parent, work full time and my kid relies on me for transportation. I can write in to explain if my hardship doesn't fit the usual one I had to choose from and see if the will excuse
  8. Does your library have it on CD or could they borrow it from another library through Inter-library loan? Could they purchase the e-audio for their digital collection? (I do this for the digital collection at the library I work at.)
  9. We all just use a bottom fitted sheet and duvets with washable covers. Even the non bunk sleepers.?
  10. This is a couple years old. But, this is the veiw I am blessed to look at every day ?
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