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  1. She's baaaack....

  2. Hello, I was here for a long time when DD was a small one, thinking I would homeschool or afterschool her. Life threw us a few twists and turns and I find myself in Turkey with a third grader going to a Turkish private school. We've done well with just her school - she even reads at or close to grade level in English thanks to their English program and Harry Potter (All hail JK Rowling!). Today she expressed a desire to learn American history (which is obviously not covered in school). I looked in my cache of resources and I have nothing on American history. Ancients, yes. Middle Ages, a bit. Early Modern - nada. I know SOTW covers it, and I can use that, but she wants JUST American history - not combined with the rest of the world. I'll get there eventually, but she's been resisting any form of afterschooling so I want to approach this carefully - you would resist too if you left for school at 7:15, got home at 5:30, and then had homework! Oh - and I need a downloadable curriculum. Shipping to Turkey is sometimes a bit unreliable, and always a looooonnnnggg process. Thank you! Giraffe (aka Hope)
  3. Giraffe

    Travel PSA

    Oh dear....
  4. My daughter can't wait to get back overseas and get her Kinder eggs. Amazingly, she has no problems not eating the toy inside the plastic egg, despite being American by birth. :P My suitcase will contain: peanut butter for a niece that recently discovered it, box mac-n-cheese (yes, THAT stuff) for DD who loves it, guacamole mix for when I can't stand not having Mexican food (I can find avocados, thank goodness), chili powder, and candy sprinkles. Non-food: gummy vitamins, iron supplements, vitamin D3, and deodorant!! PS: I finally just made vanilla extract with vanilla beans I brought back last year. Much safer for my clothes!!
  5. Giraffe

    Travel PSA

    Ziplocks: God's gift to travelers. You have reminded me to stock up on quarts and gallons before my flight Friday. Thank you!! P.S.: I'm so sorry about the suitcase and clothes!!
  6. Giraffe

    First time visitor to Texas

    Dallas also has the new Perot Museum (yes, THAT Perot) which is fantastic. One of the only museums I bought a membership too and have enjoyed every visit there. Lots of science, lots of hands on things for little and big kids.
  7. Bat in the living room! AAAIIIGGHHH!!!!

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    2. 54879525


      Eeek...(to both bat and happenings).



    3. Giraffe


      Batty appears to have found the exit!

    4. swellmomma


      I'd be going batty if that happened here

  8. Putting the exploded pieces of my brain back together again...

  9. Interesting time to be in Turkey...

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    2. Giraffe


      We'll see what happens tomorrow when the work week starts.

    3. Starr


      Praying they all like their jobs. :)

    4. Giraffe


      They also like freedom. Lots of people wearing black today in protest.

  10. Giraffe

    Developing advanced reading skills

    Me too! I'm overseas so everything I do must be online. Then I order the books and have them sent home in the US for pickup in the summer.
  11. 99 cent sales can still be expensive!

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    2. Giraffe


      No kidding! But all the downloadables were awesome!

    3. Um_2_4


      Yah, I"m loading up a flash drive ;)

    4. Giraffe


      Flash drive? I've got an external HD I'm loading!!! :P

  12. Giraffe

    Developing advanced reading skills

    Thank you for a very thoughtful post, that I just might print out and save. It was very relevant for me, as I recently realized that I don't know how to READ, not really. I'm teaching myself now. DD is at learning stage t-5, identifying phonograms, but I think about this stuff for her all. the. time. Again, thank you!!
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