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  1. Backpacks only. Their classes are timed so that they can leave books at home and just take what they need for that particular day.
  2. College planning isn't bad. The biggest things are keeping on top of deadlines for college admissions, scholarship applications and the admissions testing. We are finishing up our last one with the ACT on Sat. Just make sure she is prepared for testing (ACT/SAT books etc.) and know what score they will need to get into the college that they choose and start as early as you can. You have time because your dd is 14. Personally, from what you have said about the private school, I'd probably pull out. My ds was in a private before we began hsing and I kept him in for the last year we had paid for (no refunds). If I had it to do over, I would have just pulled him out. The last year at that school was very unproductive and I had to work double-time to make up for it. One thing you might want to explore in lieu of the private high school is dual enrollment at a local community college. All of mine started at 14 and received 3 years of free college. If your area doesn't have that option, you might consider having both of your daughters take some CLEP and DSST tests for college credit. Just be sure to check with the colleges they are looking at to double-check their CLEP and DSST policies. Most colleges take them, but may have some restrictions. Hope this is helpful! Good luck with your decision!
  3. My daughter is taking the Sept ACT and has been taking practice tests. She worked through all the tests in the Real ACT and Barron's. We also found a site that offers pdf downloads of retired ACT tests and scored sheets. Many of the posters on CollegeConfidential recommended the site. It is really good and my daughter was able to older tests that she could get additional practice on. The link: http://www.crackact.com/
  4. Don't forget to check out the new changes to the ACT Essay!! It is supposed to be different starting with the Sept 2015 testing.
  5. My last one is a senior this year. She has been dual enrolled for 2 years already and has her AA so she is working on her BS in Biology. This summer she has been working on practice tests for the ACT so she can get a Bright Futures Scholarship. She takes the Sept test. :) Our oldest graduated college and our middle just graduated high school in May and has her AA from 3 years of Dual. She is working on her Pharmacy Degree with Bright Futures and other scholarships. We are in the home stretch and things are right on track! Good luck to all our 2016 grads and dedicated parents!
  6. Congrats!! We got our ds's essay results the day after the test results on Nov 11th. We are thrilled with the scores because she qualifies for a Bright Futures FAS scholarship!! Happy dance time!
  7. My daughter has had a couple of "absent minded profs". Dealing with one was extremely stressful and she was very worried that his lack of attention to detail would put her GPA in jeopardy. She had to send a few carefully worded emails in order to prod him into activity. It is really annoying to have to deal with that. Rate Your Professor helps her avoid the lazy profs now.
  8. Waiting on Oct 25 ACT results for DD too! Hopefully very soon!
  9. I would also like to recommend that you get your student ready for taking the ACT or SAT by giving them some timed bubble tests. It will get them used to working effeciently with limited time and will get them used to the format (however they are moving to computer format in some testing areas). We did standardized testing every year for our evals and it had to side benefit of making them comfortable with the ACT format and time limits. Hope this helps! :)
  10. Love game shows! We've been into the Game Show Network just recently. It has all the oldies but goodies too!!
  11. Love game shows! We've been into the Game Show Network just recently. It has all the oldies but goodies too!!
  12. My girls are taking CLEP and DSST. We've done psyc CLEP and hope to take Astronomy DSST in a few weeks. The girls do duel-enrollment so the college takes the credit with no problem. :) We don't like the AP because the test is only given once a year and that isnt' efficient for us.
  13. Both of mine are all done! Party time!!!
  14. I'm in the don't go group. I have family members that would make a point of getting combatants together to see the fireworks and to act all innocent. I gave up being sucked into that stuff a long time ago.
  15. Well, every situation deserves to be judged independently. Just because a parent acts abusively one time doesn't mean ALL parents will behave like that. I had a dentist tell me I couldn't be with my child, who that wanted to sedate. I had already told them NO to the sedation and then they told me they 'reserved' the right to do so and needed my signature. I refused. They then told me I wasn't allowed back. So we left and found another dentist.
  16. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: You and your family are in my thoughts. Stay strong.
  17. Doesn't affect our homeschool curriculum choices. We find that our choices usually exceed the standards. I'm sure that is the same with the Common Core Standards as well. I was happy to see that FLVS (homeschool) has adjusted their curriculum to adhere to the new standards. It has made some of the high school courses closer to college level according to one of the teachers.
  18. I was bullied. Ignoring doesn't help. I would pull her out asap especially since you have tried going to the school for intervention and it hasn't helped. Bullying can be so damaging to self-esteem.
  19. We sometimes do. The girls are in high school so they understand the importance of keeping up with the schedule. Usually it is something that only takes a few hours at the most. For example, today we will do about an hour of psychology reading.
  20. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I don't think you can change the way your mother relates to you even by trying to reach out more. I know that sounds jaded but it is based on my own experiences. I would try once more to get the ashes but she may just refuse and there won't be much you can do about that. Is there a possibility that you can get some of the ashes? Maybe you and your sister can find a symbolic place that you can use instead of a grave? Or make a remembrance tradition for yourself and your sister? :grouphug:
  21. We had that come up too. It is something you want to nip in the bud. I simply explain that every case is different and there are lots of reasons for the choices we make and it is not their place to question why any of the family members gets a gift or when. :)
  22. #1 Fave thing is the computer and hook up to the big TV. We love being able to dial up videos and see them on the big screen. We also do some virtual classes this way. It is so nice! :)
  23. This is just creepy! Couple things-I can't believe the mom allowed it at all even if the child agreed. I also find it very unsettling that any man or woman would paddle a High School girl, considering how that looks a lot like sexual abuse. I always considered school paddling a perversion anyway. The whole thing is just wrong IMO.
  24. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: Your family will be in our thoughts.
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