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  1. Hello, I'm teaching several classes this year and doing a little tutoring. I have just begun posting some info on the classes that are ongoing and have included a lot of books and links that some might find useful as reading resources for various subjects. My last post covers ancient history work I'm doing with an elementary age child. The one before it includes some resource info ideas for covering logic with older elementary/middle school ages, and there's also a post on covering world geography with elementary children: http://www.greenapplesblush.blogspot.com/ Perhaps som
  2. :party:Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear Regina, Happy Birthday to you ...and many more!




    Have a wonderful day and know that you are thought of fondly.

  3. These are the things I had picked out to go along with SWB's history of the world and a Spielvogel text. This was with the understanding that every bit of every work might not get covered: Bible: Genesis – Job (weeks 1-2; two hours per day devoted to reading; using an easy to read version of the Bible for this work) Gilgamesh (week 3) Homer: The Iliad, trans. Robert Fitzgerald (week 4-5) Homer: The Odyssey (week 7-10) Greek Lyrical Poetry: Sappho, Pindar (week 11) Sophocles: Oedipus the King Agammemnon - Herodotus: The Histories, Robin Waterfield, Trans.
  4. Mine is up: http://greenapplesblush.blogspot.com/2012/04/week-30-2012.html ...and here is last week, which I didn't manage to get up until late: http://greenapplesblush.blogspot.com/2012/04/week-29.html
  5. I'm afraid they're jumping the gun on the shelving, LOL!
  6. We make x-box, etc. go away for extended periods of time when attitudes get bad.
  7. As others have said, all Coolidge's books are adapted for children and a joy to read!
  8. I think this topic is too broad and daunting for me! There are just too many choices.... Do you want great classics for all ages, such as Tolkeins works or the Narnia series? Do you want other great children's classics, such as Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little, Frog and Toad, The Wind in the Willows, Amelia Bedelia? Or do you want more specific historical fiction for different time periods, such as The Golden Goblet, The Bronze Bow, or Rosemary Sutcliff's many wonderful books? Laura Ingalls Wilders books, or Francis Hodgins Burnetts books? Or do you want non-fiction that is rea
  9. I think the newer version is good! My son also loved this book (he read it on his own). He loved Little Lord Fauntleroy, too....
  10. I got Easy Grammar Plus for seventh grade and we would read through the "lesson" pages, then do one workbook exercise page a day. I saved some of the exercises in each area for eighth grade and we're going back over the "lesson" pages this year, then he's completing those other exercises. I also added in the new, EG Ultimate book this year and he does one page of that a day, too....
  11. Of those you mentioned, I like Island of the Blue Dolphins or Heidi best. My son loved Little Lord Fauntleroy. We both like The Borrowers....
  12. My older son began violin at age 6 and the younger one started piano young. I don't know if Kindermusik classes are still around (they used to go up to age 7 or 8), but they also might provide a musical outlet for you, if available in your area....
  13. I have heard that some schools are taking the Forest Kindergarten idea and expanding it for older students. I don't find anything online right now except one program from Spain that is a "forest club" of sorts. They seem to be taking the "man vs. wild" approach by teaching lots of survival skills, but that sort of thing could be expanded to learning about herbs and other wild, edible plants (and by extension, all areas of botany: flowers, tree i.d. work, etc.) Of course, nature study, entomology, pond and stream studies, soil studies, and other such things could be incorporated, too. h
  14. Yes, especially with younger students (but I really think it makes more sense that way, for anyone)....
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