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  1. In wake of everything and with the vicissitudes of life right now, my son decided on IU Bloomington as one of the inaugural Luddy scholars. My daughter chose to accept a full scholarship at our local university IUPUI so she can commute and continue to live at home.
  2. I've been away for so long, but I am so thrilled for your daughter!!!
  3. I have homeschooled my three biological children through high school. My twins graduate this May. All three have been afforded opportunities and privileges that brick and mortar students would never have had access to. My oldest daughter is a junior at The Ohio State University as an Eminence Fellow and Stamps Scholar. My other son and daughter have both been offered scholarships at universities covering full COA.
  4. :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: I am sooooo happy for you both!!! I have been away from the boards for a long time now but had to come check in to offer congrats! That is so impressive and amazing! I'll have to tell Grace! She loves Ohio State and their programs of study! Awesome school!
  5. And apparently it is overwhelming to others...I've been told some B&M schooled students are used to day-by-day assignments and find the entire semester of assignments on one handout overwhelming. :huh:
  6. The students I have worked with outside my home sadly have little mastery of English. Depending on the student, I think a 3-month prep with balanced practice is probably the shortest length of time to see improvements in score. Like Reg said, a little prep is great if your student only needs practice to gain familiarity with the test format. Otherwise, sustained practice and a clear understanding of why missed questions were wrong is essential for solid scores. ETA: I have recommended to family members and friends that they begin thorough outside work in grammar and reading comp duri
  7. We are going to request a sleep study at the peds hospital so they can see what we are dealing with and maybe address that issue.
  8. I will look at that. It is so hard to know what E is really like because she doesn't eat or sleep well. I would like to believe that if we sorted that, she would be in a better place and not so oppositional and distractible. That's why we tried meds for sleep, but they didn't work.
  9. This state support group is supposed to be able to arrange that for me once I get a call back. The adoption social worker said they can try to coordinate a lot of things and push some things through.
  10. WE spent a very long time in children's hospital ER getting her rehydrated along with xrays and enema due to colon being full from not eating or drinking. Long story short, ER dr. told her she needed to cooperate for us and sent us home. I did talk to a local adoptive mom and got a list of places to call about therapy for her, so I am going to call them and try to find someone with availability sooner than later. I also spoke to our adoption agency and they referred me to an advocacy group who can try to push through some referrals. They said it's at least worth a try. All the doct
  11. I'm heading out now, so hopefully we can get her some help. Will update when I know anything at all.
  12. I just spoke to our adoption social worker who told me to ignore the doctor if necessary and just take her. I am texting DH and think I am just going to take her regardless. I shouldn't have to wait for E to get any worse. ETA: adoption social worker told me that psych evals are always a long wait list (don't know why) and to just get her medical attention in meantime. It's so surreal that helps takes 6-7 months to get. The social worker is trying to also locate anywhere we can possibly take her at age 4 since so many residential programs and in-house care are for 6 and up. We do have
  13. No, ped said that therapy is the only thing that is going to address her problems so unless and until she is completely dehydrated it really doesn't require medical attention.
  14. I'm sorry . I just saw this. The way it works is that each school that offers it chooses who to put forward to interview. I know first hand that Ohio State chooses from their Eminence scholars. The process is entirely within the purview of each university and, I imagine, is subjective based on essays demonstrating certain characteristics, chief among which is leadership. Essays and the type of person each school is looking for is key. Academic qualificiations are an assumed threshold. It's an amazing opportunity with national recognition and worth pursuing.
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