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  1. I just ordered whole 4 and 5 piece sets through Kohl's for 12.55 per set. Hip2save posted the coupon codes and I had to order each set separately and pick up in store. Going to four stores unfortunately but they aren't far from me. I'm excited!
  2. We have gone from Innova to California Natural (when Innova was out of stock) and now to Victor. Victor is cheaper and still rated very highly so the savings without quality loss has been great.
  3. Has anyone read both of these? If your student was only going to read one of these for a report, which one would you suggest?
  4. Mine is 23.3 but I'm hoping to change that. We've been changing over to an "Eat to Live" type diet. I know that any extra weight puts pressure on my joints and causes me additional pain with my osteoarthritis.
  5. Liveonlinemath still has a few spaces in their 3 day/wk Geometry class. Highly recommended.
  6. Unless I was a vegan, I would make a veggie omelette with home fries on the side.
  7. Wow... didn't know about those Just Tomatoes Raspberries! I think I need some of those. I was also looking at something called Berry Up because I LOVE the Mango Ice Tea at Ruby Tuesday's.
  8. These look good. I love the fruit blends. Can you share your favorites?
  9. I'm really enjoying my loose leaf teas. Since I'm drinking it everyday, I started to wonder about the level of pesticides. So.. the question: Do you think it's one of those "important to buy organic" products? Why? If so, do you have a favorite source?
  10. I grew up in Pa and now live near (one block from) Tampa. lol I've been here for 30 years. We love it. Lots of homeschooling activities and co-op opportunities. Green summer and winter. Many things to do, beautiful places to walk, etc. I'm staying right here (unless God tells me something different)!!
  11. A few of our favorites... Full Meal Burritos http://www.plantoeat.com/recipes/108953 Roasted Red Peppers Stuffed with Kale and Rice http://www.plantoeat.com/recipes/103379 and some awesome Minestrone http://www.plantoeat.com/recipes/108943
  12. Yes! Make SURE to get a Carfax even if you have to pay. Thank goodness we did that as some of the best deals had been in floods, were in major accidents or actually had salvage titles. We also had one that lied about the mileage. Also showed up on the Carfax when the mileage of the previous owner was listed.
  13. A friend of ds has it. He loves it and says it works great. Evidently it is guaranteed? I admit that I haven't read all of the details. He just showed it to us the other day. My Otterbox started separating at the bottom and they sent me a new one at no charge. The new one is starting to stretch out a little as well.
  14. Ds has done very well with Landry Academy. You might want to check into them.
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