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Have you filed your income tax return yet?

Have you filed your income tax return?  

  1. 1. Have you filed your income tax return?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Don't know - lemme check with my accountant
    • Don't know - I don't handle the finances
    • I'll never tell ... unless you promise me some flair on facebook
    • The only thing I've filed are my nails
    • Not sure -- I'm still recuperating from New Year's
    • Can't answer because I've been banned ... or maybe I should be banned?
    • I live on the edge and wait til the very last minute
    • Other, I like to respond with convoluted answers in order to practice my mad obfuscation skillz

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I filed Saturday. The IRS said they'd direct deposit my money on the 30th. I keep hoping maybe sooooooo few people have filed that they will get to send it this Friday instead. I'm probably dreaming :)


I also already filed one of hubby's co-worker's returns. I hope that doesn't get around though or I'll be filing hundreds of taxes this year :)


Actually, I LOVE doing it. It's fun to me and it takes 15min to 2 hours for most I've done.

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First, I was about to send out a post asking where you were - I have some how missed your posts and I have missed your posts!


Second, I checked other. I have done all of the paperwork, but have not filed my tax return even though I am getting a refund. I just feel weird filing before Feb. 1; it feels so unfashionably early.

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Still waiting on a W-2 here. Last year the IRS "lost" two of our children. They just failed to enter them into the computer :( They were able to give us back our two little deductions and sent another refund check, but they couldn't put in for the economic stimulus check for the two. We will have extra forms to fill out requesting that for them this year....the fun begins SOON. Thanks for asking.

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I would love to, but alas here I sit again waiting for the new payment book for the mortgage to come which also has our interest statement in it.


Although this reminds my my dh's W-2's should finally be available for download. They always seem to make active duty Navy the last on the list.

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