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  1. Are you getting a Get out of Jail free card?


    You are nowhere close to So Cal. Unless you are talkin about trading homes???


    Of course I will have margaritas w/you. MY fav is Midori Margaritas on the rocks. MMMM. Now I want margartias and mexican food.


  2. No, but you made mine, you know how at the end of the day all you can do is cry. Well, there you go. Have a blessed one punkin, and its nice to know when you are on the same pp. w/someone.


  3. You are so funny.

  4. Awww, the good ol days. Its okay, I always keep my license current so I can go back anytime.

  5. Buy Zoo, Sea World and museum pass and go during the off season. and hit San Diego, they have a lot of info and a calendar. I still havent found the right group either, so no help there. If you need any info, feel free to pm me.
  6. Thats me a jack of all trades.

  7. Havent seen you in quite awhile, hope all the fam is doing great and the holidays are treating you good. We sure miss your wkly sessions.

  8. Great new pic, Mindy, like the new do.

  9. Hi,

    My world is having a health wake up call, so far hiatal hernia, gotta change the diet. And on tap for a rheumatologist visit. Check for sleroderma or some other autoimmune disease. Trying to keep; spirits high.


    Plain Jane how is your remodel, hope everything is running on time and on budget and your world is not too upside down. Keep me posted.

  10. Happy Bday!!!!!!

  11. Thanks for the help, I was drowning.

  12. Love the blue, have you ever tried selling them, they are so nice, I love socks and sock slippers.

  13. Lizzie,

    Thanks for the great sites.


  14. You give clothing advice, pots and pans, cookin and home school. You are a true renaissance man.

  15. Thanks for the msg. my dd wants the bears for peace, where do they get these strange ideas?

  16. My brain is not working today, it is political poll, what gov mean to you?

  17. Please take poll on general board, help a sister out.

  18. Mamagistra,

    I love great danes and st. bernards, they are big love bugs. If we would have the time for puppies, I would rescue from a big dog rescue place. Atlas is beautiful.

  19. Thanks Sola, or is it duemichella, or dos, I dont know, whats up on the man front?

  20. Kiran,

    I love my Buddha, that painting I did is near and dear to my heart. He definitely gives me peace and comfort.


  21. I cant wait for guinea fowl info and pics, maybe we should start a group, what kind of puppies are those?

  22. Sent you a pm, but wanted to say thanks for help, I dont know how I lived pre Hive.

  23. Hi from San Diego, We are in Ramona, about 30-45 min NE of downtown. Jet
  24. Wish I were there, matter of fact I was just looking at the Siskiyou Daily. I have prop. in Montague. Mt. Shasta is my fav. place and have a couple friends up there. Trade you spots. Jet
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