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  1. I'm concerned about making things worst for ds. I know the board will not look kindly on him if they get involved. I feel the scoutmaster lost interest once his ds got eagle and it has all been downhill from there. I convinced ds to go look at other troops in the area so we will see how that goes. There are a lot of other problems with the troop. My ex-boss works at the council office now. I know he will use discretion if I ask him to and at least try to fix things without dragging ds into it but going to him is a last resort.
  2. It was the Scoutmaster who asked for it to be that way. Well they had the board of review yesterday. Except I didn't get the text the night before saying it was going to be the next day. They are well aware that my phone for some reason doesn't get mass texts. Of course their response was something along the lines of better luck next time. Uniform is typically the troop t shirt so he wasn't prepared. It kills me because Sunday morning I was picking ds up from a camp out and I asked about it and I was assured no board. Ds is heartbroken, especially since he wasn't allowed to run for any leadership positions because of this and elections are only twice a year. But he really likes the other boys and doesn't want to switch. Luckily we move in 10 months so one way or another we will be done with them by then.
  3. Ds is back from camp and had a blast. He earned his swimming, archery and fish & wildlife management. He still needs one more requirement for emergency preparedness which he already texted the scoutmaster about doing at the next meeting. He'll be awarded something to add to his walking stick at the next meeting too. Something about best spirit in the troop. He has finished all the requirements for second class and first class except the board of reviews but they won't do it until the other boys who crossed over with him need to do theirs because they want them to all rank up together. He doesn't even want to work on anything anymore after hearing that.
  4. The senior scout needs to be in class A uniform to present the boy doing the BoR to the committee. Is this not true for all troops? Neither dh nor my brothers ever did scouts so we don't know if that was normal. Anyway, the senior scout forgot to wear his uniform since for the summer their uniform is just the pants and the troop t-shirt so they couldn't do the BoR.
  5. I forgot about this thread. Ds passed his BoR for tenderfoot last week. He should have all his requirements for 2nd and maybe 1st when he is done with camp at the end of July but there won't be enough people there to do a BoR until the end of Aug. He isn't happy about that because he wanted it done before we move to a different state and that won't happen. He was frustrated enough because he had to wait on doing tenderfoot BoR for weeks because either there wasn't enough adults there to do it or the senior scout would forget his uniform or whatever. 5 weeks in a row he was ready but they couldn't do it. Dd decided to try girl scouts but isn't really liking it because she was expecting to do all the cool stuff her brother gets to do. I doubt she will last the year.

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    Writing Strands Level 2. In very good condition. I don't think we used it. $8 ppd.


  7. Ds advanced into Webelos 2 Saturday night and dh was officially welcomed as new den co-leader. I'm not sure he knows what he's getting into. :) We did lose our charter with the Baptist church but a new church jumped at the opportunity to take us. I believe they are still working out the details so I don't think it is a done deal yet.
  8. I love strawberry and watermelon season.

  9. dm379

    Sl Science Ig


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    I have the Sonlight Science C IG. I bought it new from SL last year. The first 14 or so weeks have erased pencil check marks in the boxes. I do have the student pages after week 14 if you want them, otherwise I'll trash them. Still in excellent condition. $12. I also have some of the books that were used with it so please let me know if you want me to dig them out.


  10. Last night ds's pack had a fund raiser at McDonald's. The leaders worked behind the counter and the boys did clean up in exchange for 10% of the profits. It took all of 20 minutes for ds to decide that it was no fun and that McDonald's wasn't the career path for him. lol
  11. We had our spring camporee this past weekend. Ds had a blast! Three days of non-stop sports and fun. We had very cranky children last night.
  12. My rainbow resource box should be here today! Yay! $400 worth of goodies!

  13. Ds is still loving it. He lives and breathes scouts right now. He's already packed for his first camporee which isn't until the last weekend of the month. He did get his webelos badge at the Blue & Gold with the rest of his den so he was very excited about that. Right now they're starting Arrow of Light for next year and are working on some STEM stuff.

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    I would like the complete set.


  15. Kids first fencing lesson today and they fell in love. WHY can't they love something cheaper??

    1. Miss Marple

      Miss Marple

      I always wanted my boys to take fencing but there were no places around here that taught it. Enjoy!

    2. Sahamamama


      Hmm... let's see. Baseball or fencing? Football or fencing? Basketball or fencing? Fencing is so much cooler than throwing a ball around!

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