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    horseback riding, cooking, reading, scrapbooking, traveling with my family.

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    I'm the oldest of 7, have 2 children and run a small farm.
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    I'm a crafty, farming, outdoorsy, horse riding, animal loving, reading, cooking, flute playing mama.
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    Domestic Engineer
  1. Stacey, we don't need to supplement Selenium in our area unless a blood panel on your horse shows that she is deficient. Beet pulp is a good way to bump calories and fiber. Ground flax seed is a great way to add calories and are higher in good omegas to reduce inflammation. Vitamin E is also helpful for horses on higher fat diets. When I needed to add weight to my mare, I did four feedings a day of soaked timothy/alfalfa pellets, beet pulp, flax and senior feed. Hay/pasture free choice.
  2. The doctor stating that she did not want to speak with you, says enough. I would be finding a new doctor like, yesterday.
  3. Love lint :), just not in the dryer. And boy I got a giggle on the rocket payload mishap, but I feel bad for their utter shock I'm sure of watching it go up in flames.
  4. I have a nice one that I'd like to sell, as we no longer need it. Still have the packing and box, spare bulb, 4-5 boxes of various slides and some blank ones with covers, a good solid homeschooling microscope that is in near perfect shape :) PM me and let me know if you are interested. I believe it's the previous model of this current one(I'm not at home right now to check) http://www.rainbowresource.com/proddtl.php?id=004942&subject=Science/11&category=Microscopes+and+Slides/3097
  5. How very neat! I will share this with my son today :)
  6. I'm just tired....I'm tired of a dd who has not learned compassion, consideration, responsibility or respect, though I know she has been taught properly these things. I'm tired of being her excuse/reason for every problem she has. I'm also sick...it sucks because I have too much to do like every other parent out there and don't need it. But my hubby is stellar and is trying to be as supportive and helpful as he can. I'm thankful for that.
  7. Mine knows better...but I had to teach him to know better ;) Hope your day improves! I second the vote for takeout/delivery
  8. As a pet mom of 6 dogs and 4 cats we obviously like them :) Love your new kitty! We will probably loose two dogs this year though :( They are aged now.
  9. following..gotta stop by tonight and read through this as I have one needing it this fall.
  10. Well at this time we are staying put. Staying here is just too good of an educational opportunity for our two. I added up the class price for my daughter's 5 college classes this semester and we would not be able to afford even half that. Our state may be one of the lowest ranking, but it surely isn't for their lack of trying to offer the opportunity to educate ones self.
  11. Its been some time since I've popped in on the message boards. Time and seasons you see, but I am still homeschooling one teen and seeking a bit of advice. We are looking at a possible work related move to the Huntsville, AL area (possibly just over the border of TN). We are currently in Louisiana and our laws are fairly simple. Our daughter is currently a junior enrolled in K-12 online through the state and dual enrolled through our local community college (which is paid for by K-12 through state funding). I had planned to do this for our son when he entered his junior year this fall (they both did/would enter their junior year with 19 credits, only needing 24 to graduate). Now to my question, does Alabama have a set up similar to this dual enrollment option that we have here? We would really hate to give up two years of paid college courses for our teens. Our daughter loves it and is doing very well, making good use of the dual enrollment.
  12. My son wants to learn a new language for the next two years of highschool. He has previously studied a couple of years of Spanish and a year of mandarin. We had a hard time going further in mandarin as we couldn't find a tutor for more advanced work. And Spanish is just blah he says and everyone here is learning it. He likes to be different. Although I think he would return to Mandarin if we could. Italian or german is on his radar at this time. Any good cds or online courses that are good for these?
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