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    horseback riding, cooking, reading, scrapbooking, traveling with my family.

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    I'm the oldest of 7, have 2 children and run a small farm.
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    I'm a crafty, farming, outdoorsy, horse riding, animal loving, reading, cooking, flute playing mama.
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    Domestic Engineer

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    Included: ·Teachers Guide for textbook ·Teachers Guide for Activity Book ·2 Student Activities books (3 pages were lightly done in pencil towards the middle of each book and have since been erased) ·2 Student Textbooks ·1 set of Tests ·1 Test Answer Key ·1 faciltator/teaching packet ·1 full set of Audio CDs in excellent condition This set is in very good condition, though one student book is a bit rough on the front but no tears or creases, mainly shelf wear. Also available is one Spanish workbook for middleschool/highschool. Fun activities, no writing. $200 or make me a reasonable offer


  2. not feeling sleepy...but need to sleep :)

  3. Ok...so a few questions. My dd is a 10th grader struggling through Algebra 1 (she is doing Saxon and is currently on lesson 45 out of 120 lessons) We start her 10th grade year in a couple of weeks...She made it through Biology fine though. She's not very mathematical, but much of that could be remedied with more effort and study on her part. Her brother is a freshman this year. He started Algebra 1 at the tail end of his 8th grade year and is doing well (would do better if he'd stop trying to do the work in his head-we're working on that). He doesn't honestly have to try that hard i

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    2010 edition, few marks in guide to make corrections, 3 read alouds missing as we used something else. But included are three other related books and 5 Learning History magazines also related. $225 free shipping. Most books in good to very good condition. Paypal, check or money order. Thanks!


  5. hmmm my two are happily cleaning out a certain boys unorganized room instead of schoolwork. All I hear is laughter, I see trash removed and they aren't arguing! It think it's a win!

  6. I am the new winner of the worst mom award....

    1. Brooketopia


      I doubt that. Turn on the news this evening and you'll be impressed by how much you've missed meeting the requirements. ((hugs)) We are imperfect beings and we screw up from time to time. Learn the lesson, apologize to anyone who was hurt, and move on with the determination to do better next time. It's all you can do. :)

  7. 4H today...gotta get the horses loaded.

  8. ugh...rather have spent that 1900 on something else other than the new heater, lol

  9. Because 7 hours of driving wasn't enough yesterday, I have 3 more today....

  10. Praying for my friend in SLC, UT who is on a temp job and without her family. She has a difficult task to tend to and I wish I could be there to hold her hand through it.

  11. Getting the horses ready for their trip to Mississippi so dd and I can ride all day Saturday :)

  12. I just called the state crime lab! :o

  13. dont have my third student today...I will caulk the bathroom, get my oil changed, take my son to fencing and let dd rest since she's not feeling well.

  14. Some parents never cease to amaze me with their selfishness and stupidity...

  15. debating on whether to call the doc or not to have my pelvis looked at after my fall...it's been almost a week and it's still very painful.

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    2. Oak Knoll Mom

      Oak Knoll Mom

      Call. I had a pelvic injury 20 years ago and never did anything about it and it still bothers be at times.

    3. Live2Ride


      its probably got a hairline crack or something...not really much can be done. It doesn't hurt deep; just along the top of the bone itself where I landed

    4. AnnaM


      I would still call. Just like Oak Knoll Mom I had an injury years ago and even with some treatment it still gives me trouble.

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