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    I'm the oldest of 7, have 2 children and run a small farm.
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    I'm a crafty, farming, outdoorsy, horse riding, animal loving, reading, cooking, flute playing mama.
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  1. Stacey, we don't need to supplement Selenium in our area unless a blood panel on your horse shows that she is deficient. Beet pulp is a good way to bump calories and fiber. Ground flax seed is a great way to add calories and are higher in good omegas to reduce inflammation. Vitamin E is also helpful for horses on higher fat diets. When I needed to add weight to my mare, I did four feedings a day of soaked timothy/alfalfa pellets, beet pulp, flax and senior feed. Hay/pasture free choice.
  2. I'm just tired....I'm tired of a dd who has not learned compassion, consideration, responsibility or respect, though I know she has been taught properly these things. I'm tired of being her excuse/reason for every problem she has. I'm also sucks because I have too much to do like every other parent out there and don't need it. But my hubby is stellar and is trying to be as supportive and helpful as he can. I'm thankful for that.

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    Included: ·Teachers Guide for textbook ·Teachers Guide for Activity Book ·2 Student Activities books (3 pages were lightly done in pencil towards the middle of each book and have since been erased) ·2 Student Textbooks ·1 set of Tests ·1 Test Answer Key ·1 faciltator/teaching packet ·1 full set of Audio CDs in excellent condition This set is in very good condition, though one student book is a bit rough on the front but no tears or creases, mainly shelf wear. Also available is one Spanish workbook for middleschool/highschool. Fun activities, no writing. $200 or make me a reasonable offer


  4. Oh, Rose...I see progress. It will take some time. HUGS to you and your family!
  5. not feeling sleepy...but need to sleep :)

  6. Still hugs here. I'm glad he is leaving, but I'm with some others in that, I think he needed that. Now he will know how she is...
  7. Still hugs here. I'm glad he is leaving, but I'm with some others in that, I think he needed that. Now he will know how she is...
  8. a few questions. My dd is a 10th grader struggling through Algebra 1 (she is doing Saxon and is currently on lesson 45 out of 120 lessons) We start her 10th grade year in a couple of weeks...She made it through Biology fine though. She's not very mathematical, but much of that could be remedied with more effort and study on her part. Her brother is a freshman this year. He started Algebra 1 at the tail end of his 8th grade year and is doing well (would do better if he'd stop trying to do the work in his head-we're working on that). He doesn't honestly have to try that hard in math... I had wanted them to do Chemistry together, but don't know if they are ready this year. I saw the Zumdahl Introductory Chemistry and didn't know if that would be good for my students where they are now or if we should wait another year. Our local colleges entrance requirements for science are 1 Biology, 1 Chemistry and 2 Physics courses (any two of these: Integrated Science, Aerospace Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Physical Science, Physics II, Physics of Technology I, Biology II, Chemistry II, or Physics of Technology II) DS wants to go into science (astronomy) and DD probably I want to tailor what's best for each. What would your recommendations be?

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    2010 edition, few marks in guide to make corrections, 3 read alouds missing as we used something else. But included are three other related books and 5 Learning History magazines also related. $225 free shipping. Most books in good to very good condition. Paypal, check or money order. Thanks!


  10. I just keep reading and praying for you and your family. Hugs!
  11. hmmm my two are happily cleaning out a certain boys unorganized room instead of schoolwork. All I hear is laughter, I see trash removed and they aren't arguing! It think it's a win!

  12. I am the new winner of the worst mom award....

    1. Brooketopia


      I doubt that. Turn on the news this evening and you'll be impressed by how much you've missed meeting the requirements. ((hugs)) We are imperfect beings and we screw up from time to time. Learn the lesson, apologize to anyone who was hurt, and move on with the determination to do better next time. It's all you can do. :)

  13. 4H today...gotta get the horses loaded.

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