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  1. We do. Although we don't travel as much as I wish we could because really itt can be exhausting. The fb group Fulltime Families was a lifesaver when we first started. We've never boon docked. It just isn't something I'm comfortable with although most people do eventually. Lots of people have Thousand Trails memberships. You can buy those used to save money. Different plans have different perks. Many places offer monthly prices so it is cheaper if you stay in one place for a full month. Internet access can be a pain especially if he needs it for work. Lots of campgrounds have free access but most are super slow and spotty. So I wouldn't really plan on counting on that. feel free to pm me for any other questions. I don't come here very often so that'll get my attention quicker.
  2. 9th - Algebra, English I, Band, PE, World History, Biology 10th - Geometry, English II, Band, PE, Chemistry, US History 11th - Spanish, Alg II, English III, Band, Physics, Civics/Economics 12th - Spanish, Keyboarding (AKA typing), English IV, Band, World Geography The only foreign languages that were offered were Spanish and French and you weren't allowed to take French if you spoke it at home like myself and many others did. No other math classes were offered other than those 3 and the feeder middle school wouldn't allow you to go ahead. There were no honors classes and I never even heard of AP until I started homeschooling. The only classes out of all those that were deemed electives were band.
  3. Chris, do you mind if I ask which church school you're with? We're moving back there in a couple of months. I'm all for discounts.
  4. Not only that but the regulations seem to vary depending on the cc. The one I was looking at is $142/credit so it isn't cheap.
  5. Dh and I got certified about 14 years ago and have been on a few hundred dives. We lived in Hawaii for a few years but didn't go all that much since our work/school schedules didn't line up and I don't like going with anybody other than him. Not to mention it got expensive with the gear rentals and needing babysitters. The kids just got their open water certifications a few months ago. Dd was hesitant at first but as soon as she got in the first time she was hooked. She'd like to work as an instructor for a part time job in college. We're so excited we can take dive vacations as a family now.
  6. I'm concerned about making things worst for ds. I know the board will not look kindly on him if they get involved. I feel the scoutmaster lost interest once his ds got eagle and it has all been downhill from there. I convinced ds to go look at other troops in the area so we will see how that goes. There are a lot of other problems with the troop. My ex-boss works at the council office now. I know he will use discretion if I ask him to and at least try to fix things without dragging ds into it but going to him is a last resort.
  7. It was the Scoutmaster who asked for it to be that way. Well they had the board of review yesterday. Except I didn't get the text the night before saying it was going to be the next day. They are well aware that my phone for some reason doesn't get mass texts. Of course their response was something along the lines of better luck next time. Uniform is typically the troop t shirt so he wasn't prepared. It kills me because Sunday morning I was picking ds up from a camp out and I asked about it and I was assured no board. Ds is heartbroken, especially since he wasn't allowed to run for any leadership positions because of this and elections are only twice a year. But he really likes the other boys and doesn't want to switch. Luckily we move in 10 months so one way or another we will be done with them by then.
  8. Dd looked into both sea cadets and CAP and decided on CAP and LOVES it. The sea cadets in our area was only about 3 hours once a month while CAP is 2.5 hours a week and often runs over. Also, it was a lot less military oriented which is what she was looking for. She wants to be an engineer and is really into anything that leaves the ground as she puts it. She has learned so much in just the couple of months she has been in. Dh is a military pilot and looked over the aerospace education materials and was very impressed about the thoroughness. Also with CAP you can continue after you're 18 and be a senior member. I'm not sure if that is the same with SC. I think it would depend on the units in your area. The CAP dd goes to is on the AF base so the leaders are very knowledgeable and organized. I doubt she would have had the same experience if it was just a few people winging it. It also depends on what your ds is looking for and his interests. I know for CAP dd had to attend 3 meetings before she was allowed to sign up to make sure the program is a good fit so there was plenty of time to make a decision. I don't know if this is for all squadrons though.
  9. He isn't involved in the actual school aspect because I work our schedules so that are finished when he is home. His days off are our days off. But he helps a ton in other ways. He wakes them up every morning and does PE with them. He is very involved in extra-curricular activities which we wouldn't be doing nearly as much if they went to ps. He goes to every Boy Scout meeting/activity he can and has recently started teaching a monthly class for dd's CAP squadron. When deciding where we want the military to send us next the first thing he did was ask me to check homeschooling stuff (secular co-ops, regulations, dual enrollment) for each place we were considering. Any place that wasn't ideal for homeschooling was crossed off the list no matter how badly he wanted it.
  10. Ds is back from camp and had a blast. He earned his swimming, archery and fish & wildlife management. He still needs one more requirement for emergency preparedness which he already texted the scoutmaster about doing at the next meeting. He'll be awarded something to add to his walking stick at the next meeting too. Something about best spirit in the troop. He has finished all the requirements for second class and first class except the board of reviews but they won't do it until the other boys who crossed over with him need to do theirs because they want them to all rank up together. He doesn't even want to work on anything anymore after hearing that.
  11. dm379

    Chicken pox

    Thanks ladies! No shot we had decided against this one. He will go in tomorrow to get one. I'm furious though because the mom texted me and said she thought that's what his spots were but let him go anyway. So he was itching and had spots all weekend. If ds catches it he will have to miss camp which I paid a small fortune for.
  12. Ds spent the weekend at a scouting event and I just got a call from the mom of the little boy he was sharing a tent with saying he has chicken pox. His spots showed up yesterday and she took him to the doctor today. There were only 2 other boys at the event and tonight there will be about 12 at the meeting. I think ds had the shot but I can't remember and I can't find his shot record right now. Would you send this child to scouts tonight and continue the normal activities or keep him home for a few days to see if he shows symptoms? I would feel terrible if he got another child sick.
  13. The senior scout needs to be in class A uniform to present the boy doing the BoR to the committee. Is this not true for all troops? Neither dh nor my brothers ever did scouts so we don't know if that was normal. Anyway, the senior scout forgot to wear his uniform since for the summer their uniform is just the pants and the troop t-shirt so they couldn't do the BoR.
  14. I forgot about this thread. Ds passed his BoR for tenderfoot last week. He should have all his requirements for 2nd and maybe 1st when he is done with camp at the end of July but there won't be enough people there to do a BoR until the end of Aug. He isn't happy about that because he wanted it done before we move to a different state and that won't happen. He was frustrated enough because he had to wait on doing tenderfoot BoR for weeks because either there wasn't enough adults there to do it or the senior scout would forget his uniform or whatever. 5 weeks in a row he was ready but they couldn't do it. Dd decided to try girl scouts but isn't really liking it because she was expecting to do all the cool stuff her brother gets to do. I doubt she will last the year.
  15. I recognized somebody at a meetup once except I didn't know it was her until after and never saw her again. I know 2 people from co-op post on here but don't know their username and I never outed myself. I would love it if somebody recognized me though.
  16. Ours shot up about $300 this year because the fire station in that district has a long response time.
  17. There was one. AP classes were not offered at the school so no weighed grades. Several people got a 4.0 so they went and checked 8th grade grades and counted those in.
  18. We have a 5th wheel toy hauler. It was the best money we have ever spent buta very expensive hobby. Repairs are over $100/hour here. Even buying new we had a few issues to work out plus some upgrades we wanted. State parks around here are usually about $25/night but private campgrounds are much nicer. If you are interested in one of the memberships mentioned above try Passport America. It is cheap and might save you a bit depending on where you are going and how often you use it. Thousand Trails is also a good one but personally I would waits few months until you see how things are going first. Our first camper was a class C and I would not recommend those. But I would recommend splurging on an auto leveling jack system. It is worth it. We press a couple of buttons and it is all leveled. No more lying on the ground with the jacks in the dark.
  19. I got married at 19, dh had turned 20 a few days prior. We will have been married 14 years soon. I refused to set a date until one of us had a steady job. He hated college so two weeks after our engagement he decided to drop out and join the military. My requirement of a steady job had been met so we didn't see any reason to wait and were married 4 months later, 2 days before he left for basic. I wound up getting pregnant 4 months later. Even though I was young I was teased by others in my family for being an old maid. My parents had gotten married at 17 and so did my older brother. I was devastated at the thought of not being able to land a man because I was raised to believe that is all I was good for. I didn't get into trouble before we were married and at the time I didn't feel like I would miss out on any partying. About 8 years ago I went through a stage where I really regretted never having certain experiences. I would not support my children getting married before having a degree or some sort of job training. I wouldn't disown them or anything but I would be highly disappointed.
  20. Dd is extremely social. We had lucked out and there were four girls her age on the street that were all homeschooled too. When school was done they would all go play outside and play until dark. That was every day and she was happy with that. Now that they have all moved it is much harder. We do co-op but not every week. She does fencing and horseback riding but both of those are solitary. Usually there's a sleepover every weekend. I let her talk on the phone all she wants after her friends get home from school and that has been a huge help.
  21. Wow I did not realize how different packs can be. We pay $15/month plus a $25 one time registration fee. We are encouraged to sell $250 for popcorn but no big deal if we don't. We are only scheduled for one show and sell per den. Unfortunately we can't make ours so ds is out of luck. None of the money goes into individual accounts.
  22. We kinda sorta full time. We live in it full time but only travel a few months out the year to follow dh to wherever he is working. We plan to travel full time when he retires in 2 years. We just traded in our class C for a toy hauler. The toy hauler is so much nicer because the kids sleep back and in the morning you just press the button and the beds are up and out of the way. The bottom bed turns into a dinette and we have an instant schoolroom.
  23. It depends on where you're catching the I-40 at. There's a really good one in Raleigh. You might miss it if you are getting on the 40 more towards the west.
  24. My best friend is the manager for a pizza place. They pay more than minimum wage. In fact, their drivers make about $20 - $25/hr because of the tips. But he can't get enough people in there. Nobody is applying and those that he does hire are crap workers but he has to keep them on because nobody else will apply. Unemployment here is 9.7% last time I checked but it could have changed.
  25. According to her, she didn't care one bit. She was just trying to cause trouble by naming the group by name.
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