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  1. Why are you taking the Ibuprofen out of the kit?
  2. What about a Samoyed? Our neighbor has one and he is such a wonderful dog. Absolutely beautiful, friendly, and well-behaved. I'm not really a "dog person" but I'd get a dog like him if DH was willing. We probably never will though because we are both "cat people."
  3. My DS is another 99% tester who missed 3 less questions than last year (only missed 6 this year. 1 in Reading, 1 in math, and 4 in writing) and whose Index score went down by 6 points. As we are in the highest cut off state, NM is no longer a possibility. I feel bad for DS because if we lived in a different state and if he hadn’t been sick that day.... Oh well. Moving on.
  4. Have you ever been to the Blue Moon Cafe in Shepherdstown? About 30 minutes from Hagerstown.
  5. Check out Templeton Honors College at Eastern University which is just down the road from Villanova. It fits many of the preferences on your list.
  6. Derek Owens Honors Algebra 2 Derek Owens Honors Physics Sonlight 420 - American Literature Hopefully AP US Government. through PA Homeschoolers. If he's not accepted then he'll probably do Sonlight American Government. French 3 with a local tutor Apologia Health & Nutrition (1/2 credit) Summer swim team and archery count as his P.E. as well as going to the gym/pool during the year to use the weights and swim laps. If he has time - the first 8 modules of Apologia Anatomy & Physiology. The second 8 modules would be completed Junior year. Contemplat
  7. I get this when my blood sugar is low (hypoglycemia). I drink juice and lay down to rest and it’s usually resolved within 20 minutes. Since soda works for you I wonder if you have the same thing.
  8. Can you share more info about the “Blackburn Biology guided reading questions from TPT?”
  9. Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV About 90 minutes from DC and Baltimore.
  10. DS self-studied for Statistics using LOF Statistics, Khan Academy, and the Barron's Prep book. He got a 4, so he is very pleased.
  11. They (the doctors) knew I had MTHFR after numerous M/C and the treatment at the time was to take mega doses of folic acid,B6, and B12. I have since switched doctors and now take the methyl forms and seem to be fine but I am scared about what could damage could have been done. What genetic damage does the overload in folic acid cause? How do you know if you have genetic damage? I am compound heterozygous. I am scared to google....
  12. Rose was the first name that popped into my head but with a last name that sounds like Sanders I'd go with Rosalie so there wouldn't be a z/s sound immediately followed by another S.
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