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  1. I get this when my blood sugar is low (hypoglycemia). I drink juice and lay down to rest and it’s usually resolved within 20 minutes. Since soda works for you I wonder if you have the same thing.
  2. Can you share more info about the “Blackburn Biology guided reading questions from TPT?”
  3. Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV About 90 minutes from DC and Baltimore.
  4. Jennay

    2018 AP Thread

    DS self-studied for Statistics using LOF Statistics, Khan Academy, and the Barron's Prep book. He got a 4, so he is very pleased.
  5. They (the doctors) knew I had MTHFR after numerous M/C and the treatment at the time was to take mega doses of folic acid,B6, and B12. I have since switched doctors and now take the methyl forms and seem to be fine but I am scared about what could damage could have been done. What genetic damage does the overload in folic acid cause? How do you know if you have genetic damage? I am compound heterozygous. I am scared to google....
  6. Rose was the first name that popped into my head but with a last name that sounds like Sanders I'd go with Rosalie so there wouldn't be a z/s sound immediately followed by another S.
  7. Jennay

    Your favorite SG1 episode

    I am rewatching the entire series right now for the nth time...but this time with my two teenage sons. We are in season 6 right now. Soon we'll add Atlantis in. I can't pick just one favorite :) All the ones listed above are great episodes and I love all of them. I also love Crystal Skull, Unnatural Selection, Abyss, 2010, Paradise Lost..... I could quote SG-1 quotes all day. I'm just sayin'
  8. We are using it right now (free month trial) with our newly adopted daughter from China (home 4 months). She is 6 and has Down syndrome. She is verbal but really needs speech therapy. She really enjoys the videos so far and has picked up quite a few signs and words already. I think it will be especially good for her receptive speech in learning a new language but she will probably still need intensive speech therapy in person for her expressive language. But it is a good basis for her homeschooling for now.
  9. Jennay

    Introducing our newest edition

    Welcome to the world, baby Irene! Beautiful, unique name.
  10. I'm so sorry. What a gorgeous kitty. We had to let "my" 16.5 sweet Missy go last year and it was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. I still miss her so, so much. Hugs to you.
  11. Can you help me flesh out a 9th grade English credit? My original plans for the year have flopped - SL LA 120. It's just too open-ended and doesn't have enough direction for my son. He is doing the literature reading but composition has fallen by the wayside. I also struggle with grading compositions and being able to provide appropriate feedback. This particular son is very bright/gifted (Scored a 34 English and 33 Reading on the ACT at age 13) but needs a different approach with more interaction. I need to cobble together a true credit's worth of work for this year and he will be doubling up on work for awhile. We both enjoy watching and discussing The Great Courses together. So this is what I am thinking - The Great Courses - Analysis and Critique: How to Engage and Write About Anything 24 half hour lectures with corresponding exercises for each lecture (This will take us approximately 6 weeks to complete - we've already started) The Great Courses - Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer's Craft 24 half hour lectures with corresponding exercises for each lecture (This will take us approximately 8 weeks to complete) He will continue with the Literature portion of SL 120 with three or four persuasive essays based upon topics/issues of his choice implementing the"Lost Tools of Writing" style under the direction of a writing tutor. Each essay will take three weeks. He took a full year of writing with this instructor before, so she is familiar with his writing already. Supplementary reading: Woe is I by Patricia O'Connor Words Fail Me: What Everyone Who Writes Should Know About Writing by Patricia O'Connor
  12. Jennay

    Kitten Poll

    It was a hard choice - but I went with the grey tabby. They are all super cute.
  13. Jennay

    Do you fantasize about post-HS re-education and career?

    No, not really :) I'm already 44 and my youngest is 7 so I have quite a while left of homeschooling to go. We are also adopting a little girl with special needs who is now 6. I don't know yet what her schooling will look like, but it will probably be at home. When I am down to "just" one or two students I hope to have more time to teach private music lessons - maybe about 10 hours a week. I want to travel in our camper. And maybe I will have the time to tutor immigrants in English, be a volunteer doula, or organize a donation closet for moms in need. And I want to be an available Grandma if needed. I can't imagine going back to school and working on top of all that! Oh, education wise I do want to learn more Russian and Chinese.
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