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    Ppd. Paypal. Non-smoking home. In very good condition. First Form Latin set: Teacher Manual Teacher Manual for Workbook and Test Key Quizzes and Tests Student Text Instructional DVDs Pronunciation CD



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    From non-smoking home, in like new condition. Ppd. Paypal. Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 2nd ed. ISBN 9781932012774


  3. On the "Recommenders and FERPA" section for each college, once you have added them to your list of schools, it will tell you how many are required and how many are allowed for teachers and for "others." Most of the schools dd has listed allow more than they require, so you could submit extra. As a homeschooler, I figure my letter doesn't count for as much as an unrelated guidance counselor, and so if allowed we submit extra letters. At a minimum, I try to make sure each college has a letter from a math/science professor and a humanities/languages professor.
  4. The directions for the "Other School" section read: "If you have attended more than one high school, enter the number from the drop-down list. Zero is an option if you have only attended one school." so I didn't put anything there. I had our homeschool listed as "Current or Most Recent School." Then I listed the CC she dual enrolls at under "College & Universities." Anything other than that (Lukeion, free online college courses, courses at local public school, etc.) I have on the transcript only, and I describe them in the Homeschool Supplement section of my counselor account.

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    Used very successfully for my two girls. :) This is the complete currently available set of modules: A-E. PP (media mail) from a non-smoking home. All DVDs included, no writing on anything. Paypal only.


  6. Yes, that sounds like a good plan. :) I have a dd who dislikes a lot of writing. Graphic organizers and teaching her to outline or map information on the page have been helpful. We do work on writing, of course, but many assignments are more timelines, outlines, charts, etc. And she might be relieved to see that without the worksheets, so much can be done through discussion.
  7. Two things come into play here. One, you have to remember that just because you have something, you don't have to use it. :001_smile: And two, stay away from all those downloads and online worksheets! Honestly, sometimes the internet is a blessing to homeschoolers and sometimes a curse. Worksheets feel good to us because they have a measured amount of accomplishment and there is a right answer. (They aren't inherently bad; some things are easily learned from a worksheet: math facts, spelling rules, etc.) But they should never drive your decsions or your teaching or rob you of the time to
  8. Yes, I guess I just disagree with part of their definition (as do many classical schools. :D) I think it varies based on the child's age, and some things are more appropriate to K-4, while others are more appropriate to 7-12. To me, rigor looks different in those two age groups. I guess I just don't think rigor is tied to the specific subjects you do. I think people in the k-2/3 set will see that as their dc get older. ;)
  9. That's not really us. :) We do have stacks of papers, I just choose to focus on a different area - the 3 Rs - and wait on formal history and science. We're defitely not relaxed, though. :D What I describe is more along the lines of *not* focusing on projects, activities, and a giant science and history curriculum at the expense of hard core skills. It's not about rigor or not, it's about spending time wisely when they are younger in my opinion. I do agree that rigor is not equal to just producing masses of papers. I've seen plenty of people just doing piles of busy work, and that isn't au
  10. In homeschooling terms, it is historically used to mean less rigor. That is really a completely diffferent issue than stress, which is more a product of lifestyle and personality than schooling style from what I have seen.
  11. Yes, but do you know those moms and how their dc are doing? How old are their dc? Has it worked out well for them or are their dc too young to even know yet? Not only should you not feel any pressure, but you shouldn't follow what they are doing to begin with unless they have some proof it works. This board (and HSing in general) has a lot of blind leading the blind going on. ;) It's really helpful to set out some goals up front. Then you examine your plan according to those goals. If someone else is doing something that interests you or makes you feel pressured, first compare them to yo
  12. I try to keep an eye (from reading about writing and from my own and others' college and life experiences) to what they will need to write in the future and what will prepare them for that. That governs the types of writing we do. I think it's helpful to think of the various skills that come together in a mature, skilled writer. Knowing various "forms" and their requirements is one part of the puzzle. For the other parts, I teach vocabulary, require reading of quality literature, teach grammar, teach logic and rheroric skills, and then of course teach the skills used in writing specifically. S
  13. I share this sentiment. I am trying to teach several high school students right now who were taught that creativity and personal reflection are the highest goals in academic writing. :lol: Some have made it out okay, but a few will probably always write like public school fifth graders. Also, each time I've tried to bring in outside instruction for my own dc, I have had to terminate it because of that focus. By junior high, we are on a road to college writing, because it does take a long time (and many papers written over and over) to develop a mature, scholarly writing style imho.
  14. Have you read The Seven Laws of Teaching? That one will motivate you! I don't know if you mind religious authors or not, but The Trivium by Sister Miriam Joseph is excellent as well.
  15. Yes. I felt the same way about The Core, too. I at least appreciated how well-documented LCC was.
  16. Flag of Libya or H&R Block symbol? ;)

  17. :grouphug:


    I missed the part where you said, "Gee, I've never even thought about adoption before, but I bet if I swooped up one of these Haitain dolls, they'd come live with us and it would be sunshine and roses forever." But that seems to be what many people responded to. :confused:

  18. Absolutely! You are a brave woman! ;)


    These are the kinds of conversations we need to have more often...

  19. You are a classy lady!

  20. Awww, thanks.


    I was coming to tell you I like you quote, too, but lovemyboys beat me to it. :)

  21. Merry Christmas to you and the family!!

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