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  1. My daughter attends BJU. She was walking to Starbucks yesterday and told me about this sign. I guess I didn't realize he was ON campus when she saw it. I would be very interested to hear what they said if you were able to call and talk to anyone.
  2. We burn about 10 cords of wood per year. Unfortunately, the best way to get seasoned wood is to cut it yourself. Seasoned wood is wood with a moisture content of 20% or lower. Twenty percent is still pretty wet. We found a great supplier who sells only green wood. It's cheaper, and he doesn't have to worry about people not being happy with the level of "seasoned" they think it should be. We buy it by the log truck load (5 cords). My husband cuts it all up, we all split it (we borrow or rent a splitter for a weekend) and the kids stack it. We bought this years wood in May, had it split and stacked by the end of June. Our long summer days here in Alaska will season the wood pretty quickly. So far, our wood has burned GREAT this winter! It has been a warm winter, and our stove is not quite big enough to heat our entire house, but I have no complaints.
  3. Todays excitement? Walgreens opened!!! Can you believe it? A real, live, Walgreens! :-) In all honesty, I do LOVE it here. Very much so. However, I do like to visit the "big" city a couple of times a year. ;-)
  4. It could be worse...you could live in Fairbanks. :p ETA: I live outside of Fairbanks, not in GA anymore. Felt like I should clear that up. HA!
  5. It's almost fair time. The kids want to make educational displays this year. They are raising market goats and market turkeys. Any ideas what they could do for educational posters? Have you seen anything cool at your fair? Thanks!
  6. We have several Holland Lops. They're really very easy pets to take care of! We use guinea pig sized cages for ours. We do have one larger cage that we use when we have a new litter. My daughter is currently trying to get a new show bunny for the fair. Last years ended up too large. Who knew there was a weight limit for Holland Lop show bunnies? :p Anyway, one thing to think about...rather than shavings for bedding, we use wood pellets. The same wood pellets you would use in a pellet stove. Just make sure they don't have any chemicals on them. We buy them from Sam's Club. $3ish a bag. They last quite a while. We just put a few inches in the litter box and change it out weekly. They are super absorbant, and heavy enough that they don't stick to the bun when you lift him/her out of the cage. We made a play pen out of wire cubes and zip ties. It can be used inside or out. We do let our buns run around in the living room, but we have a dog that thinks the buns would make a good lunch.
  7. I wouldn't get any of them. We've had a hamster. Not a lot of fun. :p We have Holland Lops. We keep ours in a guinea pig cage. They don't really require a ton of room. We have a leash that the kids like to use to "walk" their bunnies when the weather is nice. We also have a "play pen" that we made out of those wire cubes that you can assemble with zip ties. We put that outside so the rabbits can eat grass, dandelions, etc. Anyway, I know you said you didn't want a Holland Lop because you don't have the room for the cage. But, a hedgehog would require the same size cage as a Holland I would imagine. At least the cage my brother had for his hedgehog was the same size as the cage we use for our Hollands. :-)
  8. I knitted a Gap-tastic Cowl for my hidden honey at church. Too bad I didn't take a picture of it before I gave it to her. Hmph. I've also knitted a Ruffle Scarf for a friend, and have another on the needles for my sister-in-law. I've knitted a pair of Bella mittens for one dd. Need to make a pair for other dd, but not sure if I'll have time. I want to make Boot Candy for both of the girls as well. I'll be making cookie plates for dh's soldiers. Homemade hot fudge sauce sounds like a great idea. Maybe have to contemplate that one. Oh, I almost forgot...I'm canning some homemade chili, soup, etc. all made with moose meat for my brother. He's an avid hunter, so I'm hoping he will love it.
  9. Currently, it's probably -32 or so outside. It will dip down to -40 tonight and tomorrow night. Not fun. We have our heat on 58 degrees. We do have a woodstove in the garage. I am able to open the door to my living room and some of the heat does come upstairs. Right now, it's 65 degrees in the living room and 61 in the bedrooms. I'm chilly...often. We're trying to move the woodstove downstairs so it will heat the whole house. I'll save that story for a different day. :p If money were no object, I would keep my heat on 72 degrees. Unfortunately, with fuel prices the way they are, that just can't happen. We put $1700 worth of heating fuel in our tank last week. I'm not even sure if that will last until February. Living in Alaska is expensive.
  10. Most definitely get the Cricut. I've had mine for a longggg time. I pre-ordered it when it first came out. I'm still on my original machine. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I'm thinking $125 would be a fair price. :-)
  11. Most definitely get the Cricut. I've had mine for a longggg time. I pre-ordered it when it first came out. I'm still on my original machine. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I'm thinking $125 would be a fair price. :-)
  12. We raised turkeys this year. I think our biggest dressed out was 32.5lbs. I thought that was HUGE! The turkey we're cooking is 26.5 pounds. Still plenty big. I can't wait to try it. I have no idea what we're going to cook it in. I haven't thought about it yet. I'm pretty sure it won't fit in my biggest pan. :p We do a big get together with friends, since not a lot of people here in AK have family close. So, I'm really hoping one of my friends has a big enough roasting pan.
  13. Very good information. Thanks so much!!! I will look at the other brand of horses as well. Does the Melissa and Doug stable fit the Traditional Horses? I guess I should look at the dimensions. I'll look on Ebay and Craigslist too. Sadly, our shopping options here in little ol' North Pole/Fairbanks AK are very slim. :p Thanks again!
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