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  1. I went last weekend, while dh was out of town for a conference, and took my MIL out to dinner and gave her a gift. We live two hours away, and gong this weekend was not an option. Then, on Mother's Day, while I napped my dh called his mom. I then made the visit to my mom's last night - she and I aren't close at all, so I enjoyed my dinner with my MIL much more. I am just getting to where I enjoy Mother's Day at all...I've always felt like I missed out on something that others had...
  2. 1. What's your name? Michelle 2. How many kids do you have (include ages if you wish) 3 and I also homeschool a friend's son. 3. What curriculum/curricula do you use? I mix and match every year - quite a variety 4. Something interesting about yourself I won a speech competition in college on Multiple Personality Disorders. 5. What's your favorite season? Definitely Spring!!! 6. What is your favorite subject to teach?
  3. I have three dogs in the house, and not cats at this time simply because our house is not set up to allow for a litter box. That said, i am uber diligent about cleanliness and smells! I can remember visiting friends (and now my parents - my how times have changed) and smelling 'pet smells' I really can't stand it! So, are they nasty? Not necessarily. Do they require extra work to avoid nastiness? Absolutely!
  4. Let me clarify...my husband is not against ordination, he just doesn't feel called at this point to be ordained. We went through deacon ordination a few years ago, and it was a very moving time - I loved hearing the prayers folks lifted for us. My husband is not a 'preacher' although he is a minister. I don't really think that most folks in our church would be able to tell you if he were ordained or not. We know a couple in which the husband just started seminary this year, and he has already gone through the ordination process. He is one of the ones who brings this up with my husband, along with two other ministers on our staff, neither of which is the pastor. I am just trying to understand why it is such a concern for them. Whenever he and I discuss it, I argue on the side for it, but have no good reasons why he needs to go through with it at this point. He is well respected and is seen as a leader, so I don't think this is the issue. My dh has a servant heart and does not call attention to himself unless he feels it is what he is definitely called to do. I really do appreciate the conversation. You all have affirmed our belief that this is something that he really should seek the Lord's timing on. Thanks so much!
  5. This is the link I read through: http://www.guidestone.org/taxguide
  6. Your ordination sounds a lot like ours. And my husband feels absolutely no call to preach. He leads our Middle Schoolers, and runs our sports ministries. I think if he ever felt called to a preaching role, he would pursue ordination. My dh is just not an 'out-front, public speaking' kind of guy. That is more my area!! And I really want to tell these guys to buzz off - of course, in the kindest way possible!! ;)
  7. See...that is what I thought...the tax breaks come from being a minister in a church, not from being ordained, right? Or maybe I am confused... edited to add - just looked it up, and apparently ordination or licensing is a requirement. Sorry! Don't want to mislead!
  8. I am homeschooling a friend's child along with my own. I really can't be finished until his brother is so that he will have somewhere to stay during the day. So....we won't be done until June 11th. And believe me, it can't get here soon enough!!!
  9. My husband has chosen, at this point, not to be ordained even though he is on staff at our church and is a seminary graduate. The pastor doesn't have a problem with it, as far as we know. The problem is, other men on staff who quiz him on why he won't go through with it. They tell him about the 'tax benefits', but really there is no other 'incentive' they can give him. He doesn't want to do anything unless he is called to, and nothing just for tax breaks. My question is this - is there something we are missing? He doesn't need to or really want to do wedding and funerals, and we have plenty of staff for that anyway. I am asking because he is taking a trip with a couple of the guys later this week and I can tell he is already dreading the questioning. Maybe it will help this time that the pastor will be with them...we'll see... Thanks for your help! Michelle
  10. When I first came to the boards, there were tons of variations of 'Michelle'. So, instead of being another Michelle, I decided to be 'Just Me'. Mom always said Just be yourself! :001_smile:
  11. How about Asher? I really love this name, and will never be able to use it.
  12. I am trying to plan a get-away for my dh and myself. I want to go for about 3 or 4 days, and don't really want to spend too much more than $600 or so. Any ideas? Places you love? We can go the The Cove in Asheville, but activities may be limited. Thanks for your input!
  13. I can't answer this, because honestly, I just don't know. I do believe that there were plants 'buried' in the Great Flood that occurred during Noah's time. I also believe that there were animals that were allowed to become extinct during the flood. I do believe in micro-evolution - for instance, the changes we can observe in dogs. I do not, however believe in macro-evolution. I just don't think there is evidence to support it. How do evolutionists explain the lack of the thousands of 'missing links' that would have to be out there? If you think about the hundreds, if not thousands, of small steps that would have to take place in order to evolve, there would have to be innumerable fossils of the transition stages. They just can't be found. My problem with this debate is the fact that it takes faith on both sides, but those who are on the creation side are often looked upon as undereducated. If either side presents an argument, the other is quick to 'poo-poo' that thinking. There are a lot of things that I don't know, but I do know what I believe - that there is a God, that He created the world I live in, that He created it using an imagination that I can't even begin to understand, and that He can do absolutely anything He wants to with it, because it belongs to Him!
  14. I haven't read all the replies as of yet, but I will once I finish this post. I just have a question to ask. Has anyone here who believes in creationism ever entertained the idea that God created an 'aged earth'? I mean, God created MAN, not a child. The plants that grew would have had to sustain the life that was created just a day later. I believe in Creation, not evolution. I also believe in a Young Earth in regards to years; however, I also believe that God could create that earth with an appearance of age. In my mind, He would have had to in order to sustain the life He was creating. Does this make sense? Just my .02
  15. That was my first thought. Also, this thought - my family likes the flexibility of being able to take a last minute trip if we decide, or even just a day away (beach, museum) from time to time. What are the expectations in this scenario, ie. making up work, etc. Otherwise, it sounds like a lot of fun!
  16. Ok - I ran across another one the I didn't realize I had a problem with until I had to say it a few times...and then...eew! The word is - Slander. Yuck! Something about it is just gross to me. Along the same line is slather. UGH!! Weird much?!
  17. I took my kids and a couple of their friends to a homeschool cooking class last week. My dd told me later that her friend told her, when I got there to pick them up, "your mom doesn't look like a homeschooling mom". I found that so funny! I asked dd what she meant, and she said, "you know...you had make-up on, you hair was fixed, and you were dressed nice" Not that I look like that most days when I am teaching at home with nowhere to go!! :-) But now that I think about it, a lot of my homeschooling friends 'look' like me. They dress fashionably, do their hair and (mostly all) make-up. We enjoy a day at the spa every now and then, and I have my nails done every other week. I also like all kinds of music (except country - blech), am a Conservative Christian, and I don't wear heels only because I am almost 6 feet tall and my dh is 3 inches shorter than me. On the other hand, I love going hiking, own three dogs, and dream of living on a farm. I think we are all so different, and that is so cool!! I typed all this out to say - give the other ladies a chance. They may grow on you! But if they don't, move on. :auto: <- That's you in your little red car! :-)
  18. I really dislike the misuse of the word "I" in a phrase. For example - 'That is my friend and I's favorite movie" And I hear it soooo much!! I also dislike the misuse of weren't - example: It weren't the best movie I had ever seen. This may be a Southern thing, but really!! And please don't end a sentence with a preposition. "Where is it at?" gets the response of 'behind the at' at our house. My dad hates 'I've got.....' He always replies, "you either have it, or you got it, but not both!" I dislike 'mirror' and 'rural' simply because I can't say them right and my dh picks on me! :glare:
  19. I haven't read all the replies, and don't have much time, but I will say this - I have homeschooled my two boys for years, and they are all boy! In fact, my daughter is tougher than most girls, IMO.
  20. I can remember being on a trip with my youth group YEARS ago, and seeing a 'moon rise' over the ocean. It was a huge full moon that reflected beautifully over the water. Awesome!! Thanks for the memory!!
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