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  1. Yep. I used it to train for the color run last spring. Loved it, ran a 5k easily. Took some time off when life got in the way and re-used it but only halfheartedly and ended up getting injured at my zombie run in October, almost broke my ankle. I am reusing it now to train and get my 5k base back, and after that I will move on to a 10k ETA: check out Run The Edge too, they have various programs and they get really good reviews
  2. Feel better soon. I'm sorry you are dealing with this, especially alone
  3. Dh is strongly considering Lockheed based in Houston when he gets out in December.
  4. We have a 2010 civic hybrid. I love it. Dh loves it. When we drive it just around town we fill up about every 10 days but it is almost all stop and go.
  5. I do. I tend to get very self destructive. I don't do medications because I feel uncomfortable with the side effects. Winter makes it worse.
  6. My husband loves long hair on me. Mine is so heavy and thick that it causes headaches. His criteria for long is able to run this fingers through it. I have a pixie cut now and we have had a few disagreements about the length but ultimately he says "it's your hair". I'm in he process of growing it out now
  7. Yep it's in the norovirus family. Quick and violent. Usually 6-12 hours. Rarely longer. Feel better
  8. I go every 6 weeks. I fluff the back and spike it a bit so it doesn't look mullet-y.
  9. Usually an aveda or redkin salon are your best bets. I did mine in two stages. Went from butt length hair to a shorter bob then decided on doing the pixie
  10. I use mousse and then paste. I have very very thick hair. She uses thinning shears and a razor to take the weight out
  11. I have chunky cheeks. Here is mine. This isn't really styled
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