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    Brand new. I bought this and then my son decided on dual enrollment. I took the plastic off the DVD (of course :/) so I couldn't return it. Price includes shipping.



    • For Sale
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    Brand New, unused. CDs included



    • For Sale
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    Brand new, never used. I am including a few of the books that are required as well.



    • For Sale
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    Huge book - no writing. Includes Student workbook and answers all in one.



    • For Sale
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    These are in good used condition. Includes the Textbook, the test/answer book, and the multimedia CD. $60 shipped



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    I have a set of Heart of Dakota's Creation to Christ (CTC) for sale. Includes the following: CTC Guide, bound in a 3 ring binder. This has been used and does have highlights and writing on most pages. The extension pages are still there, however the Singapore Math schedules in the back are missing as is the dictation. I have several levels of dictation and will make copies if you will let me know which levels. I am basically throwing this in as a freebie...but if you are on a budget, this is still very usable! (see pics) History Pack - The Story of the Ancient World Ancient Greece Ancient Rome Genesis - Finding Our roots A Child's Geography Vol II What in the World Vol I CDs Draw and Write Through History Science Adder - Exploring Creation with Zoology 3 Birds of the Air Plant life in Field and Garden Exploring the History of Medicine - has water spilled and dried on one page making the book a little "puffy" - did not affect text at all. (See photos) Galen and the Gateway to Medicine An Illustrated Adventure in Human Anatomy Writing - Write with the Best Vol I. All text is there, but the mark-ups were done on the stories. (see photos) Bible - The Illustrated Family Bible - used. Binding is taped. Pages are great condition. Phillippians 2 CD History Interest Package - Dinosaurs of Eden The Golden Bull Boy of the Pyramids Jashub's Journal (answers written in - mostly in pencil. A few in ink) God King Archimedes and the Door of Science Cleopatra City Traveling the Way one book from Boy interest package - The Shining Sword (I used it to replace the Mr. Pipes book) I am asking $225ppd for this set. I hope the lower price can bless someone who is on a budget!



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    I have the TT4 (newest version) CD set and Answer Key for sale. Excellent condition. SOLD



    • For Sale
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    This set was bought in pieces. Some used, most brand new. I will do my best to give condition beside each book. We have a NON-smoking home. The guide that I have has one extra book than what is listed on the current catalog for preparing. It uses “Noah’s Ark, Noah’s Flood†in units 2-3. I think Carrie phased this out later on but we really enjoyed the book and I do have it as part of the set. Preparing Hearts Manual – Used - has highlighting, check marks, and notes but is still in usable condition. Bound in a 3-ring binder A Child's History of the World – Good used condition (a few random highlights or underlines – but VERY minimal) Grandpa's Box – Excellent used – no writing, cover bottom corners bent a little from use Life in the Great Ice Age – Excellent – like new Hero Tales – Excellent – like new One Small Square - Artic Tundra - Excellent – like new One Small Square - Cactus Desert - Excellent – like new The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible – Excellent (two or three random underlines or words written in pencil) Find the Constellations - Excellent – like new One Small Square - Coral Reef - Excellent – like new Columbus – Excellent (a few random underlines, and occasionally the word “stop†written at the bottom of a page – goes along with guide) Who Was Leonardo DiVinci - Excellent – like new Pasteur's Fight Against Microbes - Excellent – like new Albert Einstein - Young Thinker - Excellent – like new Lead me to the Rock CD – perfect, no real scratches – comes with case The True Story of Noah's Ark – Excellent – like new (with CD included) Tiny bite mark on the top left corner. Tirzah – Excellent – very small crease on the spine Classic Treasury of Aesop's Fables - Excellent – like new A triumph for Flavius - Excellent – like new Fountain of Life – Excellent – some minor creasing on the side where it was read Viking Quest 1 - Raiders of the Sea – Excellent, read condition The Door in the Wall – Older book – used condition...a little musty from being older The Wonderful Winter - Excellent – like new The Family Under the Bridge – Older book – creasing and ink mark on the back cover. Inside of book is clean and no marks. No smell Twenty and Ten - Excellent – like new Mozart the Wonder Boy (with CD) - Excellent – like new with companion CD The Little Riders - Excellent – like new Draw and Write through History - Excellent – like new The 5000 Year Puzzle - Excellent – like new Little Miriam of Galilee - Excellent – like new Pedro's Journal – Older book, used condition, no smell The Trojan Horse - Excellent – like new The Young Christian's Introduction to the Bible - Excellent – the word “stop†written at the bottom of some pgs (goes along with the guide) Leif the Lucky - Excellent – like new The Minstrel in the Tower - Excellent word “stop†on a few pages William Shakespeare and the Globe - Excellent – like new Peter the Great - Excellent – like new (word “stop†on bottom of some pages) Noah’s Ark, Noah’s Flood - Excellent – like new NOTE: The picture shows the entire set with the R&S English 3 books. These are NOT included (they have already sold). Asking $285ppd (prefer to sell as a set)


  9. I wholeheartedly agree - must be a mistake! LOL

  10. Happy Birthday to you.


    I'm 34, but refuse to believe that. It must be a mistake on the birth certificate.

  11. Happy Birthday, birthday buddy. :) I am 32 today so I am not celebrating. LOL

  12. Tree House Academy stole 119 cookies!


    Rules of the game: if you find this (anyone except the cookie thief themselves) then post here to say "I caught the cookie thief! BUT... someone else took 120 cookies from the cookie jar!" That way we know this player has been caught and we'll look on another profile. Next, copy this entire post and paste it onto someone else's profile (player must have more than 100 posts and must have been active in the last month, and must not be one of your friends.) Lastly, change the type in red so that the numbers each increase by one. It will be easier to track that way. Please post your findings in the thread entitled SOMEONE STOLE A COOKIE! Forum Game. Have Fun!

  13. I couldn't agree more with your post tonight. Johnny Depp in a kilt? :ack2::ack2::ack2::ack2:


    I feel like I should wash my hands after just typing that. :001_huh:

  14. Thanks for the agreement! LOL I think it is the silliest holiday. Who knew it would make me so darn unpopular. It is like I am the Halloween fun squisher. ROFL!

  15. Rebecca,


    I'm with you - no trick or treating in the teen years! It's normal here and we're tired of it so we go to dinner and come back after it's over. We get 200-300 kids at our door every year (for 18 yrs) and we're tired of it. The teens are disrepectful and it's no longer fun for us to buy $$ candy & hand it out to teens. My teens don't like it either (going out or handing out candy).

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