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    Brand new. I bought this and then my son decided on dual enrollment. I took the plastic off the DVD (of course :/) so I couldn't return it. Price includes shipping.


  2. I will try to make this short and hopefully not too complicated. My youngest son repeated 6th grade on paper (for various reasons - mostly age and maturity), but he went on with many of the 7th grade curricula - including Math via Teaching Textbooks. For the upcoming school year, he will be (on paper) a 7th grader, and I would like to spend this year making sure he has the basics down in math. He is not the best in this subject, but he does okay. I just don't want to move him in to pre-algebra until I know he is ready. What I am looking for is a suggestion for this "review" of the basics.
  3. Oh...and that is totally true about the front lobe of the brain not being fully formed - actually until age 25. It has a lot to do with why kids are slower to respond when driving a car too (well...that and sheer lack of experience).
  4. MAIMOM - that was so beautifully written and you are oh so right. Since he got his driver's license in August, I have really had a slap in the face of reality with regards to him. He is a wonderful young man and I just can't imagine life once he leaves my nest. It breaks my heart more each day...in a bitter sweet kind of way. A week after he turned 16, he got a job and he has managed to work upwards of 28 hours this school year while attending an online Chemistry class along with his regular school day. He now adds in 12-16 hours of ACT prep each week and time with a tutor as well. I lov
  5. Lori D. - thank you for all of that great info - especially regarding the ACT. We are actually working with PrepScholar which guarantees the 4 point increase and we hired a tutor through them that he meets with for 2 hours a week. I am glad to hear someone recommend that being as that is the course we took. In our state, the 25 ACT allows him to graduate with Honors through our Category 4 school. He is also likely to be accepted to the colleges he has chosen with that score; however, what we are looking for is those scholarships (of course). We did decide to just do the dual enrollment
  6. In TN, 2 classes (up to 7 credit hours) is free with a grant we have available. I want him to take around 4 classes per semester and we are looking at paying per credit hour at the rate of $800 per hour for anything over the 7. Granted, we are choosing a costly school but it is the one he hopes to continue in once he graduates - so this is worth it for us. I guess you are right and it does make more sense to pay the roughly 10K extra. I am just hoping for some scholarship money to help with college and dual enrollment doesn't allow for any scholarships.
  7. My oldest son is finishing up his Junior year in high school. He is absolutely beyond me now and ready for college. Next year, his Senior year, we had planned to do dual enrollment. However, he only has 2 classes left for high school and he already has a 25 on the ACT and is taking it again in April hoping to raise at least to a 29 or 30. He is doing an intensive practice to achieve this goal and I am confident that he will. So, I am wondering now if there is a way for me to graduate him early and go ahead and enroll him in college for Fall 2016. If anyone has advice on this, I would so

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    Brand New, unused. CDs included



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    Brand new, never used. I am including a few of the books that are required as well.



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    Huge book - no writing. Includes Student workbook and answers all in one.



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    These are in good used condition. Includes the Textbook, the test/answer book, and the multimedia CD. $60 shipped


  12. Yes, he was legally allowed to start Kindergarten in our state when we did. He is Sept 29 and the cutoff was Oct 1 when he started. They have since changed it to a Sept 1 cutoff, so he would no longer have been able to start had he been a few years younger. I am pretty comfortable to have him repeat the 6th year on paper. I appreciate all the feedback. We do not plan to send him to school ever - but the future is not guaranteed and if I were to pass away tomorrow, then yes, he would have to go to school. Testing is only a piece of the puzzle - but I am starting to see an academic
  13. Has anyone here done this solely on the basis of maturity and time? My son has an end of Sept birthday, but was reading and interested in school at a very young age. I started him in "Kindergarten" when he was 4 (he turned 5 that Sept). In the beginning, all was well, but now that he is hitting the middle school grades, I am seeing a big difference in his maturity versus that of his peers. I have also seen a decline in test scores for two years in a row which makes me wonder if some of that could be his age and maturity as well. In our school work, he made straight A's for his 6th grade y
  14. It has been years since I posted here! Ha! Fun to be back and read. So many names I don't recognize (or course) and a few I do still. We found and fell in love with Heart of Dakota pretty early on, so, for YEARS, I was set on curriculum. So many things have happened over the years leading us to finally put away our beloved HOD for both kids. My older son is going to be a junior this year (I so remember typing out his 6th grade curriculum list in my signature too! Where did that time go??!) and I am trying to get him as college ready as possible. Last year, we used a combo approach to E

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    I have a set of Heart of Dakota's Creation to Christ (CTC) for sale. Includes the following: CTC Guide, bound in a 3 ring binder. This has been used and does have highlights and writing on most pages. The extension pages are still there, however the Singapore Math schedules in the back are missing as is the dictation. I have several levels of dictation and will make copies if you will let me know which levels. I am basically throwing this in as a freebie...but if you are on a budget, this is still very usable! (see pics) History Pack - The Story of the Ancient World Ancient Greece Ancient Rome Genesis - Finding Our roots A Child's Geography Vol II What in the World Vol I CDs Draw and Write Through History Science Adder - Exploring Creation with Zoology 3 Birds of the Air Plant life in Field and Garden Exploring the History of Medicine - has water spilled and dried on one page making the book a little "puffy" - did not affect text at all. (See photos) Galen and the Gateway to Medicine An Illustrated Adventure in Human Anatomy Writing - Write with the Best Vol I. All text is there, but the mark-ups were done on the stories. (see photos) Bible - The Illustrated Family Bible - used. Binding is taped. Pages are great condition. Phillippians 2 CD History Interest Package - Dinosaurs of Eden The Golden Bull Boy of the Pyramids Jashub's Journal (answers written in - mostly in pencil. A few in ink) God King Archimedes and the Door of Science Cleopatra City Traveling the Way one book from Boy interest package - The Shining Sword (I used it to replace the Mr. Pipes book) I am asking $225ppd for this set. I hope the lower price can bless someone who is on a budget!


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