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  1. I did too.... and I am also. The title of the news article did not do the actions/video justice. I can't wrap my mind around the adults involved (parents, educators, etc...)justifying the event on any level of normalcy :001_huh:...stomach wrenching really, and probably illegal in many states :tongue_smilie:
  2. High school 'prank' has blindfolded students kissing...their parents :ack2: http://www.northwestohio.com/news/story.aspx?id=698269#.TuvXrM2EbNk (news clip)
  3. I have one I CAN say, but always (mentally) second guess myself on ...camembert. Relatively innocuous word, right? Yet I end up with the same mental discussion....bear, bay, burr....not bert...right?? ha! It's a mental loop...who's on first?...and though I DO know the answer, sadly can't get away from the question :glare: ...I'll just call it brie ;)
  4. I haven't read the thread, save the first page of comments...but.... since a very young age we have taken the kids to museums (modern, science, fine arts, etc...) and nude statues/paintings have always been a non issue for us. We even have a beautiful Degas charcoal nude art print hanging in our home....the closest "uncomfortable" issue I had run into was an audio guide to a Picasso exhibit when the boys were tweens...got tad graphic. yet I was a bit shocked when our the Fine Arts museum sent us a card/invitation, to a Helmut Newton exhibit, that was a photographed nude woman with all her lady parts displayed ...it is just different in a photo..it is for me at least...and very different when my young teen boys get the mail! So, I think I am pretty liberal with painted art and statues...but I guess not with photography! ...and not when it comes unsolicited to my kitchen counter.
  5. yep...I am pretty fed up. If it isn't mindless and ill written, well then it usually makes up for it by being offensive (to me) :glare: yet...there are some good ones that keep drawing me back in, keeping me from totally closing the door...but they are the minority ;)
  6. More thoughts on the history behind simplifying the English language. What are your thoughts wimmen? (and men ;) ) I'll just hold my tung.... http://www.merriam-webster.com/info/noah.htm
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