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  1. I agree with about 4 hours a day in elementary (combined instructional/independent work time.) Depending on the subject and grade there could be more instruction/guided practice or more collaborative work/independent practice, so it's hard to say exactly how much time was devoted to each of those areas specifically since it changes by the day sometimes and is based on the needs of the class as a whole, so one year Imight need to spend a lot more time in instruction than in other years.
  2. If he liked White Fang and Call of the Wild he will probably like Hatchet as well. Other suggestions: Wonder - RJ Palacio The One and Only Ivan - KA Applegate Maniac Magee - Jerry Spinelli The Tale of Despereaux - Kate DiCamillo Love That Dog - Sharon Creech Holes - Louis Sachar The Giver - Lois Lowry The Great Gilly Hopkins - Katherine Patterson From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler - E.L. Konigsburg Nightjohn - Gary Paulsen The Cricket in Times Square - George Selden Hoot - Carl Hiaasen Flush - Carl Hiaasen Chomp - Carl Hiaasen Bud, Not Buddy -
  3. No Orton-Gillingham style tutors in your area? How about a Lindamood-Bell center or Barton? I would look for tutors who use dyslexic-specific programs-even if your son is not dyslexic, it sounds like he would benefit from the multi-sensory, phonics based approach they use in these programs.
  4. I would be honest and offer to meet them nearby or have them over before or after. So, if they invite you for frozen yogurt, just say something like "I don't think that's in the budget with dh being laid off but why don't we meet up (somewhere nearby) for a walk together after you're done?" Or invite them over for board/card games after they go, or meet up at the mall before or after they eat and do some window shopping together. I would also go to the festivals with them and just bring a picnic lunch for your family. I would also look at your town's (and the surrounding town's) websites for
  5. I might be too late, but for about $10-$15 per kid you can make them money leis. I do this for a lot of graduations and it is always unique and seems to be appreciated. I tend to use about $18 worth of quarters and 5 $1 bills, but you can use smaller coins also if you wanted to keep the cost lower. I always also do them in school colors, so the cellophane is one color and the ribbon and straws I use are the other. I tie about twelve coins, add a straw that I cut way down (to help space it out a little) do a dollar bill (I fold it like shown in the blog but then tape the ends together so it loo
  6. Well I have a Spencer, so I vote for "love it." Of course I also have a Logan, so perhaps my vote shouldn't count ;)
  7. I don't think younger people feel the same way about pictures online, so I don't think it should be a big issue if you are otherwise happy with her care. Just nicely tell her that you saw the pictures on facebook and tell her that you love that she has such a good time with your kids but you don't want pictures of them posted online and ask her to remove them and not post any more.
  8. Any gymnastics places near you where you could get her a private lesson or two? That would be my first choice and just a lesson or two should do it. Otherwise, there are instructional videos on youtube. I would just clear anything hard out of our living room and have her watch those and then practice.
  9. Hoping the EEG today went well and gave you some answers and a course of action.
  10. I think free time is designed more for younger kids-I would not have her use free time but password protect the wifi so that she needs you to connect her to the internet if she wants to use it-that way at least you will know she is online and can monitor her internet site usage if you are worried about inappropriate content.
  11. We LOVE this game and once you play it you'll get it. I would blame exhaustion and try again :)
  12. I agree with the above-the Lamorinda area is lovely and you have high school choice within the district, so three top rated high schools that you can choose from. There are also good home-schooling groups around (not so much in the Lamorinda/Walnut Creek area, although they do exist, but just through the tunnel in Berkeley.) Elementary schools are also quite good if you are thinking about possibly going that route for your younger child, although there is one elementary in Orinda I would avoid like the plague as they have significant, long-term bullying problems that it seems like they don't c
  13. Challis Lane Merlot-if you have a BevMo it is almost always included in their 5 cent sale, but even at $9.99 it's a great wine.
  14. Can you allot a shelf in the pantry (maybe a top one) to their purchases? That way anything they buy has a designated place in the kitchen and everything stays tidy. Personally, I don't have a problem with anyone buying their own food, but if it is in the pantry it is fair game for anyone in the house and there can't be any complaints if others help themselves.
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