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  1. Also having a Dickens of a time searching. I used to use Google to search the forum (key words + site:welltrainedmind.com), but now that isn't working either. Oh dear!
  2. I've been watching for over a year, and it hasn't (that I've noticed) yet. :glare: :) (I suppose if I ever buy it, it'll go on sale the next week) :D
  3. We schedule 40 weeks. With 52 weeks in the year, and 40 weeks of school, that leaves us 12 weeks of off. We generally schedule this as one week per month: a week at Thanksgiving, a week at Christmas, a week at New Year's (so, two weeks in a row), etc. It's worked well for us for a few years now. Since I divide our work further into quarters, we complete 10 weeks of school in 3 months. Now, life does not always easily fall into neat weeks. So, I have learned to consider "one week off" as "five days off" per month. We may need three days off at Thanksgiving, and two days off the w
  4. How about Charles Lamb's Beauty and the Beast? It's on Google Books. (Free.)
  5. For the above scenario, I'd highly recommend looking at CLE Grade 1. Scripted (but not as teacher intensive as many of the programs listed above), great for a diligent, bright girl, straight-forward to someone new in homeschooling (and perhaps only interested for 1 year), and economical to boot.
  6. VERY happy with everything except Latin. Switching that. :D I do need to get typing and piano squeezed back into our day, though! :tongue_smilie:
  7. This is a FANTASTIC book! Thank you so much for sharing!!! :hurray:
  8. Yep. I thought about it today and decided that that's the direction we want to go in -- exactly-- for 4th and 5th. I want vocabulary-building in 4th (because he's INTERESTED; he's been reading Usborne beginner books in Latin and such just for the fun vocab. on his own time). (He's got enough Latin grammar down with GSWL to make fun sentences.) Then I want to hit Caesar prep. in 5th (mostly likely with Henle, which just arrived). So, you hit the nail on the head. Wide vocab./narrow grammar in 4th followed by narrow vocab./serious grammar in 5th. **** That vintage speller I
  9. Oh no! Remember this thread, Hunter? :willy_nilly: I've been (re)considering my original plan of Latin Without Tears all day long. Maybe I should just give it a shot. After all, it's only 4th grade, right? I can always choose something else next year. Latin Without Tears seems to be the perfect extension for our Latin study after GSWL. Sigh.
  10. This is the number one difference that struck me. Bumping for you, and hoping that someone with experience in both programs can be of further help.
  11. Oh sheesh! I had forgotten all about this, if, indeed, I ever knew it. :blush: Thanks for the clarification. :)
  12. Oh, good. I was afraid that I'd rather overdone the point. :tongue_smilie: I'd definitely like a Latin book written by people with OCD. :D
  13. :D As you know from other threads, I've come to the end of my rope with MP FFL. I do know enough Latin (from college) to recognize the errors. (Yesterday, in Lesson 7, they have children memorizing the four prin. parts of do, dare... as "do, dare, dedi, datus" which ought to be "do, dare, dedi, datum". Now, if I hadn't had "do, dare, dedi, datum" memorized already, I would not have caught the error. Luckily, my Cassell's Latin dictionary on the shelf confirmed what I knew to be the true 4 prin. parts of "dare". ) I just don't encounter those types of errors in older books. In my
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