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  1. What's the name of the book? If its in the library here, maybe I could take pics of the first few pages so you could start reading awhile.
  2. There is the modern time period in the Swiss matu list. I do not know if this interests you, but some of the French publishing houses have 'romans historiques' - which fit into different time periods and would work well with WTM... The problem is that I can't remember the Editor I had in mind. A quick search produced this list https://www.babelio.com/liste/5485/Roman-historique-pour-la-jeunesse But you could probably find others...
  3. ah, Les cinq cents millions de la Begum et Les tribulations d'un chinois en Chine :-(
  4. At 13, can't he read Jules Verne? There are some very interesting ones...Trying to remember the names as ours are packed away.... well, the ones I proposed seem a little dark so I've edited them. Sorry, I'm drawing blanks otherwise as now that they're not visible on shelves, I tend to forget and the young are not here to help.
  5. I forget how old your student is... There's always the Swiss end of high school exam literature list to look through...(French, German, English, etc) On this page https://www.sbfi.admin.ch/sbfi/fr/home/bildung/maturite/examen-suisse-de-maturite/examen-suisse-de-maturite.html Scroll down to the link Listes des œuvres littéraires, valables dès 2015 (PDF, 447 kB, 15.12.2014)
  6. This happened after the Weinburg affairs came to light and there are the ensuing attempts at changes. My comments might be outdated as here's another article about use in schools that came along since I was studying about it. But just for anyone who doesn't know, écriture inclusive isn't exactly the same as the féminisation de métiers for example. http://www.sudouest.fr/2017/10/12/qu-est-ce-que-l-ecriture-inclusive-et-pourquoi-pose-t-elle-probleme-3856018-4699.php A pro article http://www.huffingtonpost.fr/2017/01/19/les-trois-regles-a-suivre-pour-reussir-votre-premiere-di
  7. I agree this would definitely be best and in addition the most simple as well as probably correct in your country looseje. But even in France, I don't think the school system is obliged to follow the Academie. Hatier produced the first school manuel with 'écriture inclusive'. And where I am, the local university doesn't even accept the 1990 spelling changes that the Academy put out though they are accepted in the public school system obligatory level. As far as I know, those spelling changes are optional even in France. I agree with Monica too, that it's important to stick to one met
  8. The second AP Eng Lang class we used was with Maya and when it started and I saw the class size and the use of TA's, I had my reservations. But none of them were founded because the teacher does an excellent job of keeping track of students and the TA's only add to the interaction possibilities. For the first AP Eng lang class we had, it has already been in 10-11 so things could easily have changed - at the time there weren't TA's...There was editing of each other's papers which was a very good activity actually...We did that even in University when I was a student....It helps the stu
  9. AP Human Geo x 2 - first AP courses for each....I thought it was an excellent start to getting up to speed with a good mix of textbooks and online and writing. Both dc had had an online writing class with Rebekah (Laurel Tree) previously but that doesn't have an external exam so this one was more serious. AP Eng Lang - one with Maya the other with a different teacher and overall I thought Maya better... AP Physics B (no longer exists but Mr Lanctot does other Physics) - ds was happy with it and did well at uni... AP Chem - excellent preparation - students definitely have to keep up
  10. We used TTC courses as backbones and as supplements…. As a backbone – though not the only one, for: Music appreciation – Understanding music…. Economics – Economics :-) As supplements for English, biology, history, etc… typically dc will read from their textbooks and if there is a topic that they want more information about, then they’ll find the appropriate lecture and watch that. I’ll update this post when I have my own laptop again – right now I have time limits on dh’s PC….
  11. Exams generally seem easier in retrospect....

  12. prepping for Swiss exams...

    1. Joan in GE

      Joan in GE

      Thank you loesje :-)

  13. I have to add something about the GPB Chemistry course....even though dd doesn't really like it - she has started tor really like chemistry! She wants to do it as her 'higher' science course for the Swiss matu now.....so that's not bad.... Joan
  14. After eating all my fruits and veggies like a good girl, I end up sick :-) and I hadn't been for two years at least before this...



      sorry, we go 4 years then BOOM!

  15. Connie, I think this is a very useful thread you started... In answer to this question Yes it is those...I know there are newer posts than this about it mixed into other threads, but here's a thread from after I had used it for Physics.. You can download the notetaking guides and worksheets for free. The teacher's CD has the answers, plus tests, etc... Now, my dd calls it a 'chemistry course in diapers' :-). She wasn't able to watch it at 2x speed like ds3 where we had the videos for physics. There is annoying music and silliness. But we are still using it due to a
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