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  1. I just upgraded my ipad to the latest IOS edition today. But I seem to have lost a function in MAIL by doing that. Does anybody know how to attach a photo to a mail instead of inserting it? I really prefer to mail photos as attachments... TIA for helping me
  2. To me it looks like a different type of box lid clippers:
  3. I have to pay an annual fee (depends on the city you live in) , for IBL, dvd’s , reservations, almost everything. Our current library is cheap, but our former was expensive so I bought more books. Children under 18 are free though.
  4. @Violet Crown @Junie some french stuff dd read:égur-01-malheurs-Sophie/dp/2012011411/ref=sr_1_fkmr2_1?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=malade+sophie+segur&qid=1558985332&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmr2émoires-dun-âne-Comtesse-Ségur/dp/2070584224/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=Memoire+ane&qid=1558985445&s=gateway&sr=8-1 Cyrano de Bergerac
  5. Do you know A-level Psychology? They have textbooks available 🙂 we use AQA A-level Sociology and Psychology
  6. I needed some time to check, but it seems your whole list has been translated and is available through my library. Tijl Uilenspiegel is a classic but different languages are thinking it is a classic of their language. Max Havelaar is a classic, so is The Good Hope they are not really old but Dutch before 1800 is hard to read. I don’t know how well Couperus has been translated into English but he also part of the dutch classics imo. sometimes a different translation helps as the idea of a good translation changed during the year. The one I own is a mid 60-70 one: solid but dry and close to the original. A more current translation would be more accessible and would have probably more footnotes to explain stuff 🙂
  7. I read The Hunchback a few years ago and have it shelved in memory as ‘very good readable’... From the list from Violet Crown I read: 1. Dickens, Great Expectations7. James, The Portrait of a Lady11. James, The Turn of the Screw I just finished a Faulkner and I don’t think I can handle another one that soon... Maybe I should hunt for a better Translation of Gulliver, because that book I left unfinished, because the book went totally over my head... I felt sooo dumb 😞 I want a book I can read in Dutch as summerreading, if possible.
  8. I finished 'The Teagirl from Hummingbirdlane' and 'Stonecutter' last week. I missed quite some BaW threads I am afraid, so I was wondering if there is any summer read a long again?
  9. I finished the Teagirl of Hummingbirdlane (in Dutch), I really liked that book. Relaxing but not too fluffy. It might only make you not doing your householdtasks in time
  10. I just enrolled dd for the last exams next year. I have to write a homeschooling plan for next year according the law. For the moment I have 4 subjects: math, sciences, history, Latin, everything else has been passed this year... after years with 4-8 pages full of text it feels odd to have max. 2 with almost 1 page of text.
  11. BJU History might be pretty anti Roman Catholic and pro USA. BJU Biology is creationistic and gave at middle school level a poor presentation of evolution theory. So we skipped that chapter during middle school and used a secular text during highschool...
  12. I finished this month: Ice Princess, from a new to me scandanavian author, and I decided to want to read more. The Skating Rink, also from a new author An unnecessary Woman, I really liked the book, it was a long time ago I was eager to finish the book. Some tame Gazelle by Barbar Pym, I like her books, but this one was harder with all the poem and literature quotes...
  13. I missed a few weeks I think. DD passed her English Written retake, attended German Written yesterday and we just made a studyplan for Maths and Science in April&May. I became board member of a ladies choir and that fulfills the hole 'almost done with homeschooling' left. So some weeks I hardly read... I finished 'through te glasses of Chekhov' a book that travels through Russia along Chekhovs books and letters. I also finished 'Woman behind the piano' about Female Composers. My currently reads are: Days without End The sound and the fury both slightly too hard to read before bedtime My Lent reading is: 'Fragile Alleluia' about the pelgrim psalms. I learned from past years and picked a book that isn't divided in a reading per day, but just fits in the season.
  14. @8FillTheHeart her daughter used something that sounds like: By the onion sea, I thought, I know she studied Russian. ETA:
  15. Thank you! I have 🙂 Next week we have our board meeting about this and after 10 years of ‘just’ homeschooling it feels sooo good to have something outside the house ... I think we fit in the ‘untraditional traditional choir’ category 😉
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