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  1. I like the idea of this thread. Dutch is my native language, and I am not working on a foreign language specifically for the moment. I don’t know were to start as my English is ‘somewhere in the middle’, and my French and German are just good enough to communicate I don’t speak / understand the language well. As I don’t learn easily, it should be something I can actually use.
  2. We are in good physical health for the moment. We have a lockdown light here. But that is heavy enough. With no choir and no church activities life is becoming empty. The exams dd had to take in the Netherlands are cancelled, and the borders are closed so I can’t visit my family now. I am still reading books 🙂 For the moment I am reading Clementine, a biography about mrs. Churchill.
  3. I finished Becoming by Michelle Obama, I am bit by bit reading a teenage retelling of the Decamerone.
  4. https://www.goodreads.com/work/editions/64218580-invisible-women-data-bias-in-a-world-designed-for-men
  5. I finished the Marsh daughters King, and Unvisible Women. The latter seems to be a hit for me as I want to talk about it with everybody. Currently I am reading Becoming by Michelle Obama
  6. @aggieamy I liked the gifts of imperfection very much, but I can see that not everybody is in every stage of its life in need of it, and I can see that her style won’t speak to everybody. I feel like I am in a transition stage of my life, and also want to change certain aspects of myself. This book covers some of those aspects in a way that it speaks to me.
  7. Good evening 🙂 I finished Design your Life, Cloisterwalk and Gifts of imperfection this week.
  8. Love your cows! When I was a child the only cows I knew were like this: (photo) It has taken a while before I believed that other cows were cows too...
  9. sometimes the release dat will be delated. I’ve pre-ordered several books and cd’s and have always get my stuff and often a lower price.
  10. I have read Maus threetimes now. Maus is geared for 15+ yo imo, and should never be a first introduction/reading on this part of history. Dd doesn’t like it either so far but emotionally she is younger then her age sometimes. I think it is a great work.
  11. If you need a reading buddy for Goethe I might to be convinced to read along in Dutch if it is in from June or later in the year.
  12. Thank you! I put quotation mark indeed when I think it is not correct-english, sometimes my english brain parts wire over back into dutch, which is my native tongue, the dutch is ‘dorst-lessend’ but one definetly doesn’t learn these type of words during highschool english...
  13. I absolutely drink tea on warm or hot days, it is the only thirst-lessing? drank I know
  14. Red Bush is the most drinked (as in daily) tea in our home. dealing with fever and selling homeschool stuff makes concentrating on reading harder as usual. I finished Imperial Radch #1 though .
  15. I didn’t realise my GR updates could one makes curious... Happy to be missed though 🙂 In the beginning I read more in English but less books. Then I realised that most of you read in their native tongue and use translations 🙂 so I read more but in my native tongue (Dutch). In 2019 I read 100 books and from that about 10-15 in English (English Kindlebooks are cheaper then Dutch ones) Beside reading 100 books I hope to buy as less as possible again. I bought about 10 books last year which I consider as ‘good’. Most of them were Kindle or used books. My last 2019 book was Sunsi
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