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  1. I would limit my visits to every other week or less. If jig saw or crossword/cryptogram puzzle together is no option, I would combine the visits to my mom with visits to a beautiful garden or nice garden centre / plant breeder. Just to balance out the visit. I like the idea of visiting on a workday.
  2. You may want to consider what the goal becomes of this language: becoming tri-langual or will this be tackled as a foreign language? Becoming multilangual is cost intensive if you don’t have a library with enough reading sources in the targeted language.
  3. I quit Duolingo German, after passing the 50day strike it became a burden to not loose a day. And my German is somewhere between - not good enough for.... - and - to good for..- and Duolingo didn’t fit well in filling in my gaps, and learning German from English (also a foreign Language) is difficult as I learned German from Dutch in highschool. I think I should try another way to improve my German then through duolingo after doing nothing for a few weeks, I started Duolingo Russian and so far it gives what I need: fun short brain teazers. I have a lot of fun with decoding the alphabet an
  4. My tier will not open in the next 2-3 months. And with delays in the delivering pace it might become even the next 6-8 months. Not living in the USA.
  5. I passed the 50 days milestone in Duolingo German (with help of those blue amulets). I still don’t have the idea of learning much new stuff but still repeating what I learned at middle school. Just doing to keep my mind active. I am bad at goalsetting in foreign languages.
  6. Then I'll play with the mailing time until I receive it at a right moment
  7. I can set the time I want to receive the reminders, but I can't find how to set my timezone... That's why I came here...
  8. Does anyone knows in what timezone Duolingo is based? I get my reminders at the wrong times (before or while sleeping) I changed it yesterday but it made it worse. At noon would be nice, but obviously ‘my’ noon, not someone elses noon...
  9. 👋 Hi, I’m still here! I managed to read some weeks well, and some weeks less well, I am almost at my goal of reading 100 books, but it will become a cliffhanger if I’ll make it.
  10. I have a better library now, but we don’t have Norwegian books. (We do have English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and I thought a bit of Russian) I can help you with Dutch, but not with Norwegian...
  11. Still doing German at DuoLingo. I am absolutely working at a wrong (too low) level, but I can do this now even on ‘brainfog days’. As I probably never will use foreign languages for conversations or travels, I am pondering what I want to do, want to reach.
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