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  1. I missed a few weeks I think. DD passed her English Written retake, attended German Written yesterday and we just made a studyplan for Maths and Science in April&May. I became board member of a ladies choir and that fulfills the hole 'almost done with homeschooling' left. So some weeks I hardly read... I finished 'through te glasses of Chekhov' a book that travels through Russia along Chekhovs books and letters. I also finished 'Woman behind the piano' about Female Composers. My currently reads are: Days without End The sound and the fury both slightly too hard to read before bedtime My Lent reading is: 'Fragile Alleluia' about the pelgrim psalms. I learned from past years and picked a book that isn't divided in a reading per day, but just fits in the season.
  2. @8FillTheHeart her daughter used something that sounds like: By the onion sea, I thought, I know she studied Russian. ETA:
  3. Thank you! I have 🙂 Next week we have our board meeting about this and after 10 years of ‘just’ homeschooling it feels sooo good to have something outside the house ... I think we fit in the ‘untraditional traditional choir’ category 😉
  4. Thanks for the ideas!! Long sleeves are custom with our conductor. I think we start with something easy and cheap while saving money for something more stylish in the future...
  5. What does your choir outfit look like? I became member of a newly founded lady’s choir, and as board member I am in the position to give ideas about the -yet to chose- choir outfit. We are a secular choir, and our country does not have the custom of ‘choir robes’. Most choirs here wear black with black and sometimes an accent color (scarves and ties). But I am open to new ideas 🙂 I understand if someone for privacy reasons don’t post pictures of their own choir, but just something similar from other choirs. My mixed choir wears black w. black w. red scarves & ties, so that is not an option.
  6. Of course I will miss dd when she will be at college. But for the moment I just will be happy to get my life back... I am done with those exams...
  7. Passing the last exams, eventually retaking some other exams for higher grades. So we will have about 6 months of no rules and no exams. I am not sure we are prepared for so much freedom 😉
  8. Yes she is!! It was a perfect day: no rain, not too cold, and good company 🙂
  9. Somehow I missed the opening of the new week thread 😞 I just wanted to share I met Penguin yesterday 🙂 It was a lovely day, and this is us at the innergarden of Plantin Moretus Museum (Left me, right Penguin)....
  10. It would be cheaper to send from the Netherlands, somehow Belgium Post is more expensive then the Dutch Post... 😞
  11. I just checked the shippings: those alone will already be about 65 euros without additional custom charges, so I am not sure this will be the cheapest way for you as the Belgium Post consider this as a 'commercial activity' and I have to fill in a lot of custom forms.... I am afraid wil be cheaper then me...
  12. When dd has been born, my mom sewed a baptism dress from my weddingdress, so I don’t have the wedding dress, but I still have the baptism dress of dd. I hope that will be used in some future days.
  13. How soon do you need it? DD has mathematics exam 29th april and it takes at least month before they publish the grades. If she passes, I'll sell LoF Trig, Calc & Stats so that could be 1 parcell. I only have no idea what the shippings are from me to you...
  14. I set my Goodreads goal today at 104 books again. I would like to read more in English and hope to finish the Britt Tripp challenge this year.
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