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  1. I tested when I was 3 days late with a test I had in our cabinet(it was expired so hubby didn't trust it), so we bought a cheap walmart brand and it was a faint positive. I'm due in December
  2. So sorry! Has anyone every told her to try a low dose aspirin? I ask that because I know quite a few ladies on baby forums who are taking a low dose(baby) aspirin for miscarriages. I don't know a lot of information about it but maybe try to google it.
  3. Thanks for the ideas. Keep 'em coming :)
  4. I have never taught Kindergarten and I'm sure I'm over thinking it but I need help! We won't start until Fall but figured I need to start the search for items now. Please Help!
  5. You can change your name? Changed mine now :)
  6. My tree is up but we don't have any working light. Going to get some tomorrow so will have a picture to share soon.
  7. Chicken tacos 1.5-2 lbs chicken breast(frozen or thawed) Taco Seasoning Rotel Throw all in crock pot :) 1
  8. I'm trying to get used to new board. I'm not here very often either so gonna take me awhile to get used to it :)
  9. I'm on there :001_smile: I try not to be on there too much though :D If anyone that is waiting wants an invite now, message me your email and I can send one
  10. Thanks. Will have to check into that
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