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  1. Oldest is in North Carolina in the IBM Extreme Blue program. Middle is home and working as a grocery store cashier. She had no luck with an internship as a first-year, and she didn't want to continue her research position for the summer. After a grueling year at school, she is happy to spend the summer in an easy job. She has figured out how to game the metric they use to rank cashiers and is trying to beat the highest rating anyone has ever received before the summer is over. :D
  2. I served as dc's "guidance counselor" for college admissions. I helped them decide what aspects they wanted to highlight to win acceptance, I worked with them to integrate those into their application in the correct areas, and then that led to giving a lot of feedback on their essays (and every other part as well.) We kept a list of all essays, when they were due, and what general theme they fit into. They wrote some boilerplate to use on common themes. Then they would email me their finished essay before it was due, I'd edit it, and we'd talk about possible revisions. If I felt less comfo
  3. Many years ago, I took my two young daughters and baby son to see a Van Gogh exhibit that traveled to "our" art museum. We were just starting out, and I had to spend quite a bit of our food budget on those tickets, and it was a ridiculous extravagance. :laugh: It was totally worth it!
  4. I have a daughter at a huge state school (44,000+) and a daughter at a tiny school (under 400 students total.) It is definitely a different experience. One thing I always hear people say is that you can make a big school smaller. I think that is nearly impossible, honestly. Dd is in a living learning community with just over one hundred students, but they don't all have classes together, so you still end up feeling like you are at a huge school all the time. It will get easier once the majors narrow down the class options, but for the first two years, it is definitely a huge school. And th

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  7. As soon as you hear "most colleges are..." ignore the person. :D Seriously. And then be wary of other things they say. Seriously, I wouldn't be shipping massive amounts of chocolate out right now if my girls weren't frantically studying for "traditional assessments." And one of them goes to a project-based engineering school. :D
  8. In our case, it sort of is. The amount for each dc was roughly half of what it was for one dc. So effectively, the second child was zero.
  9. What I have learned from dressing dh... :D The lighter the shirt, the more formal. So to get away with a more casual colored or trendy suit, you can balance it by wearing a white shirt and more traditional tie. If the suit is more traditional, then you can work in a light colored shirt (blue, grey) and/or a more trendy tie.
  10. I have experience with both. One dd chose to go elsewhere after seeing CMU's aid package. And the other is at U of M. CMU does not meet full financial need. U of M does not guarantee to, but in practice they do meet the need of ONLY in-state students. Out-of-state students need to rely on the merit scholarships they have for out-of-state students, which are few and far between. CMU was my oldest dd's most expensive option, once we had all the packages back that year. We could cover our EFC, but they didn't come close to bringing the cost down to it, even with some merit aid. By compari
  11. This. Dd took in the plan we worked out together, and her advisor laughed and said it was perfect and she wouldn't change a thing. :D
  12. My middle was aimed at mathematics until she veered into aerospace at the end. :D I think encouraging a future career in mathematics is great, because even if it changes, strong math skills can help in many fields. And at least you'll have a girl who knows she can excel in that area. :) She did accelerated math (calculus in middle school, up through college diffeq in high school) but more importantly, we rolled around in mathematics.... MathCounts and other challenges, every book in three library systems about math and mathematicians, math games and research, etc. When she was young, we di
  13. I think that advice is out of touch with the current college admissions environment. I would suspect budget cuts are restricting the admissions counselors' time to complete application materials, or that the admissions counselor has not had recent training, or that they are using the current students as guinea pigs to test their theory that "students apply to too many colleges these days." ETA: Obviously, I don't think everyone needs to apply to more than three, or even three. But there is a big difference between what a homeschooler decides for their one child and what a school sets as a
  14. These can be anxiety-inducing, but honestly we have found that most of these days/weekends are more about wooing the student than anything else, so they aren't terrible. Brush up on small talk skills, dinner manners, and protocol when making introductions, etc. Make sure she has something to wear that she feels very confident in. For the interview specifically, work with her on the story she wants to tell. Then if a questions throws her, she can lead it back to the things she wants the committee to know about her. If you can practice the logistics of a large interview, that would help (lo
  15. Doesn't your cyber school handle this for you? If they aren't offering the tests, they should be finding a place for their students to take them.
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