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  1. I am reviewing what I am using for school for my ASD 6yo, child #3, and I think there is room for significant improvement. By age she is mid way through grade 1 (jan-dec school year). By ability she is just (finally!) beginning to learn to read CVC words, no concept of writing but a solid late 2nd grade level in mathematics. She is on a k-1st grade level understanding wise for all other subjects however her complete lack of reading/writing makes these challenging. She also needs things to be "orderly", if it looks messy (eg miquon) or feels disjointed in any way she cannot cope. Neat, ord
  2. thanks all, I think several of the food suggestions above might work so looks like we will be playing with food and see how we go
  3. She needs to be able to simplify a fraction, say 2/4 into 1/2 etc and to be able to find and identify fractions on a number line
  4. Please help me before my 9yo (4th grade) drives me absolutely bonkers. She does not get fractions AT ALL beyond identifying how many parts have been shaded on a shape divided into equal parts, ie if shown a picture of a shape divided into 3rds with 1 piece shaded she can correctly identify that is 1/3 shaded. That is it. We have been stuck on fractions for months now, she is getting nowhere. Nowhere! I have tried different books, I have explained it, dh has explained it, she has watched lessons online. Nothing works. What can we try? Does anyone have any resources they can recommend
  5. I am after some suggestions for audio books for my 6yo dd please. Diagnosed ASD, average to good comprehension for her age but very delayed in expressive language. She does not like picture books and never has. Will not even look at one. Will not, under any circumstances, allow someone to read to her (again, never has, even as a tiny baby she would not allow it). She will not even stay in the kids room at the library during story time as there is someone there reading aloud... BUT She loves audio books lol lol lol So, we are needing quality books in audio format that will appeal and be su
  6. My dd10 (would have just started 5th grade in ps) just finished the first chapter of AOPS pre algebra. We were going to do it last year but she found the layout and presentation too overwhelming. A year later and she is now able to tackle it and did so well. Yay! I know chapter 2 is generally considered to be the hardest, fingers crossed we make it through ok :)
  7. 4th grader is a very strong reader :) Thanks, I will check those guides now.
  8. Hi all, Aussie here, I am planning out our new school year which begins this month and am in need of 4 recommendations for literature studies. I have planned out their main curriculum and each child has 10 weeks left over that will not be covered by their major year long studies. This will be broken into 4 literature study units at the end of each of our 4 school terms of between 2 and 4 weeks. Ideally I am thinking of doing each literature selection as a 2(ish) week long literature inspired unit study. My requirements are: Each book appropriate and appealing for grades 4 and 6 (both gi
  9. Is there anything like the prodigy math game only harder? My 10yo still loves the game and plays frequently however she finished the content well over 12 months ago and has completely mastered all that prodigy covers. She just keeps repeating the 8th grade stuff over and over. It is good review but I would like if she could actually move forward in the game. So is there another game option that would appeal to a 10yo? Thanks
  10. Thanks heaps, I really appreciate your response :) I am looking at doing book 2 with my 8 and 10 yo's, both are on target in terms of LA so hopefully it will be the right level for them, I have gone through the samples and it looks about right i think.
  11. Can you tell me about Language Lessons Through Australian History please. I am about to buy it but really worried it will not be a good fit here (but there is no other real option I can find)
  12. My girls were running late this morning and started school an hour later than usual Me: girls if you don't hurry up you won't have time for extra maths later on DD(9): NO! You can't be serious, I NEED that extra time (because she is only 2 grade levels ahead...) DD(7) with a shocked, open mouth expression and in a completely horrified voice: "Mum, how can you even say such a thing?" I am guessing they will find the time somewhere lol
  13. Oh and dd8 the other day was playing with our baby with goop and talking to him about how nice and slimy it was etc when dd6 piped up with: how can you touch that stuff, it's so disgusting dd8: kids like to play with goop, it is fun and slimy dd6: not this kid! this kid likes math!!! rofl
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