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  1. A circle of life. Everybody knows that.
  2. Hugs. Next time be more careful and don't let your child off your eyesight.
  3. Home-made potato chips are not so bad. Well, I don't eat chips and don't even think about it because having healthy food makes me feel less desire for junk food.
  4. Well, I mean a woman may more care about her makeup.
  5. Well, it's me. I knew the man was about to go the same direction as me but I hesitated to ask the man whether he needed my help.
  6. You set a great example for your kids. We should try to make the world a better place for you and I.
  7. I've just thought about this: if they are tall, the one to offer has to let them hold the umbrella, that's awkward.
  8. This is a reasonable thing to do, a man may not need your help but a woman will.
  9. Men would incline to walk in the rain, and I think this is normal. No matter a man or a woman offers his/her umbrella, the scene would seem a bit odd, lol.
  10. If it rains cats and dogs suddenly outside a shop, and you've got an umbrellla and about to go when you see a man standing in the doorway and looking outside, will you kindly ask him if he need help and share your umbrella with him or think it's none of your business and just go away?
  11. It's common thing. Girls are girls. When I was a little girl, my father bought me a suit of boy's T-shirt and shorts, and sadly I was mocked by a boy.
  12. I also pack them in bags and put them wherever they fit.
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