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  1. DS has done inequalities and algebraic type problems such as x + 6 = 15 and 2x=10 in MUS. So those won't be unfamiliar. Geometry, measurements, and word problems are our weak spots. He's currently working on single digit multiplication; he's on lesson 8, so it looks like halfway through Year 2 might be a good landing spot. :)
  2. I haven't heard of MiF. I'll take a look at it. And you're right. DS is bored with MUS but he does it cheerfully for me if I ask him to. No complaining. But that's just how he is... he doesn't complain about anything I give him. :wub: I was looking at MEP again last night and searching through threads on here to see others use MEP. I think I'm getting a handle on how it works (and what I really need to use). I keep hearing that the learning curve to use it is steep. Why is that? Thanks, OhElizabeth. I hadn't looked at a BJU math since my oldest was kinder. We ditched it fairly quickly due to her aversion to clowns plus she needed more simplicity and white space in her math workbooks.
  3. This was a concern for me as well. I'm looking at the MEP website now and it seems overwhelming. Of course, I am willing to wade through it and learn if it is the best fit. I think that is why I've leaned heavily on MUS - it's easy on me. :) With my oldest, I used MM's clock PDF to supplement MUS as well. So, you went through the MUS level and then followed up by going through a SM level and didn't find anything really new for them to learn from it? If I did SM, I'd probably switch completely over (unless I just supplement something like CWP). I'm not sure my son would be on board with doing 2 complete programs. lol Thank you for your thoughts! That helps!
  4. Thank you everyone! Looks like I'll look at MEP a bit more closely and figure out where to start. Yes! This is so hard. He can do all of the math mentally as well (which MUS doesn't even really stress that) and it's hard not to think it is not enough. I usually have him teach me the lesson back that way I can "see" the process he uses to come to his answers. That helps to rein me in a bit. :)
  5. Background: I've used MUS since my oldest (now graduated) was in elementary. It worked for her really well as she needed lots of white space (ADHD) and a simple no-frills approach. It was easy for me to teach which was helpful when I had 3 under 5 at one point. For DD2 and both DSs, we briefly tried Singapore which resulted in tears every day and promptly switched everyone to MUS with great relief to all. Singapore was confusing for all... even with the HIG, I was struggling to figure it out. MUS has been "ok" for DD2 and DS1 - sufficient. They are succeeding well enough, though, I have this troubling, niggling feeling that they won't be as well-prepared for upper math as I hope they will be. (Just entering those waters for DD2 so the jury is still out.) We have continued with MUS simply because I own all levels through pre-alg, there are no tears, and I am very familiar with the teaching. So here I am with DS2 who is 1/2 way through Gamma (multiplication). DS is very math-oriented and understands the lessons quickly. It's too easy for him. He is eager to do it but he is a bit bored with it as well. He is my "I like to figure things out myself," loves puzzles kind of kid. He is bright (he read the KJV Bible by age 4). I feel like MUS is not enough. Yes. It gets the basic concepts across but it's not challenging him. But I'm not sure if I should be fixing what's not broken. :confused1: So I'm here for objective opinions. :D I'm debating: (1) Keeping MUS as a spine (through pre-alg? or switch before?) and either supplementing with BA or/and other material. I just bought BA 2A but it looks terribly easy for him. or (2) Switching now from MUS to something else - BA only or perhaps try Singapore again or even MEP - supplementing as needed. If I make a switch and since the MUS S&S is so different from other math programs, how do I figure out where to start him? My goal is for him to be able to challenged and appeal to his desire to figure stuff out. Eventually Forester's or AOPS is our academic goal. I currently own MUS through pre-alg, MM (both series), and BA 2A level. I also own LOF but I'm not happy with it either and will be selling it. Willing to entertain Khan Academy, CWP, MEP, etc. if they fit our needs. TIA!
  6. I just got my printed copy back from Office Depot. I used the upload feature online and picked up in person. No issues with formatting or strange characters. It's a perfect copy. I second calling Staples and making them replace the incorrect printing.
  7. Thank you for this. I had trouble figuring out what options to choose. But I was able to place my order at OfficeDepot and can't wait for tomorrow to come to pick up my order. Mine came to $21.93 total with taxes and the 25% discount. :)
  8. I step away for a little while and come back to this! :hurray: Your order number is: 126 Thanks, 8! I've been conflicted about what to use with my 3rd grader after Grammar-Land. Nothing ever "spoke" to me. Yours does. This is truly God's timing. I can't wait to get it printed and get started on it! :D
  9. It was *just* deleted... They must be playing around with it. Testing the purchasing/download to be sure it all works the way it should. I keep refreshing it. I'm so stinkin' excited to see action after all day waiting. :lol:
  10. I'm not on WTM forums much anymore either, but for some random reason came to visit tonight and this thread is the first I read. I just can't say how much it thrills me to see you have written your writing program. I have you WTM posts on writing in my binder. Congratulations, 8! It will be for sale at midnight, Eastern Time, right?! ;)
  11. Ditto. We are a family of 6 living in a 1200sf rental house. We have limited closet/storage and we are crowded. The bedrooms are tiny. My 4 year old's bed is in my bedroom still. But we make do because this is all we could find at the time within our monthly budget. Prices are at a premium here.
  12. Born and raised southern as well. Pink is "peenk", sink is "seenk", and think is "theenk". I had to ask my husband how my pronounciation for seeing comes out as I had a hard time figuring just how I say it without thinking about what I am saying. Apparently, in natural conversation I pronounce seeing as "see-eeng". DH is a Texan and he uses the long e sound as well in all but seeing. Then it is "seee-ing" (long e-short i). Where his grandmother lives in west Texas, he has heard "pank" for pink. Interesting thread!
  13. Having the same problem. On Firefox 18.0.1 Mac OS X 10.6.8 if that helps diagnose the issue.
  14. :iagree: My 14DD is a horse crazy kid. At about 10 years, she started getting incredibly nasty with her siblings, moody, and such. And she was very very disrespectful to me. Horses didn't cure her nasty behavior but they did give her an escape and keep her grounded. Horses were the only thing that mattered to her. She could talk/cry to Rhythm about anything. About 2 years ago, she wanted to quit horses. It was rather sudden. I asked her if anything was going on, if there was anything on her mind. I told her that I wouldn't judge or get mad or be disappointed... that if she ever needed to confide in me, I was there. A couple of days later we talked. It turned out that she was having a rough time with our horse. Normally, Rhythm is pretty well trained, but she dumped DD twice within a week. It really shook her up and she started questioning ever riding again. She was also losing confidence in her riding lessons due to a mental block she was having over a new lesson. After our talk, we worked with our trainer to restore DD's confidence and the issues that were causing Rhythm to started acting up. For her nasty behavior, I held her accountable. She always had to apologize for her actions/words and she had to do nice things for the offended person. For disrespect towards me, I made her restate her words in a more polite manner or redo the action. It was tiring and I was weary. Sometimes I had such a hard time reining in my reaction to her behavior. I failed. A lot. I had many times when I cried and considered putting her in public school. Sometimes every day. At 14.5yo, she is less moody, she shows me much more respect, and she treats her siblings better. We still work on her attitude, but it has gotten easier over the last year or so. We've had lots of talks over the years about her feelings toward her siblings (esp. of jealousy or perceived favoritism). I try to give her lots of space as well. The barn is her world and I try to respect that. I give a lot of credit to our horse for keeping her sane through all the hormonal junk. Consistency and time has helped me. Hang in there! In the end, you'll be glad you stuck it out. :grouphug:
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