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  1. Thank you so much for stopping by. It means more than you know. The kids had a great Christmas.


    (I hope your dog is doing well.)

  2. Just checking in to see how you are doing. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. :Angel_anim:

  3. God's been working over time. Convicted doesn't even cover it, iykwIm.

  4. You must be doing well, because your posts have been very wise and unashamed. I pm'd Carmen to tell her I appreciated her posts in a thread, and she said they weren't hers, they were yours. You're doing great. :grouphug:

  5. I'm working on a better relationship with God and it's made me a lot more sensitive to being uncharitable towards others. I'm much quicker to say I'm sorry :p


    Glad to know it was all fun and games till I dumped my big wet towel on it (lol)



  6. Funny you should ask - it's going great now, but wow was the last month an adventure. We had a scare with my dog (she's my little pal) that she had cancer, she was bleeding and it was just plain terrible because she has heart issues which make anesthesia/surgery dangerous for her. Amazingly, we just found out that the doctor was wrong and she does not have cancer and she's great! What a relief.


    Our school year is going very well. I'm planning two weeks at a time, and while that hasn't allowed any leeway for time off, it is going great and we're getting lots of fun things done. Although we're only doing K, I've added in sort of an experimental curriculum that has lots of fun activities and I'm very excited that it is going even better than I'd dared to hope.


    We've discovered that KUAppearances is on twice during the weekends!!! Last week she sang at Emmett. Boy that show just never gets old. I hope all is well with you.

  7. I am addicted to britcoms. :D I need to get a life.

  8. I have to laugh whenever I see your avatar. Love those "Britcoms", especially Hyacinth, Rose, and Daisy.

    Take care, Lisa

  9. SOTW 1 was written for first graders. SOTW 2 for second... and so on. I thought you were already doing SOTW! For us, I prefer to wait on all of those details. Emily is reading the books as I buy them for the curriculum. This works well for us also because of her high reading level and her preference to read it for herself as opposed to being read to. I intend to make a less detailed curriculum based off of Little History of the World (which in some chapters is more suitable for an older audience). Little History of the World sticks with the same culture for a longer period of time.

  10. So, you would say SOTW is OK for young elementary? I hadn't really considered it, because I thought it was for older kids. We're doing CHOW this year. I bought MOH but didn't like it, so we're stumped for history for next year. That's the reason I'm scoping out history currics.

  11. It is set apart from HO in that HO does not schedule extra reading above the spines, it is suggested just like in the SOTW AG. In addition, HO and SOTW AG are multi-level, making some projects and reading suggestions inapprpriate for the K-2 level, IMO, so I set about making sure that all of my suggestions were age-appropriate.


    Samples are in my blog, which is in my sig. I can email you samples of the notebook pages. (just need your email addy) I hope you don't mind my hogging up your visitor messages!

  12. My history curriculum is secular SOTW set out the way TWTM says to do it, 3 days a week. (I did take SOTW slightly out of order, mostly b/c their are 42 chapters, so I had to combine some things to get it down to less than 43 weeks.) I have 4 levels planned, and I am almost halfway done with the first two for SOTW 1. The first level has plenty of picture books. Some of these are harder to obtain or more expensive if you don't use the library, so the second level is for the same age group, etc., but all books are available at Amazon.com and I tried to make sure that they were affordable. Every book recommended has been read and includes notes about anything that may need editing. There are notebooking pages, usually 2 per week. And maps and activities, of course. There are timeline activities as part of the notebooking pages and I am planning free instructions for a large timeline.

  13. Well, I am currently working on SOTW 1, level PY (picture books for young learners), I would say it is K-2. I have 2 more levels and a less intense (and less chronological version, based on A Little History of the World) planned. Then I have Cultures and Creatures Geography with 3 levels planned as well. I have 9 weeks completely finished. I was trying to schedule it out without completing the notebook pages and it has just blocked me, so bacxk to completing the notebook pages!

  14. I've been wondering how your curriculum is going. Can you tell me about it? PM if you need to.

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