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  1. I'd like to know exactly what curriculum Michael Vick was matriculating in at Virginia Tech.
  2. With all that I do around here, and with the two race cars that I gave birth to??? No. Not at all.
  3. When I read it today while I was there, I couldn't figure out exactly what they meant. I just went to their website, and the statement there is just as confusing. It says they will "waive any fine over $10". (Is that the whole thing, or the part that is over $10?) Either way, the reason given on the website is because they "just want people to bring books back so others can enjoy them."
  4. Strangely, there's a sign in our library that says they forgive all fines over $10. Books are .10 per day here.
  5. This addresses your question. It can be found on the VaHomeschoolers website. "Option1 -Copy of your high school diploma or high school transcript (you may also meet this by providing evidence of attainment of a higher degree such as an associates degree or a college diploma if those are easier to locate)." ETA- If you sent his they will probably just assume he's teaching. I really think they want the diploma/degree from the parent who's actually doing the teaching, though. I'm not sure.
  6. Lynchburg isn't urban. The cost of living is low, and there are a lot of nice quite places to live. (But then again, I live in the jungles of Northern/VA.)
  7. My frig had a broken ice maker in the door for a year. When I got my new Amana French door w/ freezer on the bottom I threw a "fridge warming" party.
  8. A variety of word problems for kids in grades/levels 5-12 is here.
  9. In this case, I would have finally just blurted out, "The black kid right there! Good grief!"
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