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  1. Thank you all for your input. You've brought up many interesting points. She works 6 am to 2:30 pm, and they have been considering this for a while now. The girls get along well, and I did not get the impression that the older dd would be schooling the younger one. FWIW, I would've had no problem leaving my 15 yo dd at home with my youngest. I guess it depends on how mature your kids are, if you're able to communicate easily via text, phone, or email, and how close you are to home. I can remember several summers spent babysitting all week long during my teens, and this was before email
  2. Very good point. I guess I focused on "can" or "can not" because that's the way she phrased her question. *kicking myself now :svengo: I did talk about our day, offer some book suggestions, and even mentioned this site as a wonderful resource. But I feel like I didn't do enough. Tbh, I was really hoping for some "been there, done that" stories from people here who worked outside the home and were still able to homeschool as a single parent. Anything is possible, right?
  3. she is a single mom and has a full-time day job outside the home? She has a 15 yo girl who is in 10th grade and a 7 yo girl who is in 2nd grade. Both want to homeschool. The older daughter did K12 for a year but it wasn't challenging enough. I want to tell her she can, but I just don't know how realistic it is. I mean, of course she can if they want it badly enough, everybody works together, everything goes smoothly... and the sun always shines and you can find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I just know that life happens and things don't always go smoothly. And I don't know if
  4. Yes! This is the very one. Thank you very much! *happy dance
  5. Thank you! Sorry for the delay in my response. :sad: I meant to come back and let you know that she posted it at Mental Multivitamin. http://mentalmultivitamin.com/2013/10/12/dear-home-educating-parent-be-a-sun-to-their-planets/ And now I feel like a dunce because it wasn't the one I'd been trying to find. So, do I bug her again or just let it go? :confused1:
  6. Or maybe it was the one titled "It all begins with me." Help, I've fixated, and I can't move on.
  7. Nice analogy! :thumbup: Moira! I've missed you! I just never use google+ anymore. Let me know when you're accepting applications for facebook friends again. :rofl: Dh retired after 30 years in the air force, got a job at a race car company in Michigan, and we moved here last year. I love it! Oldest is still going to college in Wyoming, twins are seniors at International Academy, and youngest is still homeschooling. How are you?? Very well, I thank you. How are you? I know I hardly ever visit the boards anymore. I wonder how many people from back in 2001-2003 still visit?
  8. Muchas gracias! Yes, I emailed her but haven't heard anything back yet. :sad: I was looking for a little inspiration and remembered how much I loved that article.
  9. Does anybody still have that wonderful post from MFS at Mental Multivitamin called "Be a Sun"? I can't find it here or on her blog anymore, and I loved that post!
  10. Thank you all for answering and sharing your thoughts. I've recently started juicing and when I shared on facebook about it I was surprised to find out so many were juicing or had juiced. We'd bought a juicer years ago but only used it a few times. But then we recently watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, so we thought we'd try it out again. Now we're hooked! So I was curious how many here had tried it and how many stuck with it. I was also curious to hear why you started, how it's working for you, what your favorite combinations or routines are... I just had a whole bunch of questions!
  11. Haha, thanks, Joanne. Am I correct in remembering you introducing the bean dip solution? My memory is terrible, so please forgive me if I'm mistaken. And to the person that tagged about an open invitation, thank you! I can tell I'm a total facebooker because I kept wanting to like a lot of these posts. Megan, I remember! I see you're still in the UK. Oh, how I miss it! How long do you think you'll be there? It feels weird, Lizzie, to be in two places at once. :D nmoira, that made me laugh. Miss hearing from you! And to all the others that were so kind enough to reply,
  12. Thanks, all! Almost forgot how to reply to using multiple quotes. :lol: I've been pretty good. When my 3 older dc went to public school, I kinda felt like I was cheating and didn't deserve to visit the boards. I'd also relaxed a lot more in homeschooling my youngest because I'd seen the results of homeschooling my older dc when they went to public school. I'm so glad we homeschooled and I would do it again in a heartbeat, but if I'd known then what I know now, I wouldn't have stressed so much and I wouldn't have pushed so hard. I would've tried to relax and enjoy our time together more.
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