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  1. R U okay???? How come I am the last to hear???? Trip is not supposed to use his name literally. Perhaps a different name is in order.:glare:
  2. It makes my decision of if I will take a job or not. Currently petsitting and location and how many time a wk., is a huge consideration. Also, in consideration of new jobs, like to keep to five mile radius.
  3. 1. If you are applying for a personal asst. job, do you confirm the appt 24 hrs. prior, to make yourself look good, or does that make it look like they are not on their game????? 2. If its a real estate company , and you want to impress w/info, how do you keep all of it in your brain, like sales etc.... or what is most impressive to know about agent or company?
  4. If you dont go there, cant you buy something online, like perfume, purse or shoes.
  5. This a great suggestion, coming from a family who fostered kids, and back in the day they were older, by about 10 years, it was a nightmare. i cannot express what damge this caused having older foster children in my home. Extremely abusive kids passing along the abuse they learned.
  6. It pains me to say this and I am happy to have been able to keep my kids home all 12 years, but then they go to college and the fun begins there. Its unbelievable that this same thing carries over even into awesome colleges. When will the madness end.
  7. I was dxed ten yrs ago w/copd, but starting using juice plus and w/in 3 mos no more bronchitis symptoms, and threw away all meds.
  8. I scanned individual docs into computer and it came up w/individual files, how do I get them all 10 pages into one.:glare:
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