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  1. If the bill makes it out of committee, which is doubtful, at some point along the way I would expect a ruling that the bill violates the 4th amendment.
  2. Whether the premise is false or not depends on the career. For most careers, where you go to college doesn't matter -it's the degree that counts. In other fields, where you go to school matters a great deal.
  3. How the heck will the "parent certification" work? Based on the recent threads discussing CA, CA has now moved to the #1 spot previously held by NY on my personal list of "the state I would not want to homeschool in." Hopefully, this bill, like other recent bills that infringed on homeschoolers' rights, will die a quick death.
  4. My son's school doesn't have a core curriculum, which is one of the reasons he chose the school. I know that he will not be taking a foreign language, and I will be shocked if he elects to take a science class.
  5. I have some experience with how some admissions offices evaluate an applicant based on SAT/ACT scores from going through the recruiting process with my son. It seemed that with the SAT (this was the old test), the Reading and Math sections were looked at separately and the writing section was ignored. My son was told that admissions was looking for above 700 in each subsection, and these scores were more important than the composite. I have a friend whose son is going through the process this year, so this info is second-hand. She said that the coaches are recommending that their recruits t
  6. . Yes, the Larson book will definitely prepare a student for calculus in college.
  7. I have used the Larson textbook, Calculus for AP with great success. Larson has free online resources to support their various textbooks. Calc Chat provides solutions to the odd-numbered textbook problems. Calc View provides video instruction for the main topics in each chapter. What I like about this particular textbook is that at the end of each section are three questions worded similarly to questions found on the AP exam. In addition after each chapter review section, there is a another section of multiple choice and free response questions typical to those found on the AP exam.
  8. Imo, those topics need to be included in a Calc 2 course
  9. I do think it does get easier down the road, not because the course work gets easier, but because the kids have honed their study skills. Some colleges don't even give letter grades for the first semester of freshman year because they want to give the students an opportunity to adjust to the demands of college classes. Good luck to your daughter.
  10. ACT is the one paying the proctors and room supervisors. At the end of the day, it is the ACT's responsibility to ensure a secure testing environment.
  11. In my opinion, the ACT is to blame if students are cheating off of each other during the test. The ACT is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the testing environment since they are the ones responsible for hiring the proctors and room supervisors. Students cheating off of each other should never happen. That's what the proctors are there for. It sounds like for many of these kids accused of cheating, it has not been possible to "clear their names" even when they do retake the test. These kids are declared guilty with no ability to prove their innocence. Some of the parents ha
  12. She has one specifically for the English on the ACT and another one for the writing section of the SAT. However, the writing section on the "new and improved" SAT is very similar to the grammar section on the ACT. One of her books will now work well for both tests.
  13. I agree. The ACT needs to have confidence that the proctors are doing their jobs. A student should not have to worry about being accused of cheating simply because his score increased. This practice of flagging "cheaters" based solely on score discrepancies is ridiculous.
  14. Many of the students I tutor have not been taught the rules of grammar and usually get a baseline score around 20 in the English. After I work through Erica Metzler's grammar book with them, their scores typically jump up to high 20's/30's. The English section of the ACT is very coachable. The ACT folks have to know this, yet they are refusing to reinstate scores even when students can document that they received tutoring.
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