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  1. For those who use GSWL, what do you use after your child has finished the book?
  2. My dd had this problem and the dentist removed the gum that was covering the tooth. He burned it off - I know there is a fancier word for it, but I am too tired to think. He recommended it so that food would not get trapped under the gum and cause the tooth to decay. It was fast, cheap, and a lot less painful than having a tooth removed.
  3. I had the same problem and chose to have my tooth pulled and had a bridge put in. (A crown on tooth next to it with a fake tooth attached to fill the hole). I am happier with it than I thought I would be. It also cost a lot less than an implant.
  4. Thanks for the great cartoon! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. This was the first Thanksgiving in a while that my dh was not either going or returning from Iraq. It was a very relaxing time for all of us. Thanks again. -Ann

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Thank you and your dc for breaking down the skateboard components and giving brand recommendations for each. You've been incredibly helpful!

  7. You're welcome. We think they are great. Let me know if you need anything. You can freeze them after they are mashed or just leave them in the fridge for the week and eat beans all way...but it is a lot to try to get through. If you freeze beans and they are too thick when you reheat later, you can add water to thin. Works great and doesn't hurt the flavor.

  8. I am going to try your refried bean recipe next week. Thanks for sharing the detailed instructionson your blog and ehow!

  9. I am glad you are back! -Ann

  10. You cannot be serious. :lol:

  11. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that it snows in Mordor! Lots!

  12. I love the bad hair day album! But, your bad hair days look much better than mine.

  13. I like your idea of having an album for each child. I think I might try to do the same thing.

  14. How funny, it does look like she has her hand up when the picture is in miniature. It is actually the back of her donut that you are seeing.

  15. Oh, you are so sweet. But I should add some pictures of them with their grumpy faces on to give an accurate portrayal. ;)

    Does your baby in the donut have her hand up? As in Stop in the Name of Love?

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