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  1. Posting on this thread as well. My 11yo 5th grader finished week one of WWS this week. I am very impressed with this program and so glad to have it for this year. He worked on the lessons fairly independently. The 4th lesson for the week did take him a lot longer than the previous days, but no more than 30-40 minutes (I think). He is particularly enjoying how the program directs him in how to improve his writing. Apparently he finds it refreshing to have his book (rather than his mother) tell him to proofread and read his sentences aloud before finalizing. :glare: At any rate, I am already seeing improvement and I am quite pleased.
  2. Just commenting for the general topic of the thread. My 11yo 5th grader son finished week one of ALL this week and it went very well; I am really pleased with it. He is using it in conjunction with WWS. Previous to doing ALL he completed FLL 3, GWG 4 and GWG5.
  3. I love threads like this! They are so inspirational to me....(I mean, apart from the spam post lol)
  4. Merry Christmas***~

  5. That is hilarious! :)

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. Weeks ago I saw your post saying you were checking out for a while and you'd be back November 5th. I kept wondering - why November 5th? Does she have a trip? Is she busy with something? It took me all the way to today to realize you were waiting until the election. I'm so lame. :p Looking forward to seeing you post again Rose!

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