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  1. I would cut back on all the language arts stuff until he is reading at or above grade level. I really don't do spelling or grammar until my kids are reading well. It's so easy to "catch up" after that - and really before they are reading well, those other things aren't a priority. I would do just ETC, handwriting and reading instruction for LA.
  2. at those ages looooooong baths are great, audiobooks, and for us - we trained our kids early to sit in bed and look at picture books.
  3. My 8 year old could not handle this. I do the same thing in terms of a list - but it's daily, not weekly. All of my kids get a list of school to do at breakfast and they are somewhat free to take breaks as needed or play outside when they need to burn energy, but I keep the unit of time we are working with to a day at this point. My goal is to go weekly by the logic years.
  4. You are my math hero. I wish I had time to hit my kids with math from 3 angles! :) That is awesome!
  5. We wear sweatshirts or sweaters in the winter, usually with a t shirt underneath. I always tell the kids if they are cold they need to put on warmer clothes. We set our heat at 62 in the winter typically, but one of my twins girlies is very susceptible to cold and her feet and hands turn blue when we are at that temp :confused: so we've had to keep it at 68 this winter.
  6. I'm glad you feel better - I'm sure the girls will be fine. I would apologize but let them know that they should not be disobeying repeatedly either. As an aside, I will tell you what we did to solve the problem. We put a baby monitor in with our boys. Yep. And it works like a charm. We don't use it on the weekends as much or if it's "ok" to sit in bed and talk - that is bonding time for brothers and we understand that. But when it is TIME TO GO TO SLEEP and they don't comply, we turn the baby monitor on and it works like a charm. I hated that we had to go to those lengths but the p
  7. Knitting gets me through the school day. I sit and knit while I'm overseeing math. I sit and knit while my first grader reads to me. I love it.
  8. Toffuti works great as a substitute for milk in fudge - we loved it and it was so nice to have fudge my milk-allergic son could eat. Since we are chatting dairy free I have to put a plug in for another great substitute I have just started using. Mimiccreme is a cream replacer and it is just awesome. I made a creamy chicken rice soup with it yesterday and it is very good. It is made from tree nuts though - so if nuts are an issue that won't work.
  9. This is where I am headed with separating my oldest out on his history and all the independent work as well I suppose. I am aiming for what SWB talks about in WTM where you "meet" with your logic stage kiddos for so many minutes and then they work on their own for an hour. I think the only way I can school this many is to head in that direction. Right now I am considering only my 10yo to be in that place. For my 8 and under crowd I make sure I spend time working with them each day and then it's just group read alouds or audiobooks and their seatwork. It's not my ideal but I had to give up my
  10. Thank you! They are the icing on the cake, truly. Such a blessing. Per your sig line we have kids all the same ages, except I don't have one to match your oldest in age. Fun! :)
  11. I absolutely feel that way and I have 1 less child than you, and less I'm schooling. Although mine are all 10 and under and I've got those 1 year old twins that keep me hopping. :) I feel like most days we do our best and somewhere around mid afternoon I kind of give up. I am often emotionally spent at the end of our school day. You have an older one so my answers might not be much help but here is what I'm doing. I have a typed to-do list for each child that doesn't really change much because it's based on "do the next thing" - so instead of saying read chapter 3 of Johnny Tremain it sa
  12. When I was in high school our church would have a "lock in" for youth and they were co-ed, but of course supervised. Is that what people are thinking? Otherwise I just have no idea how or why parents would think this was ok....
  13. He went vegan last year, maybe that's it? :p No actually - I think he had some work done. He's 45 and the skin around his eyes is tight and smooth. Um, I don't think so....
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