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  1. We lost my mom November 3rd, Dad followed January 1st. Bbl.

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    2. Miss Marple

      Miss Marple

      I'm so sorry!


    3. *Inna*


      So sorry for your loss...

    4. lionfamily1999


      Thank you. It's been a season.

  2. I have nearly everything wrapped. Off to take care of Dad and then, hopefully, I'll tidy the house before I have to leave again!

  3. Dad is good till tomorrow morning :) The dining room is dust free and I only have a few pots left to wash. We *did* get books from the library. Turns out, our last visit was in '11.... hoping to make this a weekly thing. Youngest ds's Scout membership runs out this month, so reupping into the new pack happened at the perfect time. Dinner is defrosted........ the sheets are still on the bed. I just changed them last week :whine whine whine: All in all, a decent day. I'm getting back on track.
  4. Dad care is done till this evening. I have the boys dusting the dining room right now. I'm going to get to work in the kitchen (I took two days off, so you can imagine the mess in there). We're going to the library later. I'm going to get Luke into their Scout group since ours broke up. We *might* even get some books. I have to change our sheets, get dinner defrosting, and make some snacks for our movie night. Maybe, I'll wrap some more presents, but I doubt it.
  5. I did for about two years. My younger son really enjoyed homeschooling (we pulled him out of ps) and my daughter still enjoyed ps. She chose to homeschool after she started developing stomach issues due to social stress at school. I don't believe there were any problems between the kids, dd did *not* want to hs, ds did *not* want to go to ps, so they were both happy doing different things.
  6. I can't find the post for today :huh: I'm getting ready to take Dad to the doctor's office. See ya when I get back :driving:
  7. Ah okay, my girl turned 18 today and I'm guessing *that* is why I miss Mom so much right now. At least, that makes some sense. I am outie my peeps, going to go mope.... Thanks, Jean, for helping me "tackle" every day. Later gaters.
  8. :/ Well, I got nearly nothing done... For some reason, as soon as we were done with school I got a big old case of the sads. I managed to cook dinner and I *will* wash the dishes, but all I really want to do is go to bed, or maybe the tub, and just feel sorry for myself. I seriously miss my mom so bad right now. No idea why, just know I do :(
  9. Thank you Tammy :) Have fun at the Nats, here's hoping you can there and home easily ;)
  10. Today, my daughter is 18. She and her best friend (who skipped school to be here) will be watching a Pushing Daisies marathon :p I've already been to Dad's, did meds, met his nurse to discuss some weird wound issues that came up yesterday, and took care of his critters. Already fed the beasties here, took my vitamin, started laundry, and I'm getting ready to get my grammar on (woohoo!). The boys managed most of their chores for today already. Older vacuumed his room, cleaned the bathroom sink and mirror, made his bed. Younger dumped the bathroom trash and cleaned out the guinea
  11. I think you can still open a free hulu account, but it only streams to a pc and a lot of content is not available. If you start there, you can check out how the queue works and everything and if you like it you can upgrade.
  12. I forgot about Scouts till I got home from shopping (with ten minutes to put groceries away) :mellow: Did manage to get the boys to Scouts (took neighbor), but I forgot if I was supposed to pick them up or not.... So! I got there to pick them up and imagine neighbor's surprise when they were all prepared to bring ds home. I got everything done but the lightbulbs. The thing is, we do not have one single lamp in our house. I was planning on dusting the bulbs in the ceiling fans and light fixtures, but I am exhausted... so phooey on the light bulbs :p Dd has the week off for her b
  13. It's easier for me, because I took older ds out in 2nd grade and have been hsing ever since. This is dd's fifth year, older ds's sixth year and youngest has always hsed. So, if you've been hsing from the beginning, then "always" works, or "forever" as a pp posted.
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