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  1. We lost my mom November 3rd, Dad followed January 1st. Bbl.

  2. I have nearly everything wrapped. Off to take care of Dad and then, hopefully, I'll tidy the house before I have to leave again!

  3. This was our first full week of school since October. Our first week of regular chores. Thank God. I was worried we'd never have normal again.

    1. M.A.


      Congrats! Some seasons are just brutal.

  4. Ha! Let's try it with the link! Heard this today and found it helpful:

  5. Listened to this today and found it very helpful...

  6. Whoever recommended Motivated Moms, that *was* what I was looking for, I just didn't go far enough into the site to find it. Thank you!!!

  7. We managed three consecutive days of school and today I take Dad to a heart specialist. Hopefully, the kids will do all their work... hopefully :p

  8. By subjects I mean astronomy, earth science, biology, &tc.
  9. I have and imho it gave them both a more well-rounded understanding of the subjects they did that way. If I had the time now, we would still be using this approach. Unfortunately, I do not, and I miss it greatly.
  10. I've been gone for ages... since the boards changed, and I didn't realize how much I missed this place till I saw your "tackle" thread. I missed you Jean. It's lovely to "see" you again :D

  11. It's been a long time. I feel like a stranger :p

  12. Oh dear :( I am so lost.

    1. Avila


      It gets better. Eventually. I think. I hope anyhow.

    2. lionfamily1999


      Uhhh how do I know if this is linking to fb? :(

  13. I have a front loader and things can hide in tjose. Lost my license for a week and found it jammed under the plastic thing that turns the clothes in the washer. I have also had a nail sneak into one of the holes and put rust on clothes.
  14. You are really excellent.


    Thought you might like to know that :D

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