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  1. We watched the first episode and liked it. Of course, I know nothing about real life EMT/Fire/Rescue, so I just take it on pure entertainment value. We haven't watched the second episode yet.
  2. It does seem like, generally speaking, business acumen is somewhat lacking in creative environments. My daughter is in a local youth symphony. This organization is actually run very well thanks to a board of directors who manage the business side of things. At the start of the term, the president of the symphony held a parents' meeting, and in this meeting, he told us to make sure we give our checks to him and not to the director because the director "is a musician." :lol:
  3. I got divorced a few years ago and was able to keep homeschooling while I also went back to school myself to earn my master's degree. I do not recommend following in my footsteps because we lived on student loans and the tiny income I earned through transcription. I will say, though, that that transcription job has been a real help to me over the years because I can take work pretty much when I want it and take leave for months when I need to.
  4. Not Lanny, but on his recommendation, I bought a desktop for my son from them for Christmas, and it's been great. No problems at all.
  5. You might like the Goldy the Caterer mystery series by Diane Mott Davidson. I think the character of Goldy is 30-something in most of the books.
  6. So here's a question. I checked our glasses by looking at a light bulb through them as recommended in an article I read online. According to the article, if there was absolutely NO light visible through the glasses, then they should be safe for viewing the eclipse. Then I received the email from Amazon that said these glasses could not be verified as safe. I have extra pairs of these (I bought a five-pack, but now only two of us will be here). Could it be safe to view the eclipse with these glasses if we double up and wear two pairs?
  7. I read an article that said you could test your glasses. When you look through them, you should not be able to see any light at all, except the sun. I just tried ours out on several lights around our house and couldn't see anything but black.
  8. Funny story about having an invisible fence: Our dog chased a rabbit or something through the backyard, resulting in her racing across the invisible fence line. I'm guessing she was so enamored of the critter that she didn't notice the zap, and once they get far enough on the other side, it doesn't zap any more. So when I came home later, the poor dog was laying in the backyard, just outside the fence line, because she couldn't get back in without getting zapped! So, she just waited for us to get home instead. :lol:
  9. I thought about it. We can travel about 45 minutes and be in the path of totality. But the traffic and crowds worry me, so I think we'll just stay here and be happy with 99.6%.
  10. He's on in America. For DirecTV he's on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TruTV.
  11. The best part of my week is Friday afternoon because most of the work for the week has been done, I get to go grocery shopping (yes, I like grocery shopping), and then I can stay up late knowing I'll get to sleep in late on Saturday morning.
  12. I second Garden of the Gods. Manitou Springs is a cute little town to visit near Colorado Springs. You could also drive up Pike's Peak.
  13. I don't know about age, but when I was young and wanted to learn to play the piano, the teacher wouldn't take me until my hands were big enough to span an octave. I think I got to start when I was around 7.
  14. I've been hanging out with Jon Bon Jovi a couple of times in my dreams. We're dating, you know. :lol: I have a friend who regularly dreams about Prince. They'll be hanging out cooking dinner or something. LOL...
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