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Puppies ETA: new pics in post #46!


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Yes she's a great pry. So very sweet and gentle. I am so NOT a dog person but I love our dogs.


Got up at 3:30 and there were 6 or 7. One of them had rolled under the barn wall and the other dog who was so interested in this thing because she and Susan are good buddies had licked it and stood over it. Poor pup was so cold though. But this morning it seems ok.


So far I think there's 10. Susie is SO tired. Didn't even get up when I went out there. I'm going to make her a special breakfast shake with egg and milk. I'm going out in a bit to buy a plastic wading pool for her to nurse them in. Here's a picture. Sorry for the mess. I haven't cleaned her up so far. She seems to want to be left alone for a bit.5eca9dec1c0d426083ff827d4d797717.jpg





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Sweet Susie! She looks like she will be a great mama. She deserves lots of shakes and treats and petting and praise! I cannot imagine delivering 10 babies... then chasing 10 toddlers...


Yeah, I've thought of that too. But she doesn't have to do laundry, change diapers, pay bills, or cook. She can just lay around and feed them, Which is all she's done all day anyway. :)


I do know she's going to need lots of special food. The guy we got Susie from had her mama fixed because she was such a good mama with such heavy milk for pups that she'd skinny down to nothing after each litter. He felt sorry for her because the pups would drag her down so badly.

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Oh, I am so in love with these pups and your girl! She did a great job birthing ten babies! And kudos to your other dog who protected the baby when it rolled under the barn wall!


It's hard to believe they are ever that small!


Lucy is our other girls' name. She's an amazing dog. She'll lick calves when they're born till the mama runs her away. She loves baby anything and is so gentle and smart.


I regret to this day having Lucy fixed when she was young. Like I said, I don't like dogs and the only condition of getting Great Pyrs was that we'd just have one or two and NO PUPPIES! Then I fell in love with the breed and we got Susan specifically to have puppies.

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