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  1. I scored a 96%. I am annoyingly good with faces--I'll see people out who are so familiar, and then I remember they're an employee at business I went to once. Meanwhile I've spent time trying to place them and figure out if I should greet them, and if I should greet them, WhatTheHaystack is their name??!! As good as I am with faces, I'm about as equally bad with names, even if I put in effort and really focus on remembering the name.
  2. You say relief, I say Bah Humbug! ::Shakes fist at Rosie::. 😉😂
  3. I remember all of them. My favorite was still the first, because while it was less practical, it was more akin to sitting in the living room with your friends, with several conversations going on at once. The second came and I adjusted, albeit grumpily. Then came this one and the change wasn't quite as hard to learn but I dislike some of the "features". To me the worst feature has been the fact the classifieds take a special click to reach. I used to find all sorts of things I didn't know I needed when the classifieds showed up like other posts. There are others, but I won't bore you. I don't know what this next change will be like, but I'll be over here scowling in my rocking chair, living up to the descriptor above my picture.
  4. JudoMom


    If by football boots you mean cleats, I'd buy them. The right footwear is important :).
  5. I love Saxon. I always started with 1 in K. 1. My boys loved the manipulatives. 2. It was easy for me to teach because it was scripted, so when I was tired or distracted I didn't have to think. 3. I didn't do the meeting time; instead we worked on those skills organically. 4. If my son understood the lesson, we cut it short. 5. Lots of fact practice built in. 6. Worksheets that didn't require a ton of writing and were laid out cleanly.
  6. I've been trying to kick my WTM habit for years. Maybe this will be the key.
  7. I'd go with Khan, but if she wants a book, I'd have her look at Algebra Survival Guide and workbook.
  8. Good coffee. Lysol wipes. Swiffer dusters. We also make room in the budget for sports. We pay more so they can play at a smaller private school rather than having them play at the large public school near us. It's been a great experience for my boys.
  9. It's not a workbook, but it has exercises throughout and is my favorite book on the subject: What Smart Students Know: Maximum Grades. Optimum Learning. Minimum Time. https://www.amazon.com/dp/0517880857/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_eXqSAbC9Q0EX7 Also, the 2nd edition of The Great Courses Super Star Student is good.
  10. O Cedar Easy Wring Mop & Bucket system. I got mine at Sam's. I love it. It's the easiest, most effective mop I have ever used.
  11. Well, some of the staff would be waiters/waitresses and they might walk directly to the floor after using the restroom to serve customers, bypassing the kitchen. But I also think it's more of a feel good sign. People are either handwashers or they're not, regardless of where they wash. No one is going to pee, start to leave the restroom, see the sign, slap their forehead in a "d'oh" moment, and return to wash their hands :lol: .
  12. I would pull them all out at the end of the year. A mass produced education isn't what I want for my boys, and I am in a position to give them something different. I want them to have time to think and explore and pursue their interests. I don't want our family time to be usurped by homework time. I don't want a system telling me what constitutes a well educated child. I don't want to waste their time by doing work that is below their levels, and I don't want them to be pushed ahead if they don't understand something. I guess I have fundamental problems with our school system. While I would use it if needed (and I do take advantage of various options where I live, as long as they further our family's goals), I would also not hesitate to pull them out when that time was over. I'd work hard to sell the perks of homeschooling, and I'd get some fun things on the calendar. I'd let them pick an area they want to study and I'd make sure it took top priority.
  13. Stinky athletic clothing and/or uniforms on the floor in front of the laundry closet waiting to be washed.
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