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  1. As a Christian, I found this article very interesting.... "Stanford Study: The Most Religious Kids Do Best in School"
  2. Thanks for this! I was able to reincarnate myself....lol. I also added my siggy!
  3. I lost my identity! Seriously. I was Saddlemomma and now I'm Saddlemomma2...FYI-there's only one of me. In the process (tech guys were great though), I also lost my profile picture. Now that could be a positive because I could change it. Hmmm...what to change it too.... I also liked having my preferences set to showing "New Content" when I opened the Forums. Now I have to go down to the bottom and click this teeny, tiny script at the bottom right corner, "Unread Content". I used to love and thrive on change but now that I'm over the half-century hump not so much. I'm sure I'll
  4. To me, it sounds like he's bored. He obviously loves learning and is excited about showing his knowledge, but the school is going too slowly for him. This is very common with accelerated learners. The other issue may be his immaturity. It's my belief that in many public schools, young kids are forced to sit too long. At 5, kids should learning through playing (physical play, games,crafts, puzzles, make-believe, etc.) and exploring. Seat work should be restricted to 15 minutes or shorter. Kids that young just don't have the attention span to sit still and be quiet for long periods, espec
  5. I don't even have tap-a-talk and I'm getting tons of emails!
  6. Do what I did: subscribe, get the resources, then unsubscribe - unless you like the subscription.
  7. I guess I'm now Saddlemomma2 due to some hiccups with the new system...oh well... Anyway, here's a link to a great freebie offer I got in my email: Charlotte Mason Tutor. It's a 9-volume resource library filled with just about everything you need to provide a Charlotte Mason education. The offer expires on 4/17. I've been wanting to share this with everyone, but my account has been really screwed up. I'm not sure it's still fixed yet since I'm now Saddlemomma2 instead of just Saddlemomma! Enjoy!
  8. THIS! Smart TVs do the same thing. You can't get away from it unless you're going to devoid your lifestyle of all internet-driven media. Anytime you surf the web and every site you visit tracks you. I have a Facebook account with a separate page for our business. I don't do any of those online quizzes or play any of their games. I just (rarely) post on my personal page. Mostly I post my new designs and DH's photography on the business page. That's about it. I don't have a smart TV, and we only have "dumb" track phones. However, I'm very aware of all the tracking we invite by in
  9. My DD is math phobic and gets anxiety to the point where she leaves math for the last class of the day, then procrastinates. She absolutely hates it. She does okay with it as long as the math isn't abstract - she's a very literal thinker. Therefore, Algebra threw her a serious curve ball. We started it in 8th. We got to a certain point using CLE, and then she just imploded. We tried a tutor over the summer and while she progress a tad more, she just couldn't get it done. We decided DD would have to repeat Algebra and start fresh. Out of desperation, we went with Mr. D Math for 9th.
  10. My DD is currently in 9th. We're doing Algebra with Mr. D Math, and she's doing wonderfully. We tried doing Algebra in 8th using CLE, but it was a total bust. DD is a very linear person (like her Engineer Dad). The abstractness of Algebra completely threw her for a loop. She couldn't wrap her brain around it. We even got a tutor for her over the summer. While she made some progress with the tutor, we just didn't feel comfortable with having her move on. Therefore, she is repeating it this year. Best decision we ever made. She's got a 98% with Mr. D and says she's actually "ge
  11. Yeah, it was. The Dr. thought the shot gave me a "mild" case of tetanus.
  12. My DH is the president of a children's theater group. This year he's also director of the annual play. He is running into the exact same problems. During the very beginning of auditions, it was stated when rehearsals would be, how long they would be, how important it would be to attend each and every rehearsal because this was a commitment and just a short time to get the play together. In addition, a contract was given to the parents detailing all this information and to weigh it heavily against any other commitments -- like dance, basketball, and other sports. In short, the kids were
  13. This is our second year with GCP and my DD LOVES it. She chooses most of her electives based upon the courses available. I download the lectures into Onenote and DD usually has to answer the two questions along with her other assigned reading and assignments. It's the only subscription we belong to. We pay the $180/yr and it's well worth it IMHO. So far she's watched: Joy of Science - Basis of DD's two-year Conceptual Integrated Science class along with suggested text Understanding Japan to go along with DD's Japanese language class Masters of War as the basis for DD's strategy class al
  14. My reaction to the tetanus vaccine was quite different. Within a few hours, the vaccination site swelled to the size of a baseball, blistered, and itched. Next, I could no longer support my head. It was like my neck was broken, or a wet noodle. That progressed to going in and out of consciousness throughout the afternoon. I ended up in the ER. I was told I could never have another tetanus vaccine in my life. That was 33 years ago.
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