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Would you guys celebrate--update #58 :)


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How brave of her to push herself to confront the things that challenge her! Congratulations to her and you. After the year you've had, I'm glad you've had such a happy event. Best wishes.


FYI: The link is still in the thread.

The post that was deleted was somewhat of an embarrassing story.

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Do I have your permission to whip that out whenever I hear the tired old, "Homeschoolers are awkward, socially inept, will never make it in the real world, etc?"

Yes!! She was interviewed for a bio in the magazine and talked about homeschooling a bit. I hope they include it!

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I am glad to hear Kendall Jenner was so kind in person! I hate to hear about celebrities being jerks- although they have as much right to jerkiness as the rest of us civilians :)

Lol, true, but how nice when someone exceeds your expectations, right?

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