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  1. Awwww. They're a blessing to each other.
  2. Saying this gently...I think you're taking what Grandma said way too much to heart and giving it far more weight than it should have. Of course, your DS can have whomever he wants as his favorite person. But it sounds as though (as others have suggested) Grandma might have been a little hurt and/or that she was trying to give him some well-meant advice to help him grease the social skids. There's nothing in what she said that makes me think she in any way was trying to usurp your parenting. If kids are going to spend lots of time with other relatives, that's a good thing. But you can't expect people to tiptoe around the entire time in case they dare say or do something that doesn't line up 100% with what you want. It's one thing if what's being said or done is harmful. What Grandma did isn't that. It's GOOD when people take the feelings of others into account and err on the side of kindness. (Just look at what's going on in the world to see what happens when we don't.) And there's nothing wrong with kids--or anyone for that matter--learning the value of and the place for the unexpressed opinion. You sound kind of stressed, honestly, and with medical stuff going on it's no wonder. I hope things work out well for you and that whatever worries you have are unfounded. Let kiddo go play with Grandma. Their relationship sounds precious.
  3. Sorry about your MIL, Faith. Jumping off what Ottakee said, you might want to read up on something called hospital psychosis and keep the info in your back pocket so to speak. It's a condition that can develop in hospitalized patients. I had no idea it was a thing until my mom (in her 70s) experienced it while hospitalized. Best wishes.
  4. No advice, but, dear Lord, I'm so sorry for your DD and your family. Stay strong, Mom and Dad. I have to believe that regardless of what happens legally, your DD knowing that you and your DH believe her, support her, and will protect her to the very best of your ability will make all the difference in how she copes and moves forward. What a horrible, horrible situation.
  5. $175 isn't chump change for most people though especially when you've gotten literally nothing in exchange for it.
  6. I'm sure people have different opinions on this point. Mine is that a large glass dispenser of water chock-full of ice cubes just looks so much more refreshing and appealing than plastic bottles. So I'm on Team Quill on this one.
  7. I have a kid with SN, so I'm totally in favor of needed accommodations. HOWEVER, the counselor was completedly out of line to have reprimanded the girls for getting upset (assuming, of course, that their response was proportionate to the offense). Special needs are not an excuse to violate someone else's boundaries or sense of security. I'd contact the those in charge of the camp and tell them a better response would have been for the counselors to immediately work with the boy to help him understand what's ok and what's not. Then, assuming they legally could do so, they should have explained to the girls a little bit about the boy's issues so that they understood he meant no harm. The girls should also have been told to let the adults know immediately if the behavior continued in any way. Depending on what "too friendly" actually entailed, the boy's parents may need a phone call to let them know and possibly a counselor to shadow the group. Camp should be a fun learning experience for both sides.
  8. OP... make sure you get the procedure codes for the MRI. I'd then call and compare the costs of the MRI at different places if those options exist where you live. An MRI done at a freestanding facility may be (a lot) less expensive than one done in a hospital outpatient setting. Good luck. I'm sorry you've had so much trouble getting appropriate care.
  9. Yes, it would tick me off. If I didn't want to do the extra days or the training at that point, I'd just explain that I'd planned my schedule based on volunteering on day X and was no longer available for the others. Just because you originally offered three days does not obligate you to keep those additional days open once you've been scheduled for day X.
  10. Bulging discs don't bother some people (so my specialist says). Others have a great deal of pain. Depends on the person. So the "ONLY" reply would have me going to a orthopedic surgeon or specialist. Just a caution about the MRI...even if it's the same price without insurance, working through the insurance company will at least have that amount go toward your deductible. That might matter if you need more extensive treatments such as injections or whatever. Good luck. Back pain stinks.
  11. I appreciate you all taking time to share your suggestions. I will be checking them out today. I really want this kiddo to have at least one class that feeds his interests. Many, many thanks!
  12. The sudden overwhelming exhaustion would worry me and did. It was hypothyroidism, too.
  13. Yes, I'd absolutely write. Selling that item showed incredibly poor judgment. In a crowd, in today's climate, the last thing you want is ANY potential confusion or misunderstanding on the part of other citizens or law enforcement. I would not classify myself as anti-gun. My kids had toy guns. But they never played in front of our homes with anything even remotely realistic-looking even if it had an orange cap. (They may have played with a huge, colorful nerf thing on occasion if we were out with them.)
  14. I've been looking for a high school level military history and/or intro to criminal justice course for my not-thrilled-with-school rising senior. I've searched this site and googled. Other than a military history course offered by The Potter's School which looked great but likely won't work for us (for a variety of reasons), I'm not finding much, either online or as a print curriculum. If you've used something in either of these areas that you'd recommend, would you mind sharing? Unfortunately, I don't have the background to cobble something substantive together myself in the time before we have to start classes again. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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