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  1. I didn't follow that case very closely. Is the reverse also true? Do people who wanted the feds to go in during that situation want law enforcement do be hands off in this one?
  2. Sure. People can--and probably should--discuss those things. This thread is about Seattle, though. Maybe start some issue-specific ones for the incidents you mentioned? I say that only because threads with multiple topics going on get confusing after awhile.
  3. And I do understand what you're saying. To reiterate, though, I very clearly said able-bodied AND neurotypical. I've well aware of how undiagnosed, yet still very real, issues can impact.
  4. Oh, brother. I don't know how you address that. It's one thing to issue an ultimatum to an able-bodied, neurotypical person who just doesn't want to take responsibility. It's another to do it to someone who's doing his/her best with whatever deficits exist. It's none of my business, but if you're living with them for THEIR benefit (i.e. they need or will need assistance on some level), it might be good to point out their utter hypocrisy.
  5. Saw your update. That's great news. You are a loving person. Your cousin must be so relieved.
  6. 🙂 Well, there's an image I didn't need in my head before my second cup of coffee. Gee, thanks, Katie.
  7. That sounds so hard. Your poor cousin. I hope you're able to find resources to help. You don't have to answer this next question obviously, but I'm wondering something. Since both your folks and aunt/uncle have the same opinion, is it strictly a lack of understanding/compassion behind it, or are there other issues and the lack of job is a convenient excuse for asking her to relocate? Specifically, I'm wondering if it's possible that your cousin's issues are just too much for them to manage. For instance, is she compliant about taking any prescribed meds to stabilize mood? Are there personal care chores that require help and have become too much? That kind of thing. I'm not trying to be a jerk. I have a kid with special needs. I know how tough it can be. And I don't know what I'll do if we get to a point where said child refuses to take the needed meds or follow a treatment plan. Of course, you know your family. I just wanted to throw out the possibility that there might be more. You're a good person to look after your cousin. ETA: Just saw that you live with your parents. So you'd know whether or not there's more. Yikes. Sounds like they really don't get it.
  8. The devil is in the details, then. Advertise and promote the benefits? Fine. Let people know if there is assistance with delivery charges? Great. Go the route of some other behavior that apparently passes for "social pressure" today, forget it.
  9. I suppose. That's still a one-size-fits-all solution that's not going to work for everyone for reasons that were mentioned upthread (substitutions, allergies, lack of slots, etc.). As long as it's acknowledged that the rest are still going to have to do things the old-fashioned way for a variety of reasons--and people don't get lectured or "socially pressured" to conform--that's fine. Options are good, and if people have slots available, can afford any extra cost, and are basically satisfied with the results, more power to them.
  10. Exactly. We are on an extremely limited budget and will continue to be for some time. I don't have extra to pay for delivery and tip. If a store is out of an item, I need to be able to make an on-the-spot substitution based on what's available and what I have at home. Because of cost/availability, I can't do all my shopping at one store Obviously, I try to minimize trips out, wear a mask, etc. but the whole "just order online" doesn't work for everyone and--as with so many other things--shows a lack of understanding that not everybody lives the same life.
  11. I agree. That kind of behavior is flat-out criminal, in intent even if not in law. You know, lots of people disagree with the degree of shutdown, etc. and some of the policies being instituted. That's ok. People can disagree and they should do it vocally because the powers that be (whomever they may be) aren't always altruistic their motivations. I'm one who disagrees with some of the decisions made. But I would never deliberately set out to expose someone else. Heck, we said "no thanks" to a family gathering this weekend because we thought that kind of thing was just too soon given the overall situation. I also have immediate family who work in essential businesses and are in contact with the public daily. If any germs have been brought home, they're going to stay here to the extent I can reasonably manage it. I hope your family members who were exposed to this level of sheer malice are OK, Melissa.
  12. I hope you're OK, Reefgazer, and that whatever has you concerned is more just wanting privacy (which I totally get) rather than a safety issue.
  13. But who's being stupid in that case? If she accurately described the situation to the doctor (i.e. said her husband was symptomatic and diagnosed) and was told she was OK to go to work OR her husband's doctor failed to offer direction as to what the rest of the family should do in response after he diagnosed the husband, then I'm all for labeling the medical personnel stupid. If she ignored the direction to stay home, then she's the one who's stupid. I'm not sure I'd call her stupid if she were genuinely following the actual advice she was given--despite WTM expectations about what people should or should not know.
  14. What a complete jerk! I know you said you don't have an HOA, but does your city have any laws about cleaning up after pets? (I didn't go back through the thread to see if you'd mentioned it.) If so and I knew where she lived, I'd be mailing her a copy of the ordinance with the pertinent instructions highlighted. If she continued, I'd also likely report her if I could get it on tape.
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