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  1. I'm quite sure I'll regret weighing in, but here goes. This website is the one I found when I was trying to find information on the movement. So I'm sure many people saw it. At the time, it included text that said the movement wanted to "disrupt" the nuclear family. The larger context, if I recall correctly, seemed to be that it wanted to expand what is thought of as family. However, I found the choice of the word disrupt--rather than enhance, expand, grow--quite jarring as the connotation was extremely negative to me. It felt...threatening... and was something that really stood out to me. (Th
  2. That was my new voter's experience as well. We all voted in person together. The election worker announced "We have a first-time voter!" The workers cheered and many others waiting in line--both R and D--clapped. Nobody cared about how he was casting his ballot. They welcomed him into the process.
  3. Yeah, the theme of the week. Reminds me of afterschool specials and the "Very Special Episodes" series had on big issues. I won't be watching shows that focus on covid. It's real enough already. And, personally, I'm just so over be preached at by Hollywood on ANY topic anymore.
  4. Who knew there was an upside to not having a circle of friends to begin with? ETA: Not feel sorry for myself. Just trying to inject a little humor amidst all the very real heartache you guys are posting about.
  5. That was a really scummy thing for someone to do. I'm sorry that happened. Nothing like making a person feel like she has to look over her shoulder! I think Catwoman had the right word--weasel.
  6. Many thanks! This is very helpful. I appreciate it.
  7. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but is this a non-issue right now or not? Has something changed with regard to the continuing resolution? Because I did not see anything about that. I get that it sucks if it's happening. But my impression is that there is not going to be a shutdown, so I'm not sure why the concern at this particular moment. I certainly understand there are larger issues with having to use CRs.
  8. I had the same impression, Lanny, based on what I heard on the radio news yesterday. I took a quick look at a couple of news sites before posting my request for a link thinking I had missed something. But I'm not seeing where that CR fell through. I could have missed it, though, hence my question.
  9. Do you have a source for this? I haven't seen it.
  10. We'll have to agree to disagree that she somehow violated his privacy. I find it funny that the people who are minding their own business and not doing anything to anyone else are the ones supposed to be concerned about the privacy of the person doing the inappropriate activity. One reason to ask who he is, if it turns out to be a neighbor kid, is so you mention to the parents, "Just wanted to let you know why I sent Johnny home when he stopped by the other day." Because honestly, I'd want to to know if my kid were doing something like that so I could correct the behavior. But I get that other
  11. I think the OP said he came in 20 feet. That's not just stepping off the sidewalk to talk. Now he probably didn't mean any harm. But that doesn't meant the OP was wrong. SHE didn't approach a random kid on a public street and pepper him with questions. She approached and questioned someone who was doing something many people consider inappropriate in HER yard with HER kids. I really could not care less that many or even most kids film everything. The kid was wrong to do what he did without permission. In my opinion, of course.
  12. Some of the replies on this thread are... interesting. If someone has come 20 FEET onto my property (as the OP said he did) and starting filming my young kids without permission, the LAST thing I'm going to worry about are that person's comfort and feelings. Now that doesn't mean I'm going to be harsh or aggressive with a kid. But I'll ask whatever questions I want. My first obligation is to protect MY kids. If the other kid's parents haven't discussed the responsibilities/proprieties of having a phone with the young videographer, he will get a firm explanation from me and sent on his way.
  13. I'm so sorry about your friend, Quill. That is hard. My two cents is to send the card and mention any specific offer(s) of help you may want to give, rather than the vague "let us know if we can do anything." When I was handling contacts for a seriously ill family member, the last thing I needed was another phone call, no matter how well meant. I just did not have it in me to explain things one.more.time or offer comfort to someone else one.more.time when my own heart was breaking. Again, I am sorry. I know people want to reach out in personn. Sometimes, though, it's just overwhel
  14. I am making a general observation based on many years as a lurker and poster. While I said "even here," my post, however, was not geared exclusively to this forum. As I said, it's a general observation.
  15. That's pretty much the state of things today. As someone who leans center right on many (certainly not all) issues, I rarely engage with anyone on much of anything anymore. It's simply not worth it the bother when you all too often--even here--are automatically ascribed the very worst motives for every opinion you have no matter how reasoned. It's a shame, too, because I've changed my mind on some issues as a result of listening to people on the "other side." But now I rarely bother. It's a shame.
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