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  1. I’m watching Letters to Juliet. Don’t tell me how it ends.
  2. I had plans to do housework today. Then I stopped at The Big Red Bus and gave blood on the way home from the post office. Now I feel like being lazy. I never feel like doing anything after giving blood. Why did I think today would be any different?
  3. My DS started public HS last month and I could have written your post. 5 years of begging him to write it out yielded nothing but arguments. 2 weeks in PS and he writes it all out now.
  4. Nice! I don't usually read blogs; I find most too busy. Your page is nice and clean, and I loved the post. Go, Renai!
  5. How is it September already? And how did it only take DS barely a month in public school to see how important it is to write out his work in math? I've only been telling him that for half a decade.
  6. Punch yourself in the right eye. Maybe you'll forget about the pain in the left.
  7. Our dashboard reports a district population of 242,250 https://www.hillsboroughschools.org/coviddashboard And positive cases is up to 6,582 since I last posted
  8. 600? Well, Hillsborough County Public Schools have that beat - try 6000. 6,153 reported employee and student cases since Aug. 2. School started Aug. 10. To put this in perspective, "there were 8,771 cases if COVID-19 reported to the district between March 2020 and July 2021." 17 months vs. less than 1 month. Tighter mask mandate was implemented Aug. 18, I believe? So far, I am seeing no signs that it has helped whatsoever. Yesterday's numbers were 399 students, 56 employees who reported positive test results. Total current district impact is 9,134 in quarantine, but this number fluctuates as people get cleared. We're still getting almost daily calls that students in my son's high school are infected - 73 students and 9 employees so far.
  9. New mask mandate went into effect yesterday. Hopefully we see an impact soon. 😞
  10. All day long. New numbers every time I refresh, it seems.
  11. Hillsborough (Tampa) now requiring face masks; documented medical exceptions only. Through Sept 17th. https://www.hillsboroughschools.org/site/default.aspx?PageType=3&DomainID=4&ModuleInstanceID=278&ViewID=6446EE88-D30C-497E-9316-3F8874B3E108&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=47757&PageID=1
  12. I’ve cried a few times now over Susan’s loss. Let it out. You’ll feel better.
  13. She’s going to look later tonight when the littles go down
  14. I’ll let you know as soon as she responds to my text
  15. I think my sister has it but isn’t using it. I’ll ask her to ship it to you if she still does.
  16. Any ITTers interested in MCT curriculum before I post for sale? I think I have levels 2-5, minus the one practice book with each set that DS wrote in (but you’d get the TM version). Let me know.
  17. Masking with parent opt out option. No reason must be given by the parent, no vaccination requirement or medical reason. DS says it isn’t being monitored at his high school. No one is asking or checking. He says only about 50% or so are masked, including teachers.
  18. No. We did have living room furniture all purchased together, but even that isn’t all in the same room anymore.
  19. For DS I used T4L for phonics and BOB books, plus tons of read aloud and side by side reading. The thing that really grabbed him, though, was Dick and Jane. I checked out a Collection book from the library and he was all in.
  20. Well, we were notified Monday is the last day for schedule change requests. I asked him if he wanted to make any changes, and he said no. He says he has a VERY good schedule and he likes it. He got up every morning without complaint and I haven’t had to bug him to do his homework yet. So I guess he’s liking it so far! Favorite class is Drafting and least favorite is Geometry (probably because it has been the class with the most homework so far).
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