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  1. Guess I never noticed it in the British Lit I’ve read. Now I’m not sure I want to read more! 🤣
  2. It’s as annoying to me as glitter I’ve decided.
  3. Cuppa tea - makes sense, and I never had an issue understanding it was a verbal slang for “cup of”. But people writing it as cuppa, and then it being “cuppa” as a thing in and of itself - that’s what has me. It’s a colloquialism that I just dislike, is all. It’s wicked annoying. 🤣
  4. I don’t want to visit it, either. I get cold and grumpy just looking at pictures of snow!
  5. Yes, but do you say “cuppa tea” - or just “cuppa” and expect expect everyone to know you mean tea? I guess in England/regionally it may be assumed. It still bothers me. Cuppa. I don’t want a cuppa. Definitely not a cup of tea.
  6. Cuppa Joy? I think I’m okay with cuppa in that context. (Joy is a whole other topic, lol) Yes, I really think it’s cuppa by itself that I dislike. It’s incomplete. For instance, if someone offers me a cuppa I will most likely say no. Who knows what I might get! A cuppa chai? No, thank you. A cuppa black tea? No, thank you. A cuppa bleach? Pee? Whatever. Too risky 🤣
  7. My dog locked himself in the bathroom this morning. I need to teach him how to open doors inwardly.
  8. Thinking on this more: imma and wanna don’t bother me, and my spellcheck now accepts both. I wonder why I have such a reaction to cuppa? I’ve only ever encountered it in TWTM forums. I really don’t like it. Maybe because it is used by itself, as a thing, rather than just a shortened way to say “cup of X”? Everyone leaves off what the X is. Maybe I’m bothered by that. Huh. Cuppa booyah for y’all
  9. I was going to like this until I came to cuppa. That’s a word I just can’t seem to like, no matter how hard I try. And I’m someone who convinced herself that she loves the rain. Mind over matter is not working with cuppa. Just no. 🤣
  10. Me, too! I rewrite the sentence to avoid those at all costs 🤣
  11. DS the other day when he was supposed to be working on his schoolwork
  12. Clearly one of them wants a book on string theory. Prepaid gas cards? stylish bags/pocketbooks? A stuffed Pooh bear? Everyone loves Pooh. A Jar of Pickles Books
  13. DS is a bit behind this semester in some subjects so I will be spending my vacation getting him caught up. He doesn’t know this yet. He did get an A in his online Russian I Fall Semester, though! Woot!
  14. Last day of work before vacation. Hopefully. Vacation was supposed to start Friday after work, but then some knucklehead scheduled an audit - and that someone was not me. So I will participate in day one, and if it goes as well as Thursday/Friday’s audit of another lab with the same assessors, I may be able to just attend closing session on Tuesday and get a day of my vacation back. 7am Pacific/10am my time. But first... COFFEE!!!
  15. My sister gave me one for Christmas a few years back. We love it. No oil, easy, quick, minimal cleaning required.
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