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My mother got to see the body of Christ in action yesterday.

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This story is so good, I just have to share it with the Hive.


So yesterday at the hospital, mom is unloading on dad about all the bills piling up, and all the house repairs needing to be done.


So she gets to this one I'm about to tell you about, and I'm screaming in my head 'Mom! STOP! Dad cannot help you with any of this!!! He's recovering from a MASSIVE heart attack in the ICU! Be quiet!' But, uh, yanno, that's not very Christlike, so I don't let it come out of my mouth. :tongue_smilie:


But then mom gets to this. See, my grandfather bought mom and dad a new house just outside of Flint right before dad had his heart attack. Mom and dad HAVE to get out of the neighborhood they live in; it's not safe. Anyway, my grandfather wanted to bless them, and he bought the house for them outright. So mom is in the process of moving from the Flint house to the new house. Well, she just discovered that the furnace at the new house does not work properly, and we're about to have a real freeze here in Michigan. So she's telling dad this, and doesn't know who to call to fix it, and she's worried about how much it'll cost, yadda yadda. So THERE'S something I can do. I know a family of believers that does heating and cooling for a living! The Lord prompts me; 'interrupt mom; tell her you know someone; text them right now'.


So I did.


Now, we all, including the family I know, live an hour away. Mom was all 'Oh, you're friends are gonna charge me an arm and a leg to drive all the way here to check out the furnace'. I said 'Mom, just let me see, ok?'.




They were just a few miles away, having fellowship at another's house. Ha! What a 'coincidence', hunh? They met us at mom and dad's new house. They fixed the furnace in five mintues with a PAPER CLIP to clean out build up.


Praise Jesus for his body. My mom was all :001_huh:. Those brothers blessed my mother, my father, and ME so much. It's so great when the body of Christ comes together like that. Mom just couldn't believe it. They didn't charge her anything.


Praise God for his body and the testimony they are to others. I owe those brothers a pie or something. :D

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Oh, how sweet! Praise God. Lord have mercy on your mom and your whole family. She sounds so worried about money. I can't imagine how stressful that would be to have your husband in the hospital like that. Money worries are the worst, coupled with health worries...Lord have mercy!

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