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  1. I'm curious about the Hive mind on this, if you were within driving distance would you attend? What would you like to have on the itinerary? Our weekend is almost all planned out, but there's some room to add something on Friday and I'm all ears on ideas.
  2. Northwest Well Trained Minders, and those who wish to travel, You are invited to attend Homeschooling from Rest, a moms' retreat of encouragement and self-education. Homeschooling from Rest will be held on June 3-5 at Lake Retreat in Ravensdale, WA. CiRCE Institute trained teacher Jennifer Dow is our guest speaker. She will be presenting a talk on The History of Classical Education as well as Practical Tips for the Classical Homeschooler, and she will be doing some hands-on workshops. Do topics like nature study, poetry, fairy tales, mimetic lessons, Socratic dialogues, commonplace boo
  3. My daughter wants to take an anime drawing course. Any suggestions?
  4. I'll be back to read everyone's stories later. Our family conversion has a quite a story. The negativity was from our former church and a mysterious anonymous threat letter writer. The mystery is not solved, but we are all safe. We will be seeking counseling now in an attempt to recover and heal. Being part of the Church has a costly price, as the Gospel says, it's the Pearl of Great Price. Peace unto you and your journey. May all go according to God's will and may you be blessed despite the attempts to curse you.
  5. ~~Vent Begins Now~~ When someone shuts down a perfectly civil discussion about a controversial topic by saying that the Deceiver is stirring us up, and since it's not a salvation issue we should just leave well enough alone. Really? You just called us all discussing this topic in a level headed manner Devil influenced pot stirrers. Grrrrrr! This was not done on TWTMF, this was done in a FB group I belong to. I called them on it, but I have a feeling that I'm going to be the bad guy now.
  6. Yes, CC, meaning Classical Conversations. The Latin gets me too. I've tried to do Latin on my own, and...nope. They offer it in Challenge A, which is my big kerbobble decision because that is where my middle two would go next year. There is next to no flexibility once you get to Challenge A. I think I will go insane, especially because the catechism is based on a book that is creationist in its rhetoric. I don't like the way creationist books are worded with the inclusion of exclamation points ad nauseum. They are so condescending toward the scientific community and "some Christians," i
  7. This is where I get hung up. I feel my kids need a co-op, so I go searching for one and sign up, then halfway through or sooner I feel choked by the commitment and it starts to feel like a yoke I do not want to guide me. For next year, I'm trying to put together a group that meets just once a month for presentations.
  8. Can I resurrect my own thread? I've been mulling over this ever since I started this thread. Do we have any new participants who would like to chime in? I'm mostly curious about how you made co-oping or not co-oping work in your family. We are part of a CC community currently. I like being part of a community, but I don't like the restraints I feel, whether real or imagined, to follow someone else's plan. I get bogged down with questioning everything and analyzing everything. I'm constantly thinking about how to improve the program. I'm pretty sure it's an INTJ personality trait t
  9. My husband and kids take a trip the weekend before school starts so I can get all set up and organized.
  10. Wow! If you ever get down about the quirks of being INFJ, you can be grateful for this. I can't imagine a group I could unite with like that. Maybe if there was a small group of deep thinking Orthodox homeschoolers who prefer classical but are not dogmatic and rigid about it and who are dedicated, hard working and creative, I could imagine the possibility.
  11. I also hate it when I'm in a waiting room and someone comes in with their kid playing on a device with the sound up. When did this become socially acceptable? I was looking forward to sitting in this comfy chair, just me and my thoughts while my kids get their teeth cleaned and I hear beepety beep beep beep. I want to take that thing and throw it out the window!
  12. Preach! Small talk? Just kill me now.
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