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  1. I stumbled across them doing mattress research. I'm reading a lot of good reviews but I wonder how many of the reviews are because people like the "uniqueness" of the bed in a box and the easy of set up.
  2. DD 21 will be moving into her new apartment next month for the last two years of college. We're needing to buy her a twin mattress set. Came across BIAB that had great reviews. Her sleep is VERY important so we don't want to cheap out but money is a concern. Any thoughts?
  3. I wouldn't and not because of living in fear but just good old fashioned common sense. Especially if someone I loved and respected asked me not to. Here's the rule of thumb in my family: If I did this and something bad happened and I read about in the newspaper what would my reaction be? If the reaction is-Wow, that was stupid, why did she do that? Then I wouldn't do it. I live in a very nice area-always hits the list for top areas to raise a family-and I'm still careful about what I do. You're questioning it-common sense. Why take the chance?
  4. www.youtube.com/watch?v=j29YFo4FZaQ enjoy-there are several of them.
  5. Dave Ramsey just to have advise on his website/books on how to deal w/collections.
  6. I know it's not the same but I had always planned to do foster care when our dds were heading off to college. I didn't feel that I was "done" being a mom to younger kids. My DH said no for the same reasons as your husband has stated. I accepted it by realizing that my DH was the most important person in my life. Since then, I have found other ways to loosely foster without actually taking children into the home. I believe that our marriage is much stronger because I listened to what he was feeling.
  7. Be very careful about donating to your local library. I recently left a job I loved at our library because I was tired of deleting itmes that were going to the dumpsters. We deleted over 50,000 items the first two years with our new director. While I agree that the Top 100 Plays of 1919-1920 needed to go much more of what was pitched was in great condition and someone (me) would have loved to have. We were also told to tell patrons that the Friends of the Library bookstore sold what came off the shelves-NOT!!! I watched cart after cart after cart go to the dumpsters for two years!!
  8. It was hard to watch. But, Peyton still has my heart-he's a true class act!
  9. We stream online. However, we do hook the laptop up to the dead TV in the corner so we can watch it on a bigger screen.
  10. The artifical sweetner is a trigger for a couple of people with celiac disease that I know.
  11. I've used it for years and love it! Works really, really well with the hard water in central Indiana.
  12. I love February!!!! Let's see-it's still winter (love it!), it's Valentine's Day (chocolate involved so love it!), it's my DDs birthday (love her-so love it!!), it's my birthday (again, chocolate involved-so love it!!) What's not to love!!!
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