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  1. These Is My Words by Nancy Turner
  2. I bought the Logic to the Rescue books and sent them to my 10yo daughter's kindle last night. I told her that I had sent a new book to her tablet but it was probably a bad idea because it would make her better at arguments. 😉 This morning she showed me that she is highlighting all of the logic definitions and later told me that something I said was only a hypothesis. 😄 Here's the amazon link if anyone is interested. (5 book set for .99!) This is one of the WTM recommendations for 5th grade casual informal logic.
  3. This looks awesome! 😍 I didn't know that Don Potter had any books available. I'm also intrigued by Beyond Blend Phonics.
  4. I have been procrastinating doing my curriculum research all summer and now it is coming back to bite me. <sigh> My (2E, ADHD, dyslexia) 5th grader is finishing up Treasured Conversations (which she loved!) and now I am trying to figure out what we'll do next. She really enjoys creative writing but needs to work on expository writing. Writing Strands sounds like a good choice but it looks like the new edition is combined with reading as well? I looked for threads on the new version but couldn't find anything. Has anyone used the newer version or maybe I should look for used older ve
  5. Save the Cat Writes a Novel explains how to structure different stories. I would say it is more focused on plot than character but should be helpful.
  6. Yes, a COVD doctor is what you need. Ours had a free initial consultation/screening. They had lots of experience on how to work with the different insurance companies and were willing to go to bat for us as much as they could. Good luck!
  7. I think it sounds like your adrenals are struggling. I had similar issues with not being able to tolerate exercise and ended up supplementing a couple things to help my cortisol levels. Check out the info on Stop the Thyroid Madness related to adrenals. I've also found lots of good info on the facebook group Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Care. I'm still working on adjusting everything (I also have Hashis), but I've definitely found that thyroid/adrenal stuff is interrelated, so increasing thyroid meds may be helpful.
  8. I read the older version and thought it was helpful. I believe the updated version no longer has the point system which some people found hard to implement.
  9. Stop the Thyroid Madness has some good info about adrenals. Good luck, I know it's awful.
  10. Gorgeous photo! I like your 52 things list idea, too :)
  11. For Christmas my husband got me one of those cables so I can connect my phone and listen to audio books in the car. Hopefully we can find some books that everyone agrees on. I usually do audio books in bed at night. If I try to listen during the day, I am invariably interrupted every 2 minutes. I'm better at ignoring people when I read. Here's my goodreads profile. Fair warning, I'm in a brain-candy rut at the moment. I love seeing everyone's recommendations though!
  12. Smoothies would be easy for the girls to customize, especially if you had one of those mini blenders. Magic bullet?
  13. Light and shadow - my view this morning at 4:30am. I was a parking attendant for the final swim meet of the season. At least it's still cool outside!
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