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  1. I read the older version and thought it was helpful. I believe the updated version no longer has the point system which some people found hard to implement.
  2. Stop the Thyroid Madness has some good info about adrenals. Good luck, I know it's awful.
  3. Gorgeous photo! I like your 52 things list idea, too :)
  4. For Christmas my husband got me one of those cables so I can connect my phone and listen to audio books in the car. Hopefully we can find some books that everyone agrees on. I usually do audio books in bed at night. If I try to listen during the day, I am invariably interrupted every 2 minutes. I'm better at ignoring people when I read. Here's my goodreads profile. Fair warning, I'm in a brain-candy rut at the moment. I love seeing everyone's recommendations though!
  5. Smoothies would be easy for the girls to customize, especially if you had one of those mini blenders. Magic bullet?
  6. Light and shadow - my view this morning at 4:30am. I was a parking attendant for the final swim meet of the season. At least it's still cool outside!
  7. I also agree with Tap. That's very nice of you to try to return it!
  8. I've been enjoying all the photos so far! My miniature house collection. I got these from the dollar store when I was a kid. My parents just downsized so I got them back. I still like them ? I had to post this one after seeing the copper pan collection! More of my miniatures; I haven't found a good place for these yet.
  9. Something like this maybe? This is a challenge for me too!
  10. Taughannock Falls is a very short "hike". It's flat and I've done it with a stroller and a preschooler walking. Buttermilk Falls is a nice place to picnic and look around. The falls are right there so no hiking necessary. Botanical gardens at Cornell are beautiful. You should definitely visit the Sciencenter! It's a very hands-on science museum and great for kids. (And adults!) Also, for reference:
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