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  1. Thanks for all of the ideas! I doubt my kids will like any of the cold salads, but that means I won't have to share πŸ˜‹ I will do grazing boards tonight since I can pull that together without running to the store.
  2. It's only noon and it already feels like 102 outside. Besides ice cream and watermelon, what on earth will I feed my family this week?
  3. These are two recipes we eat regularly. https://www.budgetbytes.com/ground-turkey-stir-fry/ https://rachelschultz.com/2013/06/20/one-pot-spaghetti/ (I use 4 cups of broth instead of 2 cups.)
  4. You could consider a compression sheet. It's supposed to provide similar benefits. This is the brand we have: Harkla compression sheets
  5. Thanks for sharing, everyone. It sounds like it may be possible but would definitely limit options. So, we're making him take Spanish πŸ™‚
  6. Thanks, y'all. It sounded weird to me so wanted to make sure before we decide to go that route. Maybe it's a Texas thing? Texas A&M also says they will accept it. We will definitely consider dual enrollment. Lots to think about.
  7. We are working on DS14's 4-year plan for high school. Our high school will allow you to take computer programming instead of a traditional foreign language, but we aren't sure what colleges will think about it. We did call BYU (current #1 choice) and they wouldn't really give a straight answer but said they look at the student's application in totality πŸ™ƒ. University of Texas website does say computer science is acceptable as a foreign language, so maybe this is becoming more common. Any experience with this?
  8. Fellow Texan here. This is perfect! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hope everyone is staying warm!
  9. Also curious about this! I am a voracious reader but I only will do Kindle Unlimited when I find a free trial. There are some good authors on there but not all. I actually keep a wish list of titles that I plan to read when I have a subscription. Then the rest of the time I just use my library. There are also some titles that come with audible narration included! They will say read & listen for free when you push the button to check them out. I haven't really found a good method for browsing through those titles though. I was looking today for books my DD would enjoy while our library is closed but not having much luck.
  10. The Poor Relation series by M. C. Beaton (Marion Chesney). First is Lady Fortescue Steps Out. Regency era, humorous romance. I've listened to these a couple times now on hoopla. Excellent narration by Davina Porter.
  11. Yeah, I guess I'm not really sure what I want. It is October and I am still figuring out curriculum πŸ˜‹ I'd like to shift her more into note taking/outlining instead of just narration so trying to find something that would work better for that. We have been checking out books from the SOTW activity guide but our library doesn't always have something. The Usborne encyclopedia sounds like it might be a good fit for where DD is at, so thank you!
  12. Thank you, Lori! Your recommendations are always fantastic and now I'm prepared for next year too πŸ™‚ I will look through all the titles and see what she might like. I never thought of Kids Discover magazine! I liked reading those as a kid.
  13. We got an ad for this recently and I mentioned I was considering subscribing to DH. He did his own research and subscribed us to Ranger Rick. He said it sounded like Ranger Rick had more in-depth content while Nat. Geo kids was more pretty pictures. One less thing for me to think about! I'm curious to hear any other opinions!
  14. Us too! I'm sad I didn't learn short division earlier! DD's has low processing speed (per eval) so I feel like math problems always takes her forever. I have her doing xtramath to practice her basic math facts to help increase her speed. She also still uses a multiplication chart. And....we haven't gotten to dividing by 2-digits yet. At our house it will take as long as it takes. 🀷
  15. We are part way through SOTW3 and I think my 5th grader is ready for a little more depth. We are checking out library books but I'm looking at an encyclopedia that would go along with what we're doing as well. Since we're off the traditional four year cycle, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations? DD enjoys history but is a reluctant reader. Thanks!
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