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  1. While not a Questbridge scholar herself, my dd's best friends at college were Questies. Just be sure to have all your documents done EARLY - the deadline for 2015 applicants is Sept. 26. But you'll get your decision in early December. You might want to have a look at their website -
  2. Cheese, Gromit! :) Thanks for your message.

  3. We love Wallace and Grommit here, too!!!!

  4. We've forgotten the crackers! :lol:

  5. Love Wallace and Grommet. Fancy some cheese?

  6. Good golly, I didn't notice this thread was SEVEN MONTHS OLD. Sorry Anj - but I do appreciate the info :)
  7. Thanks for this thread and the websites. My dh snores horribly, I'm ashamed to admit I'm looking forward to tonight and tomorrow night as he'll be away from home. He's not overweight, though he has gained some over the years. He has horrible allergies and stress adds to his snoring. We sleep with a noise machine and I wear earplugs every night, but they don't totally block out the freight train.
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