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  1. A gift card to Guitar Center, if your city has one.
  2. Aw, kudos to you, Chris. You're a great mom, mother-in-law, and grandmother. Hope you have a fabulous visit with all!
  3. Iherb and Lucky Vitamin have good prices. Sign up for their emails. And here is an interview with Bob himself :laugh:
  4. Lived in various size places growing up, always lived in large cities as an adult (because that's where the jobs are...), including two overseas stints. I want to retire to the country or a smaller city, though I would want to be close to amenities (healthcare, shopping, etc...)
  5. I liked your post Patty, but it deserves to be quoted as well. Such a reasonable approach to the twilight years. One of the main points I got was he recommended talking to the person going through end of life, and finding out what THEIR priorities are - how do they want to spend their last days and months, and THEN going about instilling ways in their life to make that happen.
  6. We moved my mom to my city 16 months ago. At that time we changed her Medicare from her state to my state. I called Medicare and gave them a list of her meds. They said based on her (fairly long) list of meds, her best bet was to go with Humana. We have been very happy with them, we get her meds through their mail service and haven't paid a dime copay on any of them. I remember I spent a long time on hold with Medicare (it is the government after all) but once I got through to a live person, it went very quickly.
  7. I would think this would be a big concern especially since you currently live in Orlando. ETA - should have read the whole thread before responding :)
  8. I'm close to 60 and I don't have experience with sexual predators. Thankfully.
  9. Europe is our favorite as well. Amazon periodically has it on sale.
  10. That's great about his attitude and about the beer and crackers :)
  11. You may know this, but this is called sundowners and is very common in elders. You can google to find out more. :grouphug: to you and your mom. I was worn out just reading your post. I didn't make this up but I try to repeat it to myself (and others dealing with elders - I just said it to a friend last night) - we are doing the best we can with the best we know.
  12. My dh wears a tie to work every day, he just throws it away when one gets a stain. It happens.
  13. My family (even the "big kids") enjoyed the creativity of Legoland.
  14. YES. I made my family go "for an hour" - we ended spending half a day there. The docents make it SO interesting.
  15. My dd got small Amazon gift cards for her recommenders. ETA actually I think that was for grad school. I'm getting old.
  16. Zebra is right, I have read that the chemicals cause a heavier flow. I don't really know what the reason is, I just wish we had Seventh Generation when I was a teen.
  17. My dd switched to Seventh Generation pads and it made a world of difference.
  18. I would wait till the previously issued check is void (3 months?) and then issue a new one. Then you don't have to cancel the lost check. That might motivate the previous tenant to suddenly "find" the missing check. :huh:
  19. I love everything by Sistema, I get it at Container Store. Sometimes they have 10 or 20% off sales...
  20. I only sub in one school, a very small (250 students) inner city classical Christian PK - 8th grade. Class size is limited to 15. Great admin support. Even so, there are teachers I will never sub for again because of their lack of organization, both in sub plans and in the classroom. I'm sorry you had such a frustrating afternoon, Jenny. I would definitely put that teacher on a "never again" list. Life is too short and sub pay is too lousy to put up with that!
  21. I totally get this. I was rocking a sweet baby in the nursery yesterday at church and she fell asleep with a milk coma :P It made me think, though, that some of us never outgrow that coma feeling. I've gotten to where I don't even like it on Thanksgiving - it's just not worth it. If I were in your shoes, my controlling personality would want to explain things out in advance to my mom "If I do x I can't do y" food wise - then let her decide whether you all do x or y. On days that she wants both IHOP and the buffet, you can then remind her of what you said previously. I would also say I will enjoy our other activities better without that "Thanksgiving overstuffed" feeling.
  22. I don't know where you are going on your trip or how long you will be gone - but could you volunteer to run an errand (do the laundry, etc.) during the one meal you want to skip? Or would that be too awkward? I don't know which I would find more awkward, skipping out totally on a meal or sitting there while my companion ate a heaped plate.
  23. Here is the link. I hope I changed the settings to make it open and public. Sorry about that. I'm a newbie group starter.
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