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  1. Where is she teaching? Do you mind to share a link? Thanks.
  2. I am interested. ✋ We have three more years but it goes so quickly that this has been on my mind.
  3. :iagree: I have a son going into the 10th grade and am looking at class options. Please PM the name so I don't sign up. Thanks!
  4. I just signed my son up for ASL beginning in the fall. The instructor has excellent reviews. He teaches from his own platform here, or at Bright Ideas Press. I also saw an ASL offered at Empower recently.
  5. This 8 qt Instant Pot is on Amazon's Deal of the Day right now for $81.99. I just got mine! :hurray:
  6. Following, as we are planning to use LA1 next year. I have Henle but am unsure about it. I thought about trying to use it as a backup for explanations when ds needed more help, or I needed more explanation.

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    Apologia Biology Set to include: *Instructional DVD (retail & paid $147.75) *Text, Tests & Solutions Manual (retail $61.95) *Microscope Kit from Home Science Tools *new* (paid 52.95 +s/h) *Printed flashcards (paid $21.99 from Christianbook) *Book: A Short Guide to Writing about Biology (used $5.99 Amazon) These together would be $290.64. I am asking $225 with media mail shipping. This is less than buying the DVD, Text set and lab together. I also have a Student Manual I can include, but there is writing in the first three modules. If you are interested, just let me know. We used this set for a few months but it was not a good fit for my son and we have switched to another curriculum. My loss is your gain! Please message with any questions or if you are interested. Thanks! --- Scope: Exploring Creation With Biology is a college-prep biology course that provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. Heavily emphasizing the vocabulary of biology, it provides the student with a strong background in the scientific method, the five-kingdom classification scheme, microscopy, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, evolution, dissection, and ecosystems. It also provides a complete survey of the five kingdoms in Creation. Methodology: This course was written specifically for homeschoolers. It is designed with the idea that the student is working alone with the course. This means that all of the explanation that a teacher would normally give orally in class is included in the book, step by step. This is also why the course is written conversationally, to make the student feel like someone is speaking directly to him or her. Labs: Exploring Creation with Biology contain 3 different types of labs: microscope labs, dissection labs, and household labs. The household labs use only household equipment and should definitely be done. Pacing: This text contains 16 modules. Each module should take you about 2 weeks to complete, as long as you devote 45 minutes to an hour of every school day to studying biology. The one exception to this rule is Module #6, which will take you tree weeks to complete. At this pace, you will complete the course in 33 weeks. Pre-Requisites: This course has no formal pre-requisites. This course is designed to be the student’s first high school science course. Typically, we recommend that the student take this course during the same year that he or she is taking Algebra 1. Students who take and understand this course will be very well prepared for a tough university biology course.



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    From Oak Meadow's description for this high school course: This course presents a clear and comprehensive coverage of geography, encourages active learning, and introduces the tools and technologies used by geographers. The course is organized into eleven units by geographic region, with individual lessons on each region’s physical and cultural geography, and its place in the modern world. Throughout the course, students learn how geography has affected historical events in various regions of the world, and case studies provide opportunities to discuss the environmental challenges facing the world’s regions. The following books are included with this course: World Geography Syllabus Glencoe World Geography *** (Used, Good to Very Good condition) ((This course sells for $135, plus the TE)) I am also including the Teacher's Edition (paid $35) and two extra workbooks that were included with the Glencoe textbook. I purchased this set and another to compare. Both Oak Meadow books are new/unused. The Glencoe textbook is worn (outside) and older but usable. Oak Meadow also has a Common Core Supplement pdf for this course for those who need it: Link Asking $125 OBO (Posted on a local homeschool page as well) Please message with any questions or for additional information. Thanks!



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    **SOLD** --- Latin Alive! Book 1 Bundle Suggested for grades 7- adult This bundle includes: Latin Alive Book 1 Student Text, 227 pages, softcover workbook. Latin Alive Book 1 Teacher's Edition, 332 pages, softcover Latin Alive Book 1 DVD & CD Set; 7 DVDs and 1 CD in case. Retail from CAP $139.95, from cbd.com $142.49 & from rainbowresource.com $124.95. Asking $75 ppd Only writing/markings are 2 small highlighted areas as shown in the second photo. Otherwise everything is in like new condition. First DVD was reviewed once; others have not been watched. I had both books comb bound at Kinkos so they would lay flat, and they also added a clear cover to protect the front cover. ------- Additional information (from cbd.com description): The rigorous and clearly constructed Latin Alive! curriculum from Classical Academic Pres will delight students and teachers alike. Beginning in lesson 4, students will encounter new Latin readings primarily inspired by Livy's Ab Urbe Condita. Thorough explanations of Latin grammar and cases provide an intellectual framework upon which to build their language skills. Charts, exercises, reading selections, bolded words, and a glossary help to organize the learning process. Students will soon be reading original, unadapted Latin texts! Seven unit review chapters build reading skills through a story that reviews the vocabulary and grammar learned in the preceding chapters; each is followed by multiple choice questions. Seven unit tests are also provided, as well as supplemental lessons in the appendix. 36 weekly chapters (including review chapters), include a pronunciation guide, weekly introduction of vocabulary, Latin derivatives of English words, Roman culture, AP exam practice, and more; grammar explanations cover all 5 noun declensions and cases, verb conjugations, irregular verbs, and various pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs. The teacher's edition includes the complete student text, as well as answer keys, extra teacher notes & explanations, unit tests, and bonus projects and activities. The DVD instructional lessons feature 29 lessons that accompany each chapter in the text; each lesson is an average of 30 minutes, for a total of nearly 15 hours of instruction. An audio CD of the Unit Review Latin Readings is also included for students to practice proper pronunciation and accent. 7 DVDs & 1 CD in plastic case.



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    Math U See Algebra I Instructor Book & DVD set. Used for one year, but in very good condition. Also includes the set of Algebra/Decimal Inserts . You will need the purchase the student book for this program. Feel free to message with questions. Asking $50.00 ppd for the 3 items.



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    Classical Conversations Essentials of the English Language set for sale, to include: **Essentials of the English Language, 4th edition Revised **Gear, part 3, to include Student pages (in binder, not the download) **Grammar & Diagramming Sentences **Trivium Table, Quid et Quo **Trivium Table, English Grammar The Essentials and Gear sections are both included in a large 3-ring binder with weekly tabs in the front section, then regular tabs in the back student section. There is some light highlighting and pencil marks in the first 10 weeks, but it is still in good condition and usable. The Trivium tables are like new. The Grammar & Diagramming booklet has highlighting in the first lesson in the beginning, but is otherwise unused. I am asking $65 ppd (media mail) which is less than I paid for the Essentials, and I am also giving you the Grammar & Diagramming Sentences, binder & tabs that I purchased.



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    Looking for the Lost Tools of Writing, 5th edition, by Andrew Kern (CiRCE Institute). If you have one that you would like to sell, please PM. Thanks! :seeya:


  13. :iagree: This is where I was. I *love* IEW, but ds13 hates it, and the videos. He was a reluctant writer, but EIW works well for him/us.
  14. What year is this set? The 2013 had major revisions. Thanks.

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    ATELIER ART : The ATELIER visual art program was developed to ensure outstanding results in the homeschool environment. Using DVD-based teaching methods, ATELIER provides the home educator with unprecedented ease of use, breadth of scope, and results-oriented validation. Designed for ages 6-10, Level 3 students will build and develop a foundation of skills by learning and working through the essential elements and principles of art including: line, color, space, shape, form, texture, pattern, balance and emphasis. Level 3 - Module A: Lessons on drawing, line, color, shape, media, and self-expression. This is an example of student work on a shape lesson. Level 3 - Module B: Lessons on shape, texture, composition, form, and self-expression This is an example of student work on a self-expression lesson of My Room. NOTE: This includes these 2 modules. There is another (Module C) available from the publisher for $55.00. These two were sufficient or us for the year, but that option is there. Price: Asking $70 ppd, OBO **Below photo from site since mine is too large to upload. :tongue_smilie: I am happy to email or PM my photo if you are interested. Note that the photo shows 3 discs, and my set includes 2: Modules A&B**


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